Ingredients and Packaging for my “Approved” Personal Care guide- what comes from China?

One of many things I love about this page/site is connecting with others who care about similar issues! A couple of months ago I received an email from Kamilla, who was looking at my approved Personal Care Product list, and she was wondering if I knew that Earth Mama’s packaging came from China. I stated that while I ensure all products on my made in the USA are indeed made here, I hadn’t taken it to the level of the detail such as packaging and ingredients in the personal care list. She brought up a very good point, if a cetified organic product is being placed in a bottle made in China, and if some of those ingredients come from China, how are we to trust their safety? She goes out of her way to make sure NOTHING in the products she buys comes from China. So, I told her I’d love to include that level of detail, but didn’t feel I had the time to write to every company on my list, but would love for her to take the project on, which she did. Some companies were better than others at disclosing this info, some took MULTIPLE requests for info before answering her questions, but, here’s what she’s gathered so far, and I’m very happy to share it with you, for those that do care about such details. As you’ll see, there are VERY few entirely made/packaged in the USA lines. I’ll be adding these details into the entries for these companies too. Thanks Kamilla, I’m very happy to have these details!!


Badger Balm: Their ingredients come from all over the world but only one comes from China, it’s Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora), they do have other ingredients from South Asia. Out of all their ingredients they only have 7 that come from USA. They have a page on their website that lists all their ingredients and where they are sourced (I really like that, it would be nice if all companies did this). Most of the packaging comes from all over the world and they don’t know exactly where from since they are too far from the source, the tins however are made in the USA.


Bubble & Bee: None of their ingredients come from China. Most of their packaging comes from the US but not all. The packaging that definitely comes from US is for body butter, salt scrub, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, lip balms, lotion sticks, and face scream.


Dr.Bronner: None of the ingredients are from China but they do source it from other countries. Most of their packaging is made in the USA except for the body balm tins that are made in China. Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil is from Sri Lanka, palm oil is from Ghana, Olive Oil is from Israel & Palestine, and Hemp oil is from Canada.


Earth Mama Angel Baby: They do have packaging made in China but they could not tell me for which product. No ingredients are from China.  Most of them are from USA.


Motherlove: Shea butter is from Ghana. Herbs are certified organic and come from all over the world but none come from China. Herbal supplements are manufactured in New Mexico. Olive Oil comes from Spain. All bottles are from India.


Naturawl: The ingredients for Naturawls do not come from China. She is waiting on an answer for two more bottles. We should have an answer soon.


Nature’s Paradise: From Kamilla: They did finally respond to me and apologized for taking so long. They said everything is made in USA. I e-mailed them again to clarify that they did indeed mean all ingredients and all bottles but they did not respond.


Nurture My Body: All their ingredients are not only from USA but most of them are grown by them at their facility. All their bottles are and all the way down to their packing peanuts are made in USA.


Poofy Organics: None of their ingredients are sourced from China but they do source them from all over the world but they are USDA certified organic. Their packaging is USA made.


Redmond(maker of Earthpaste): Most of their ingredients are made in USA except for some essential oil and Xylitol (both are non GMO). All their packaging comes from China.


Rose of Sharon Acres: None of their ingredients are sourced from China and their packaging is made in USA.


Simply Rustic: Most of her ingredients are not from China except for Camellia Oil as that is the only place where it’s made. The owner, Amanda, is so sweet she offered to make me a batch without the Camellia Oil (it’s only in the Revitalizing Serum and Cleansing Oils). Most of her packaging is made in USA except for the Face Food containers that are made in Spain.


Sweet Knee: All ingredients are sourced from US and Europe but they don’t know where their packaging is made.


Trillium Organics: No ingredients from China but there are some that they source overseas. All their packaging is USA made.


Vermont Soap: None of their ingredients are sourced from China but they do buy nail brushes from there. They cannot guarantee 100% China free bottles but their prime bottle supplier manufactures in the USA. They changed many suppliers as a lot of them move to China and Vermont Soap wants to keep their packaging made here in USA. The washcloths are from a women’s co-op in Mexico.





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