How to get a refund for unused Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products

Even if you didn’t use any AANT products, please share in case friends of yours did & they can learn how to get a refund. Those wishing to receive refunds for your AANT product, I wanted to share this email from a very irate former customer (I’ve heard from many): “The DSA has received tons of complaints and have told many of us that we need to file a complaint with them and then request refunds for any unused product and the company has to refund us for the products. Apparently, many people are doing this and getting their money back which so many people deserve. Just wanted to pass that on to you if you feel compelled to share it with the many, many families that have been cheated by this company.There is a section on the DSA web site to file a complaint. I didnt personally speak to anyone, but a former high level consultant contacted me. Apparently many people are contacting consultant and customer service and they are refunding unused products. I filed my complaint and hope to hear back from the dsa tomorrow.This is an email I received: He suggested filing a complaint along with requesting from company since they have been telling some people no returns and then once they file the complaint they are like oh ok we will take them back.…/filing-a-code-complaint”

One person just reported this, her recent response from the company: “We will need all unused products returned to 99 Main Street Warren RI 02885 with all order number listed and products returned. After we process them, we will refund you and your customers 90% of the purchase price. Keep in mind, we can only take back unused products. Let me know if you have anymore questions and have a great day.”


At this time, the new company Pure Haven Essentials has NOT been approved by the DSA, so this is something to keep in mind. BUYER BEWARE. If you’re supporting Pure Haven Essentials, you’re supporting the same family that completely misled the public for years, the Anderson’s, as they’re the current owners of the newly named company. I’m not entirely positive what this means, specifically the fictitious names, but this has been shared with me several times & I want to include it here:,20057