Post-Buying Club Sale

Cloth diapers:


Crocheted Hats by Cryslyn

4 left, comment sold to claim what you’d like here:



3X 10 load sample @ $4 ea

1X extra wash bag @ $1 ea



1X herb/citrus deo, 1X lav/tea tree deo @ $7ea

Skin foods/medicine cabinet@ $10 ea: , 3X joint balm, 1 jewelweed,



2 cleaning brushes @ $5 ea

1X Simply Elegant shorty Smoothie 12X6.25 @$9ea


Jess Deodorant & body Scrub:

4 oz (enough for ~3-8 months, depending on the person). $7 for deodorant (on sale), $6 for oatmeal sugar scrub. Scents available: orange, lavender, rose geranium, peppermint, patchouli, cedarwood, unscented, or any combo you’d like. All deodorant contains Tea Tree in the base (~3 drops/4 oz jar) unless specified otherwise.

Misc: 16oz birch Xylitol by Sunny Day Gourmet@ $6 (paid $8, just want to see it go to someone who can use it)


Maggie’s Naturals

organic sugar sprinkles @4.99 ea– 1 red, 1 purple


Mountain Rose Herbs-

Castor oil @ 7



1 Reusable sandwich bag @ $9.75


Poofy Organics

96 load AutoDish Detergent, powdered unscented–$22


EO blends @$10 ea: Sleep Support, Fatigue Boost & Support

Deodorant @$10 ea: 1 Peppyminty, 1 lav/cham

Lotion w/ pump top: 1X Lovely Lavender , 1 coconut cream

3X fruit punch non-clay, 1 Cherry Cherry clay-based @$8 ea

1X Hypnotism Pressed Foundation- used once, wrong color for this person so she sent it back to me ($16, normally $24)

4 samples of Serenity pressed foundation @$3 ea ( a little chunk from one that was broken during shipping)

1X Nude nymph eye shadow@ $15ea

1X Ruggedly Natural shave gel: coconut honey@ $16

1X Ruggedly Natural wood/citrus lotion@ $14

1X Citrus Punch Shave Gel @$16




4 packs of 4 replacement blades @$8.50 ea



2 X 4.75 Onion Salt, 1 Season @$5.09 ea

1X 1st Aid Tube@$10.34 ea


WashCloth Shop

Reusable Swiffer Pads & Washcloth sets, comment Sold on the item(s) you want here:


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Schabel
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 18:46:18

    Jess, Are these items still available?

    Fiddlebumps All the Detangler Face wash Toner Unpetroleum jelly Skin food: Manly Problem Baby Eczema

    Josiahs Oils if its easier I want everything but acne wash or vapor rub still have vapor rub from last time)

    Both shampoos Lime conditioner Detangler Hand sanitizer Baby wash All cleaning stuff

    Preserve All Kids toothbrushes Soft Ultra soft 1 medium

    Redmond all toothpaste samples Lemon and Cinnamon tubes all

    Let me know the total but I want all of these things if they are still available. Sorry on my phone can’t do an excel. Been looking at the website to make sure I stuck to your list of what is still available.

    Thank you! Rebecca

    On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Sep 14, 2014 @ 23:00:36

      Sorry just seeing this now, these get sent to my other email I don’t check often- here’s what’s left. Please confirm you want all of this & make any necessary cancelations/additions & I’ll get your total to you and THANK YOU:

      F.bump’s: 3 face wash, 1 toner, 2 unpetroleum, 1 manly, 2 eczema/psoriasis, 1 problem, 2 baby

      Josiah’s: 1 spray-in hair detangle spray@$10
      1X lime/coconut Shampoo, 1 Rosemary@ $11ea
      2X Bare Baby Wash@$8.99ea
      1 4oz hand sanitizer@$9.99
      2X All-purpose Cleanser/Auto-dish soap@$8.99
      2X DIY Cleaner Concentrate Drops@$12 ea
      2X Boo Boo Stick@$5.99 ea

      Preserve: Medium:10, Soft:1 Ultra Soft:6 Kids: 12

      Redmond: Samples@$.25ea: 11 cinnamon, 13 peppermint, 10 lemon twist Full size tubes: 1 lemon twist, 1 cinnamon

  2. Andrea
    Sep 19, 2014 @ 05:32:32

    Which is lighter in color…the Poofy Serenity or Hypnotism pressed foundation? My mom wants something that compares to “IVORY” in other brands. Which is the lightest of all the Poofy shades? Thanks.

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