Oct Buying Club Extras!

TO CLAIM: Email me  your list of desired items beginning at 10am Central on Monday, 10/30: ecofriendlymamausa@gmail.com

Where do these extras come from? 165 of you ordered from the original order. I have a minimum order with each vendor to get free shipping to me, etc. This order was HUGE so I grabbed a lot less extras than I have in the past. The Good Duck, for example, I need to order in a case of 24, only 13 were ordered so that’s why I have extras of those. For other vendors, I just grab an extra (or 2) of this & that of popular items while I’m submitting the order. So here’s the list! I pull items in the order the emails are received. I box it up, and send your total with exact flat or regional rate shipping. You pay via PayPal, check or direct bank deposit, I ship! Next order is in Feb.


LUSA ORGANICS: http://www.lusaorganics.com/

Locavore bars soaps @$5.50 ea: 1x Dancin’ Fool, 1x Lullaby, 1X Tofani


THE GOOD DUCK: https://shop.celebriducks.com/category-s/37.htm (SALE PRICES LISTED BELOW)

2 blue, 2  pink, 1 yellow (only offered once/year). $1off at $11.99ea OR Buy 2 or more & save another $1off each, so $10.99 ea if you buy 2 or more! Pink & Blue ones are $13.95 on Amazon!


POOFY ORGANICS: https://ecofriendlyusa.poofyorganics.com/

Samples @$3ea: medium & dark BB cream. Foundation: peace, love, truth, focus, harmony, hope

Bar Soap @$8: 1X zit zapper

1x patchouli/citrus deo @$11

2x full-size peace foundation @$25– NOW 20% OFF, SO $20!



JOSIAH’S OILS: https://www.josiahsoils.com/– NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)

1x insect away stick 10ml kid-safe blend @$6.99ea

2x Lil Noses zinc oxide stick 10ml @ $4.75ea

1x zinc oxide stick LG @$14.99

1x after shave toner, small, $5.99



This in size 6. I got it for my Son, it was a bit tight, he just tried it on. I’d say they run a bit small, but he’s a tall lanky 6 year old. https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.2046460848702878.1073741886.397517646930548/2046460912036205/?type=3&theater



MAMA SUDS: https://www.mamasuds.com/ NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)


1x auto dish sample @$5


ONYX: (prices reflect 10% off Oct special), Tickle Trunk is retail site to see options: https://www.thetickletrunk.com/

1x 8 oz double wall mug @$12.60


MOLLY’S SUDS: https://mollyssuds.com/ NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)

1 cloth diaper powder@$5

1x 120 loads unscented @$21.99

70 loads @$13.99: 2 regular, 1 unscented


NATURAL SPRINKLES COMPANY—1ST TIME OFFERING: http://www.naturalsprinklesco.com/

NOW 10% OFF, FULL PRICE IS LISTED BELOW. YOU CAN SEE ALBUM WITH BELOW OPTIONS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Eco-friendly-babyfamily-products-MADE-in-the-USA-397517646930548/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2034635889885374

1x 2 oz birthday medley @$9

1x 2 oz pink sugar @$5

1x 2 oz green sugar sprinkles @$5

1x 4 oz orange/black sugar crystals @$9

1x 2 oz orange/white jimmies @$6



Preserve: https://www.preserveproducts.com/shop/bath (SALE PRICES LISTED FOR RAZORS BELOW)

7 tongue cleaners @2.75 ea

3 blade razor (comes with 2 refill blades) $8.50ea

2x 3 blade refills (4 cartridges each) @$8.50

4x 5 blade razors on sale normally $12.99, now $10.99

2x 5 blade refills (4 cartridges), normally $14.99, now $12.99


Salonsolids: prices reflect 10% off October special: http://salonsolids.com/

Shampoo @$16.20ea:  1x lemongrass

Conditioner @$16.20ea: 1x citrus




GLASS DHARMA:  http://www.glassdharma.com (SALE PRICES LISTED BELOW)

1 12X9 beautiful bends smoothie @$9.99

1 9.5X9  beautiful bends set of 4 @$35.95

2X 9.5X9 Simple Elegance set of 4 @$31.95 ea


REDMOND: https://redmond.life/

1x mud mouth squeezer @$.99


SIMPLY GUM @$3 EA (OR MIX/MATCH 6 PACKS FOR $15): https://www.simplygum.com/

1, spearmint, 7 fennel licorice, 6 cinnamon, 5 maple, 4 coffee, 6 ginger



$7.50/jar, toothpaste options here, I need to know if you want it with or w/o calcium, and which flavor: https://ecofriendlymamausa.com/buying-clubdeomy-poofy-organics/eco-friendly-usa-homemade-toothpaste/

Deodorant options here:  https://ecofriendlymamausa.com/buying-clubdeomy-poofy-organics/homemade-deodorant-body-scrub-info/




All the following is from Mountain Rose. I bottle that was close to these items leaked en route to me. It didn’t affect anything inside the bottles, but the biodegradable packing peanuts they use kind of dissolved & got cemented to the bottles, and messed up the labels a bit. All seals still intact on all products, they just look a little rough:


1x 3 oz spearmint hydrosol @$6.53

1x 4 oz eucalyptus globulus EO @$20.25

POOFY ORGANICS:  1x tanning oil @$10 (normally $14)

Jess toothpaste already made: normally $7.50 for 4 oz, $15 for 8 oz

8 oz spear no calcium, $14

4 oz deo: 1 Cedar/lav , 1rose geranium @$7 ea

Random things I have for sale, make an offer, I want it GONE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Eco-friendly-babyfamily-products-MADE-in-the-USA-397517646930548/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1489593477722954











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