Berkey Fluoride Filter Test Results

Our page has taken part in 3 Berkey group buys, offering a reduced rate & free shipping quarterly. The question came up: do the fluoride filters really work? One person said her scientist friends claim NO filter can remove fluoride, only reverse osmosis. Several of us turned to Google to look for test results. There are several 3rd party lab results showing the filters work to remove many heavy metals. But we could not find one, single result of a fluoride test. Not one. So, we decided to ask a couple people in our online community to test their water, something I urge every home owner to do annually, as I do with my well water.

The results of the a few tests are in, and we’re less than thrilled.

Test 1:

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50% removal… They claim 95% removal. From the volunteer who did this test:  2 of the PF2’s (fluoride filters) were used. “I’m glad to see it is removing some fluoride, but disappointed it’s not more. We’ve only had the Berkey for two months, refill it 1-2 times a day, so the filters are still pretty new.” This cost her $20, and again, I urge as many as possible do this & share the results with us, the more the better! To test your water: It needs to be local, Google “water testing labs in your town/county”. It has to be delivered quickly to be accurate. I live in the middle of nowhere & we have a lab within an hour of our home. You have to pay more for more tests, we just targeted fluoride for this project. But do use a professional lab. The more testing you do (like a full heavy metal panel), the more it will cost, and it will vary from lab to lab, but it is not insanely expensive. After you get the results, please email them to me so I can compile them:


UPDATE 10/6: Ashley, who did the 1st test that showed a 50% reduction tested her Ph at ~ 7.6.



Test #2, shows tap water, ~9m old fluoride filter results, and brand new fluoride filter results. You’ll notice the brand new filters barely removed any more fluoride, but greatly added to the aluminum content of her water. This lab recommends no more than .2 in the water, it was 5.09 post Berkey filtering. Concerning to anyone??



A 3rd test showed a removal rate of 78%. That’s better than the 50% in the 1st case, but still nowhere near the 99% removal rate they advertise.


4th & very thorough, detailed testing CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT: Berkey Fluoride Filter Tests


TEST #5 (results shared 9/26/17) from Northern WI. ” The fluoride filters were new in July and bought from an authorized Berkey dealer.”

Tap water:

21766483_10107366213071837_3951802563726300418_n .27 remains after Berkey filters:



Aquasana AQ-RO-3.56 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter = None Detected (<.12)


Received via email from Kevin on 4/2/17: The City of New Holstein does the water testing monthly at our business where we live also. They were very interested in our Berkey water filter and asked if they could use the water for a test. The test came back good no chlorine and so forth. But we also use the fluoride filter and that failed horribly they said it took out so little that it wasn’t even worth having them. Boy that was a waste of money he said the only way to take out fluoride is reverse osmosis interesting boy you think Berkey would know that. Berkey was not helpful when contacted just acted very surprised and like I was the only one in the world with this problem. So I have four fluoride filters hoping they will swap them out for four black Berkey filters. I do love our Berkey filter system it works great just stay away from the fluoride filter they just need to admit they don’t work and not offer them. Just so you know there wasn’t anything gain by the city or us and the test was fresh done about a minute from us not sent off to a lab was done in their lab where they test all the city water. And it didn’t cost me a dime there is something to be said for curiosity.


And how about this phone call to EnviroTek, the lab that performed the test & shared the results saying Berkey removed 99% of EVERYTHING. Leslie has been trying to get in touch with the guy who performed these tests for quite some time. Every time she’d get what sounded like a home answering machine. She finally got through (or they called back) & this is her rendition of the conversation.

I just got a call back from envirotek. This is the exact conversation.

Lady from envirotek: Someone called from this number. This is envirotek.

Me: yes this is Leslie. I had called to speak to Jamie the owner.

Her: about what?

Me: about the test your lab did on the Berkey water filters specifically the fluoride test

Her: oh you have to speak to Jamie

Me: ok is he available

Her: no he is out in the field

Me: this is the fifth or sixth time I have called and he is always not there

Her: he is very busy

Me: I really want to speak to him about this test. I don’t think it’s correct

Her: you can email him

Me: I have. Three or four times at least with times no response

Her: well he is very busy doing tests

Me: ma’am I am calling about a test he performed for a large company. Why is it so hard to speak to him about it?

Her: he is busy. Just email him.

Yah. I really trust Berkey now more than ever. Ridiculous.”

I am incredibly, incredibly frustrated with them, to say the least! I tried to call numerous times myself with no answer…