Greentober is here!

14500181_1238869749466631_1900321207405283669_oMost of you are likely familiar with Pinktober. But just like there are many companies out there that greenwash, many pinkwash too! This month, I’m sharing a new educational tidbit on a personal care product or ingredient of concern every day in my Poofy by Jess group, as well as a safe, effective Poofy Organics alternative. If you’re not already in the group, please come join us there. It’s a closed group so only those in the group see any comments or questions you add. Poofy Organics by Jess:

THIS is what I’m talking about:


In addition, there is a great gift set this month, you save $7 vs full retail, and all proceeds from sales of this set will go to the Breast Cancer Action group!



As always, I offer 10% off your 1st ever Poofy order using my link, and always free shipping on orders $200+ (after you’ve used that 1st offer up). The shipping cap is $19.95, so it’s always nice to be able to place a large order & take advantage of that. I can’t create my own code so offer this via rebate. After you order, send me an email with your order # & let me know if you want your rebate via check or PayPal (towards product total only, tax/shipping excluded). ANY questions, just ask:

My link:


Day 1 product highlight:



My 1st ever Poofy review 3.5 years ago now:


My decision to become an independent Guide 2+ years ago:


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