My decision to become a Poofy Organics Guide

I shared this originally the day after I officially enrolled: 6/14/14. I had to copy & paste it & re-date it in my website re-organization attempt 🙂 Here’s my affiliate link!

For those who have been on my page any amount of time, you know I recommend Poofy Organics over & over, with recommendations for other lines mixed in, depending on the product being asked about. If you’re new to the page, you can check out my review for Poofy which I shared for the 1st time in May of 2013. You can also scroll through my FB timeline & read past posts from the last year+ to verify that indeed, I’ve been recommending a lot of Poofy Organics products. Why? Several reasons:

1:) The company’s USDA certified organic status ensures 3rd party oversight. Poofy has to buy from a very small list of 5 or so vendors that are approved by the USDA. If one of those vendors is out of an ingredient, Poofy has to wait, not shop around. What is sold must equal what was brought in for ingredients. It all has to add up.  I am one of the toughest critics of ingredient labels you will find. These products are full of organic, safe, and effective ingredients.

2:) These safe, organic products REALLY work. Here’s a recent message to my inbox: “Just to let you know I am obsessed with Poofy’s dish soap and all-purpose cleaner. You are so right!! I have tried so many natural products too and they are the best by far. Thank you again for your recommendations.” I receive many, many similar messages. I feel honored that so many of you take my recommendations & product reviews very seriously. Whether it’s dish soap, nail polish, lotion, make-up, I hear it time & time again: you recommended it, I tried it, I love it!”

3:) In the year+ since discovering Poofy Organics, Kristina (the owner & product creator, AKA Mama Poof) has answered every, single question I’ve had beyond my satisfaction. She actually makes the products herself, so doesn’t need to consult a distant product manufacturer & take 2 weeks to answer my question. She’s a wealth of knowledge, and she gives me complete confidence in her products. Trust is not something I have an easy time with when it comes to companies trying to sell what they consider “natural/safe/organic” products. Trust is earned. She’s earned it!

4:) These safe, natural & organic products are very cost-competitive. There are many lines on the market that are not certified organic, not as safe, not as effective, yet selling at twice the price.

SO, I recommend Poofy over & over. Many of you have tried the products, love them, and place orders directly from the company. I also started a Buying Club which many of you have ordered from, bringing together 25 of my favorite vendors, Poofy being one of them.

Recently, Kristina asked if I’d like to become an affiliate. What does this mean? This means I have my own My Poofy Organics website. By beginning your search there, and placing your order through my link, I received a percentage of your sale. You don’t pay a single cent more. I don’t touch the products. Krisina & her team make & ship them directly to you. I was hesitant at 1st. I don’t want people to think I’m recommending these products because I’m receiving a kickback. It’s the exact opposite. I’m selling these products because I’m recommending them many times a day as is. Denying the chance to earn a little income seems ridiculous. Of course I’d love a little extra income, I’m a work-at-home Mom, and have to be creative to make ends meet! Never in my dreams did I think launching this FB page on a whim, over 2 years ago would lead to any income whatsoever, but it has, so why deny that opportunity?

I know some will be critical of this decision, that’s OK. You can research for yourself the hundreds of lines available & try to find one better & safer than Poofy Organics. You can also shop directly from Poofy Organics website & not cut me in on your sale, that’s fine. You could also see if there’s a Guide (Poofy rep) in your area, maybe another WAHM, and keep your money local, that’s fine. I just want to get this info out there. I’m an honest person who never in a million years thought I’d be getting into sales. But as I’ve said, this is just too good of an opportunity to ignore. So, those of you who place regular, or irregular, Poofy orders, I hope you’ll consider doing so through my link. If you never buy a Poofy product, that’s fine too. Please continue to enjoy the 50+ reviews I’ve done on all sorts of products, and enjoy the huge wealth of information available for absolutely free on my website :) NOW, the very important link to said website. I’m always looking for motivated, educated, organic loving folks to join my team as well:

ALSO, I offer 10% off your 1st order with me. I can’t create my own code, you need to place your order using my link then I send you a rebate via check or PayPal (product total only, tax/shipping excluded, not valid with any other offers). OR I offer free shipping on orders $200+, again, via reimbursement after the order (and again, that’s $200 in product or more).

Questions & comments are always welcome!!
Super awesome feedback regarding my decision here, many assumed I was already doing this!


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