It’s all about the ingredients. Results in… AANT has completely misled their customers!

All opinions expressed below are mine, Jessica Brandt/ecofriendlymamausa/Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in the USA.

It is with a very heavy heart, and fingers that are trembling as I type, that I share this news with you… Every single product label I’ve submitted for testing is inaccurate. None of the ingredients on their labels are correctly listed and this has been proven by TWO separate independent testing authorities. My earlier report is here:

I WANTED to be wrong about all of my concerns with Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Believe me; no one wants organic kelp extract to be an functional ingredient in dish soap more than I do. No one wanted to dismiss those who wrote me over the years saying this & that doesn’t add up or this product smells way too strong for essential oils, more than I did.  I SO wanted to be wrong. But here are the results:

EYE CREAM FULL REPORT CLICK HERE: Eye Cream conclusion: This sample contains no constituent that can be pointed as foreign and unlisted without any doubt. However, we failed to detect anything that was indicative of Calendula officinalis and Helichrysum officinalis essential oils.

The eye cream is the new, in-house formula (cross check ingredients listed in the report with the current eye cream available).  The old formula’s first ingredient is: organic bulgarian rose oil. The new in house reformulation first ingredient is: Organic rose water. Look at the current ingredients on the Ava website and compare them to this lab report. No more blaming 3rd party manufacturers, this was AANTs in house product, under AANT’s complete control. So while most aren’t concerned about the fact the new label lists 2 ingredients that this lab could not find in the product, once again, it points to the fact that the labels can’t be trusted, in my opinion.


Diaper Cream CONCLUSION–The lavender oil listed in the ingredients is probably adulterated. The high camphor content might indicate that it instead is lavendin oil, which was further adulterated with synthetic linalyl acetate. The identification percentage is lower for this sample, given that it contains many hard-to-identify triglycerides from the listed vegetable oils. Camphor–Suspiciously high, could indicate that the lavender oil was adulterated or replaced by lavandin. Dihydrolinalyl acetate-Marker of synthetic linalyl acetate addition.

My additional thoughts: they have a 1,8 Cineole listed. Just about all EO experts agree that is not good for children under 6. And it’s in their diaper cream.


Dish Soap CONCLUSION: This sample contains several non-natural compounds, and shows discrepancies with the provided ingredients list. The mint-related monoterpenes likely come from a Mentha sp. oil, which is not listed. The characteristic fatty alcohols from jojoba are not found, either. Menthyl acetate: Not from any listed ingredient. γ-Nonalactone: Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign – Smells coconut. Lauryl acrylate: Not natural – cosmetic ingredient. Laureth-1: Not natural – cosmetic surfactant. Benzyl benzoate: Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign, used as a preservative. Laureth-2: Not natural – cosmetic surfactant.


AvaKids Body Lotion CONCLUSION: This sample contains at the very least synthetic vanilla aroma, and no natural vanilla (absence of vanillin). The three main compounds, benzoic acid, hexadecanol and octadecanol, could come from one of the listed extracts, although they do not seem to be specifically reported in literature for listed plants. Linalool: Not from listed essential oils. para-Anisaldehyde: Not from listed essential oils . γ-Nonalactone: Not from listed essential oils. Coumarin: Not from listed essential oils. Ethylvanillin: Synthetic vanilla-like aroma. Triethyl citrate: Synthetic solvent and cosmetic ingredient. Benzyl benzoate: Hard to tell whether added or from one of the listed extracts. Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign – Sometimes used as a preservative.

The digital signatures aren’t showing through once uploaded, they’re encrypted, but they are on my copies & the lab sent me this to share as well. “your PDFs can now have the same legal value as paper thanks to a digital signature system.”:

Here is one page to show that they were signed. I guarantee you, each report is signed


Let me remind you that after shutting down for 48 hrs, AANT released a statement saying they had tested each of their products & passed “with flying colors”, so they put everything back in the cart for sale (and have since reduced the old formulations to 20% off to move them even quicker). As most of you know, there are 1,000+ chemicals their products could contain, they tested for 74 & deemed the products safe. They have refused to publish those tests, what they tested for, what they didn’t, who did the tests… Weren’t we all taught in high school we need to cite our sources to have credibility? Would I share this above info with you & expect you to believe me that the tests I initiated came back positive for synthetics without sharing the full report? No.

Their email regarding their test results:

their lab results Please, do not tell me about this great new company forming & the fresh start we should all be excited about. This post is not about giving the company’s ‘rebranding’. THIS is about a terrible, awful injustice that was done in the name of organic products. THIS equals the biggest, greatest greenwashing scam in the history of organic personal care products, in my opinion & to my knowledge. Whether the Anderson family knew about it or not is beside the point. They put THEIR name on these products. It happened. Kim Anderson stated she knew “where everything is from, how it was made & from what materials”


If you’re NOT irate about this, I really don’t know what to think or say. If you are irate, you have my deepest condolences & my heartfelt sympathies. YOU were lied to, whether intentionally or not. I’ve spoken at pretty great length with a couple of attorneys. Here’s a summary of their thoughts at this time: This is an incredibly complex & far-reaching case. It covers a great number of products, something like 20 or more products have been mislabeled, nearly ¼ of the products the company offers. And this is only what we KNOW ABOUT. I firmly believe if every, single old formula product was tested, we’d discover more ingredients left off. Again, this is my opinion based on the numerous, well-reasoned & well-informed messages I’ve received from people who KNOW very well what they’re allergic/sensitive to yet had reactions (some severe) yet nothing on the label indicated cause for concern. One attorney gave an example: the cases he’s represented are very clear cut: OpticBright toothpaste (hypothetical example) does not whiten nor brighten teeth. Pretty clear cut…. The amount of time & resources a firm would need to dedicate to bringing the AANT scandal to trial would be enormous, and it will take just the right firm to do so. A couple of things you can do: When I called the FTC I was given a reference number & was told to utilize that if there were any updates in the case, which there certainly are. The very kind woman who fielded my FDA complaint & agreed this was VERY concerning said the same thing: update regarding any new developments. So, if you’ve already made the call, please call again & update with the new info. Thank you.

Also, I was contacted & interviewed by “The Rose Sheet” a subscription online trade journal covering regulatory, legal and market developments across the personal-care and cosmetic industries out of Washington DC. You have to pay to read the full text (he did send it to me for free)but many legal groups keep an eye on stories that are featured in this publication. So I’m hopeful the right firm may pick it up from there. It also has this a recently published related article (2/2/16): Class-Action Clock May Be Ticking For Ava Anderson Non Toxic, this is all you can read without buying the article: “While maintaining that a former supplier is at fault, “natural” pet-food maker Blue Buffalo announced in December a $32m settlement over allegations that ingredients found in its products directly conflict with its “True Blue” labeling and promotional message. The firm’s plight could bode ill for Ava Anderson Non Toxic, which has admitted to controversial ingredient-labeling omissions that it attributes to supplier violations.” So again, I AM hopeful someone will pick this up and those of you who used these products will be compensated in the future. I’m also very happy to know that groups like the Rose Sheet exist. One positive thing that has come out of this scandal, for me, is I’ve made many new connections with organizations/groups/individuals that I didn’t know existed previously.

Here is the 1st response I’ve seen in writing, forwarded to me on 2/10:


I just listened to a few minutes of a conference call sent to me from a Rep, titled: Resiliency during times of change. They (still operating under name AANT) have sold a record number of products lately (not sure the time frame, but 18,000 orders went out recently). Reportedly, 1 team sold $1,000,000 worth of product in one week. This is so, so disheartening, I don’t even have words for it. I truly believe their actions were criminal, in my opinion, stating their products passed tests with flying colors, when in all reality, they might not have ever done any testing at all. If they had, they would’ve found the same results I posted above. About me during this conference call: “this blogger is one woman with no credentials and no degree of expertise”. And that’s what I’ve heard from several reps: you’re just 1 person, 1 opinion. Guess what: MLK was one person, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Ava Anderson the person as well. The same mottos they’ve been preaching for years: Be the Change, YOU can make a difference, etc. now they’re dismissing since I’m just 1 person. Not that I’m trying to compare myself to anyone noble & great, that’s not the point. The point is for them to belittle me & my efforts to get the truth out, while taking no responsibility, NONE, is just so incredibly disappointing.

Yes, I’m one person, no I’m not a chemist. THAT is why I paid not one, but TWO different &  highly accredited labs to test the products. So it WASN’T me stating the FACTS. But still, they take NO RESPONSIBILITY. None. I know many of you who’ve commented here agree the situation is appalling, and many of you have shared with other groups. I’m frustrated that it is so hard to get the truth out there about this company. They of course aren’t mentioning a thing about my testing, totally quiet & just ignoring the situation. The tests I shared show the kids lotion has synthetics in, they consider that safe for kids & aren’t concerned about all the product they just sent out. It makes me SICK. But, I have to move on, I want to move on, I will move on. I appreciate the continued support from this group & continued sharing. Every, single consumer we can help make aware of this huge cover-up is a victory. Thank you.I’m so ready to move on with my life & try hard to forget about all that has happened with this company. While I’m very, very irate about these recent revelations, it’s finally the closure I have yearned for over the years. FINALLY I know what was in that dish soap. I’ve tried very hard to be respectful & not just opinionated during this whole process. Being accused of being a Cyber Bully while in turn being bullied myself was less than pleasant. But the truth really, really matters to me. I’m being the change I wish to see, and letting my kids know that lying is not OK, no matter how big or small the lie.

Finally, here is a link to the GoFundMe campaign I set up to help cover the cost of these tests. I have had $200 in PayPal contributions towards this as well (GoFundMe takes 8% in fees, PayPal 3% or none if you friends/family it). I would’ve liked to raise the money for these tests in advance, something I’m willing to do going forward to test other products from other companies if the need arises. But in this case, with this company, I did feel it was best not to announce what I was up to in advance. I truly appreciate any & all contributions to help cover the costs of bringing all of this info to light. My PayPal address is:


Branch Basics found to contain synthetic ingredients

This company was next on my list to look deeper into. The topic has come up numerous times in my pages over the years: do the ingredients really add up was the question? Well, I can now scratch them off my list as they came out with this release on their website  today:

“Thank you for visiting Branch Basics. We’re truly sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you while our products have been out of stock and for our longer than usual response time to customer inquiries.

Whether a longtime customer or here for the first time, we want you to know we started this company because we care about your well-being.

We founded Branch Basics after our three individual health journeys fueled our passion to educate and inspire people to create healthy homes and bodies. Offering a safe, effective, simple soap to replace a multitude of toxic cleaning products has been a vehicle for our mission. As part of that promise, we differentiated our product from other natural cleaning products by being not only non-toxic, but entirely free of synthetic ingredients which are found in most green cleaners.

Recently we were devastated to learn that our trusted third-party formulator, whose product co-founder Marilee has used for 22 years, misrepresented the ingredients in her proprietary formula. We now know that it contains synthetic ingredients and is not a true soap as it was represented to us. We put an immediate hold on sales in light of the new information and brought in one of the nation’s leading experts who reaffirmed through a full assessment that the product is still safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-irritating to the eyes and skin when used as directed.

After much consideration, however, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the sale of our Branch Basics Concentrate. While we love this formula, going forward we are committed to working with suppliers that value full transparency and are dedicated to creating a product that is as natural and effective as possible. We will continue to sell our Oxygen Boost and Scent Oils in the meantime.

We want to make it clear that our daily use of and reliance on this unique formula has not changed as it is one of the best non-toxic cleaning products that exists. In fact, thousands of Branch Basics customers that have allergies, asthma, skin issues, or are chemically sensitive have found it to be the only product they can tolerate. Our decision to reformulate with new partners stems from our commitment to build a brand that people can continue to trust and love.

We humbly apologize and ask for your patience as we work to uphold our brand commitment to purity.

This company is extremely personal to us. What started as small gatherings in people’s living rooms, sharing tips on toxin-free living, has grown into something bigger than we could have imagined. We are grateful for each of our amazing customers, and we will not let this stop our mission to educate, inspire, and help people live healthy lives. We hope you will stay tuned for what’s next.

Please reach out with any questions or comments to, and we will do our best to personally get back to you in a timely manner.

Marilee, Allison, and Kelly”

New list of made in USA kitchen items.

Since I added this as a tab under my Made in USA category, it doesn’t show up on the wall here, but I recently compiled a list what I use & recommend for kitchenware, a very FAQ in the group. I always love adding to my made in USA lists with suggestions from y’all, and I know this list is not 100% complete so feel free to ask about a category not represented as well as suggest additions:

Those concerned about Ava Anderson Non Toxic products improperly labeled, call the FTC & FDA PLEASE!

EVERY, SINGLE PERSON CONCERNED ABOUT THIS: PLEASE CALL THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) IMMEDIATELY: 1-202-326-2222. PRESS 1 for consumer complaints. THEY NEED A CERTAIN NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS TO ADDRESS IT & THEY  WON’T DISCLOSE THAT NUMBER. YOUR phone call could be the one to put them over that tipping point. They’ll want to know the AANT address which is: 99 Main Street Warren, Rhode Island 02885. 401-289-2900.

Let them know the company has sold products that were improperly labeled & that they  have deemed the products safe for sale based on their own tests but are not sharing the results of the tests they did, what they tested for & what they didn’t nor who did those tests. I feel there should be a total recall of any old formulation product. Please, and thank you! It’s really important. Someone needs to step in to sort out this scandal. Numerous, numerous consultants have asked for the test results to be shared & have been stone-walled.

The general public has these products in their hands currently & has no clue that there are off-label ingredients.  The lab I sent 4 products to for testing of synthetic fragrance had a delay, they hoped to have the results end of last week but said early this week. AANT claims their tests proved the products did not have synthetics, but they won’t share those results. Would I tell you my tests showed they do contain synthetics without publishing those reports & expect you to believe me? No way. Here’s what they’ve admitted to:

1. Hand & body lotion (missing emulsifier on label)
2. Moisturizer (missing emulsifier on label)
3. Kids lotion (missing emulsifier on label)
4. Baby lotion (missing emulsifier on label)
5. Body butter (missing emulsifier on label)
6. Dream cream (missing emulsifier on label)
7. Diaper cream (missing emulsifier on label)
8. Dish Soap (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
9. Hand Soap (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
10. Pet Shampoo & Conditioner (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
11. Powder foundation – Medium (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
12. Powder foundation – Light (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
13. Blush – Pretty in pink (mislabeled with missing ingredients)
14. Men’s shave gel (contained synthetic fragrance)
15. Men’s aftershave/moisturizer (contained synthetic fragrance)
16. Scent: Love (contained synthetic fragrance)
17. Scent: Hope (contained synthetic fragrance)
18. Scent Joy (contained synthetic fragrance)
19. Hand Sanitizer (mislabeled as a monographed drug, out of compliance with FDA)

“About the Bureau of Consumer Protection
Jessica Rich, Director

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stops unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices by:

collecting complaints and conducting investigations
suing companies and people that break the law
developing rules to maintain a fair marketplace
educating consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities

We collect complaints about hundreds of issues from data security and false advertising to identity theft and Do Not Call violations. We use these complaints to bring cases, and we share them with law enforcement agencies worldwide for follow-up.”…/about-bureau-consumer-protection


THEN, call your regional FDA office. I just got off the phone with them & they’re very interested & agree this is very serious. A real person answered immediately, I didn’t have to wait on hold & she was very friendly. They’re especially interested if you’ve had adverse reactions. Again, it’s a numbers game, the more complaints they hear the more seriously they’ll take it.