Handmade Wax Warmer & Cubes from Jess


I have one black warmer that has a teeny, tiny chip, but when placed towards the outlet, and with the tray on top you won’t know the chip is there! I’ll include 3 of Poofy’s Holiday scented wax cubes. They come in a pack of 6 & each cube has ~30 hours of “burn time”, although you’ll still smell a faint scent even after that! I’ll include a pack of: Holiday Trees, Holiday Cheer & Let it Snow.

These are handmade by the friend of a fellow Poofy Organics affiliate, and one of my absolute favorite new products! I LOVE that you don’t need a flame, with kiddos running around candles just aren’t something I feel safe having around. But I love having some safe scent in the house. Poofy’s wax cubes are made with a base of organic coconut wax & scented with organic essential oils and/or flavor oils. I’ve smelled them all & they’re all just ammmmmazing. I’ve been melting non-stop during the day for weeks on end now since receiving my warmer! One thing to take into consideration is not everyone has outlets up high. I’m SO glad I do!

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EcoNuts Organic Liquid Laundry Soap Giveaway!


Mona of EcoNuts is chipping in a bottle of their brand new organic liquid laundry soap! I haven’t tried it yet, but I use their EcoNuts exclusively for my cloth diapers (which we’re almost 4 years into now on our 2nd child). I honestly feel it’s the best solution for cloth diapers, and is great for the environment as well! You can read more about soap nuts here: https://ecofriendlymamausa.com/2013/05/03/econuts/

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Molly’s Suds Giveaway!


Monica from Molly’s Suds is chipping in a 120-load bag of her very popular laundry powder, as well as a set of 3 wool dryer balls to one lucky winner! I use both of these products in my home & they are very popular via the Buying Club as well! Here’s my review from a little over a year ago: https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/753873981294911/?type=3&theater

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Smiling Tree Toys Ornament Giveaway!


Kathleen & Justin, the Mom & Pop behind Smiling Tree Toys will let one lucky winner choose any of their wooden ornaments & have it personalized for your family! I absolutely adore Smiling Tree & have numerous things from them. They’re truly a gem & exactly the type of business I had in mind to support when I started this page nearly 3 years ago now! You can read about the initial toy then sent me to review which made me fall in love, we still have & use this often: https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/636647163017594/?type=3&theater

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Simply Rustic Giveaway!


Amanda from Simply Rustic has donated a gift certificate so you can choose whatever you’d like! Amanda is a fellow Wisconsinite, and makes very high quality products to truly take care of & pamper your skin. She’s become quite popular via the Buying Club as well, and many of you are now hooked on her lip balm which is my all-time favorite! Here’s a review of a few products I did from almost 2 years ago now, wow how time flies! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/568353086513669/?type=3&theater

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Josiah’s Oils Giveaway!


Josiah’s Oils is generously gifting the following items to one lucky winner: germ fighting blend, lotion, earth vapor rub and samples pure shampoo and conditioner!


My review from June of ’13, I’ve since tried & really enjoyed numerous products made by Ninette of Josiah’s, and they’ve become a very popular vendor via the buying club! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/678783912137252/?type=3&theater


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MamaSuds Toilet Bombs Giveaway!


Michelle, the Mama behind MamaSuds, has┬ácontributed 2 packages of her very, very popular toilet bombs to one lucky winner! These are super popular via the Buying Club! I really love her super simple castile soap, it’s very gentle yet effective. You can read my initial review of it here, from way back in May of ’13. Her line has since grown a LOT to include many different products! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/660935610588749/?type=3&theater

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