Post-Buying Club Sale

Cloth diapers:


Crocheted Hats by Cryslyn

4 left, comment sold to claim what you’d like here:



3X 10 load sample @ $4 ea

1X extra wash bag @ $1 ea



1X herb/citrus deo, 1X lav/tea tree deo @ $7ea

Skin foods/medicine cabinet@ $10 ea: , 3X joint balm, 1 jewelweed,



2 cleaning brushes @ $5 ea

1X Simply Elegant shorty Smoothie 12X6.25 @$9ea


Jess Deodorant & body Scrub:

4 oz (enough for ~3-8 months, depending on the person). $7 for deodorant (on sale), $6 for oatmeal sugar scrub. Scents available: orange, lavender, rose geranium, peppermint, patchouli, cedarwood, unscented, or any combo you’d like. All deodorant contains Tea Tree in the base (~3 drops/4 oz jar) unless specified otherwise.

Misc: 16oz birch Xylitol by Sunny Day Gourmet@ $6 (paid $8, just want to see it go to someone who can use it)


Maggie’s Naturals

organic sugar sprinkles @4.99 ea– 1 red, 1 purple


Mountain Rose Herbs-

Castor oil @ 7



1 Reusable sandwich bag @ $9.75


Poofy Organics

96 load AutoDish Detergent, powdered unscented–$22


EO blends @$10 ea: Sleep Support, Fatigue Boost & Support

Deodorant @$10 ea: 1 Peppyminty, 1 lav/cham

Lotion w/ pump top: 1X Lovely Lavender , 1 coconut cream

3X fruit punch non-clay, 1 Cherry Cherry clay-based @$8 ea

1X Hypnotism Pressed Foundation- used once, wrong color for this person so she sent it back to me ($16, normally $24)

4 samples of Serenity pressed foundation @$3 ea ( a little chunk from one that was broken during shipping)

1X Nude nymph eye shadow@ $15ea

1X Ruggedly Natural shave gel: coconut honey@ $16

1X Ruggedly Natural wood/citrus lotion@ $14

1X Citrus Punch Shave Gel @$16




4 packs of 4 replacement blades @$8.50 ea



2 X 4.75 Onion Salt, 1 Season @$5.09 ea

1X 1st Aid Tube@$10.34 ea


WashCloth Shop

Reusable Swiffer Pads & Washcloth sets, comment Sold on the item(s) you want here: