Review of FIT Organic Auto Dish & Laundry Detergent


Review of liquid laundry & automatic dishwasher detergents from FIT Organic. While a small line, every product is USDA certified organic. It uses soap berries the common “active” ingredient. They have: produce spray, foaming dish & hand soap, baby laundry stain remover, laundry & carpet stain remover, lime, calcium & rust remover, soaker produce wash, cleaner & degreaser & auto dish liquid, in addition to a baby & regular laundry liquid (in unscented & scented).

A very FAQ on my page is: what are the safest yet most effective auto dish & laundry detergents available? And it’s not an easy answer. The labels for FIT Organic product are most certainly among the safest available, but do they really work? Here’s my experience:

The liquid laundry detergent I give 2 thumbs up. You can check out the ingredients here: It lists 75 standard loads, 150 HE loads. I didn’t keep track with my standard machine, but it seems like it probably did get close to that. Most people tend to use more than needed for most products, so if you watch your measurements & do get 75-150 loads, for $15.99 that’s a pretty good value for a USDA certified organic product. What am I comparing this products effectiveness to? Other safe, natural detergents on the market. Many years ago I settled on giving up some effectiveness for safety. So while Tide (for example) may get your clothes very clean, it’s awful for the environment & carries numerous concerns with it. My routine: I have a drawer full of play clothes, which is mostly what my kiddos wear. They’re not school age yet, and mainly are at home playing & getting super dirty. I also have a drawer for clothes to wear when we do go out & want something more cutesy. So, if their play  clothes, which they wear  most days of the week, have a few stains in them, that’s fine with me. I know this routine doesn’t work for all families, but it works very well for us. For my expectations, I was completely happy with the performance of FIT Organic laundry detergent.

The Automatic Dishwasher Liquid I cannot give 2 thumbs up. You can check it out here, it’s $6.99 for 42 oz which again, I think is a great value for a USDA certified organic product: However, it didn’t perform well at all with my hard well water. I was so, so hopeful that it would work well, but when I opened the dishwasher my heart sank. My dishes were very cloudy, filmy, scuzzy. BUT, I have heard from a few of you who are happy with this product! For the price, I say absolutely give it a try. Water & machine types vary so much, and what doesn’t work for me can work great for the next person!

The only thing I was not happy with was the delivery of these products. The 2 products came in a HUGE box that had so, so much brown paper stuffed in to keep the jugs centered & from bouncing around. I could not believe the amount of paper in that box (which yes I did re-use). And that is the one downfall with liquids: the huge plastic container they come in, and shipping them safely. This is one reason I have gravitated towards powdered detergents over the years: they come in much smaller packaging, while still plastic generally, I’m not staring at a huge plastic jug. So my final thoughts: if you see these products sitting on the shelf at your local store, absolutely give them a try! I’ll be adding the company to my “approved” list for sure, as they truly are offering the only USDA certified organic products for some categories! I’m very thankful they shared a few of their products with me & would be happy to test out more & share my honest feedback!

Tom’s of Maine Class Action Lawsuit Info

Yes, they’ve been on my Greenwashers list since I created it…. “Tom’s of Maine Inc. has agreed to settle a false advertisement class action lawsuit, resolving claims that the company mislabeled certain beauty and personal care products as natural when they allegedly contained chemical products. If you purchased one of the Tom’s of Maine products covered in this false advertisement class action settlement, you may be entitled to compensation.

Covered Products in this Tom’s of Maine class action settlement include:

Diaper Cream
Lip Balm or Gloss
Body Lotion
Body Wash
Hand Cream
Other personal or oral care products”

They’re not admitting wrongdoing, nor paying out much (up to $28/claim) BUT WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY: “In addition to paying $4.5 million to establish a settlement fund for Class Members, the Tom’s of Maine class action settlement requires the company to change their labeling and marketing practices for the Covered Products, as well as make certain changes to the company’s website.” More details here:

Kleynimals Review


Review of Kleynimals: stainless steel keys that are safe for kids to put in their mouths! As most of you know, stainless items made in the USA are very, very tough to come by. It’s one category that I will compromise my made in USA mission for as I do feel stainless is a great choice & will go for stainless made abroad vs plastic made in USA, when it comes down to that choice. So of course I’m thrilled to be able to share this company with you. At 1st they just had the toy keys, but they now offer MADE IN USA BABY UTENSILS, yayyyy!

1st, about Kleynimals: “Kleynimals are Mom Invented Baby Products. I was inspired by my kids, as many parents are, and motivated by my own enlightenment about toxins. When my youngest son became interested in playing with my keys, I searched for non-toxic toy keys, but I never found anything that satisfied him (or me).   In my own “green evolution,” I found that I felt most comfortable with stainless steel for water bottles, sippy cups, food storage containers, etc.  It made sense to me that metal toy keys, that my son was likely going to put into his mouth, should be non-toxic stainless steel.  And thus, the concept for Kleynimals was born. At heart, I am truly an idealist.  I do not run my company in the way that I probably should… looking at the bottom line.  Instead, I truly follow my heart and my personal moral compass to bring the best quality, most trust worthy products to you and your families in a way that positively impacts our environment, the American economy and individuals.”

And the above paragraph gets at what I LOVE about supporting others on the made in USA mission. It’s not always about the bottom line. It’s about ethics, morals, ideals. Finding others who are willing to live up to those ideals instead of only focusing on the bottom line warms my heart greatly!

My kiddos were already past the interest in toy keys stage of their lives when I received these, so I passed them on to my nephew at Christmas time. He’s now 8m old & my Sis has reported him enjoying playing with the keys. I think these would be an excellent gift idea & you can feel great knowing you’re supporting a quality, made in USA product!

My kiddos use the same flatware as we do, but absolutely, positively if you’re in the market for your babe’s 1st utensil set, check out what they have to offer. No, $35 for a set of utensils is not cheap, but that is the price to bring a made in USA stainless steel utensil set to market, and that is why it is so rare to find it made here. I’ve read that making a stainless steel water bottle in the US would put a $50+ price tag on it… Here’s the link to the flatware:




1st come, 1st to claim. Email me your list: I ship USPS, $50 Priority mail. Next order May 1st-16th (8am CST deadline), that’s the best way to get exactly what you want from the 25+ vendors offered! You can pay via PayPal or check (check preferred or friends/family so I don’t lose to fees, they really add up!)




Samples: 9X reg samples @$2.75 ea



$3 ea:  12X cinn



1X body cream @$18



1X Bliss Balm tin @ (lg) $9.25

1X cheek & chin balm tin (sm) @$5.50




Earthpaste tubes @$6ea: 2X spearmint (1 unboxed), 3X peppermint, 4X wintergreen

1 ea 8.75oz salt @$9.66: season, onion, garlic

1X 4oz  garlic salt, 1 onion salt @$5.26

1X bath salt plus @$8.99



1 set of 4 Earth Day Straws 9.5mmX5” @$24

1X Simple Elegance 9.5mm X 10” @$9



11X $9.95 ea



Adult brushes @ $3ea: 8X ultra soft

Tongue cleaners @$2.75: 7



1X unflavored liquid FCLO @ $36 (you save $8 vs full price)




1ea Ruggedly Natural Shave Gel @$18: Wood/Citrus, Coconut/honey

1X Persephone Body Spray (leaked a little, ¼ off price) $12

1X Medieval Blend EO @$12

1X Gum Drops Blend @$14

1 X Ta-Ta Dandruff Shampoo @$18

1X orange/lavender shampoo @$15

Bar Soaps @$8ea:  1X OOO baby, 1X Zit Zapper, 1X Activated Charcoal,   2X Himalayan Sea Salt,

Bar Soaps @$6ea: 1X antique sandalwood, 1X Apricot freesia, 2X Plumeria,



1X healing salve @$15.99



1 of each of the items in this album:




Jess Toothpaste:

Jess deo & scrub:













In case you haven’t had enough Greenwashing: Honest Company called out!

“Two independent lab tests commissioned by the Wall Street Journal found that the brand’s laundry detergent contained sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS as it’s commonly called. In fact, one of the labs found that the concentration of SLS was nearly equal to that found in Tide, the popular detergent made by Proctor & Gamble. Honest Company has said that its products are “Honestly free” of potentially dangerous chemicals, including SLS which the company lists first in its compilation of ingredients it avoids.”

Jessica Alba’s Laundry Detergent Contains This Maligned Ingredient

According to someone in my group: “FYI for anyone that has purchased their Laundry Detergent direct from Honest, I just called them since i was upset about the article and their mislabeling. I asked for my $ back for all the laundry detergent I have purchased over the years, they said they do offer a 100% guarantee and refunded me based on my account for the dozen or so bottles that I have purchased.

How to get a refund for your Orbit car seat

I wanted to share this. I personally didn’t/don’t own an Orbit, but many Moms in my group do & at least 1 has been successful at getting a refund. You can read this post 1st if you have no idea what this is about, yet ANOTHER TERRIBLE CASE OF GREENWASHING:

From the Mom in my group: Call & demand a refund. Tell them they lied, the only reason you bought it is because they claimed “undetectable” levels on the website. We had a G2, this was roughly 1.5-2 years ago and it tested positive for TDCP ( if my memory serves me right). Call and demand a refund- they send you pre-paid label and a check once they receive the seat.  I went to the store I bought it from and asked for receipt and the rest is on the seat… They send pre-paid label and you mail your seat back; then a couple of days to receive the check…

One report of success: “I just called Orbit and spoke to a representative. She will be sending me an email with a return ship label and other instructions to get the seat back to them and then will send a refund check. I am disgusted!! I thought we were making the right decision when we bought that seat!!

How to get a refund for unused Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products

Even if you didn’t use any AANT products, please share in case friends of yours did & they can learn how to get a refund. Those wishing to receive refunds for your AANT product, I wanted to share this email from a very irate former customer (I’ve heard from many): “The DSA has received tons of complaints and have told many of us that we need to file a complaint with them and then request refunds for any unused product and the company has to refund us for the products. Apparently, many people are doing this and getting their money back which so many people deserve. Just wanted to pass that on to you if you feel compelled to share it with the many, many families that have been cheated by this company.There is a section on the DSA web site to file a complaint. I didnt personally speak to anyone, but a former high level consultant contacted me. Apparently many people are contacting consultant and customer service and they are refunding unused products. I filed my complaint and hope to hear back from the dsa tomorrow.This is an email I received: He suggested filing a complaint along with requesting from company since they have been telling some people no returns and then once they file the complaint they are like oh ok we will take them back.…/filing-a-code-complaint”

One person just reported this, her recent response from the company: “We will need all unused products returned to 99 Main Street Warren RI 02885 with all order number listed and products returned. After we process them, we will refund you and your customers 90% of the purchase price. Keep in mind, we can only take back unused products. Let me know if you have anymore questions and have a great day.”


At this time, the new company Pure Haven Essentials has NOT been approved by the DSA, so this is something to keep in mind. BUYER BEWARE. If you’re supporting Pure Haven Essentials, you’re supporting the same family that completely misled the public for years, the Anderson’s, as they’re the current owners of the newly named company. I’m not entirely positive what this means, specifically the fictitious names, but this has been shared with me several times & I want to include it here:,20057



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