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  1. Rochele
    Mar 24, 2016 @ 15:40:44

    I have a horrible experience with the berkey fluoride filters. They consistently leave an oily film on the top of my water tank, like an rainbow oil slick! I prime and I prime and I prime u til it becomes the bane of my existence, and still, oil. Customer service is usually very helpful and quick to send out a new set at no charge, but the last time I had to go through this three times, and finally they wouldn’t send me out any more filters, but they did return my money. By the way, this cycle has happened each time I’ve replaced my filters, about 3 times with 2-3 sets of filters each time! So annoying!!! I’ve been using jug bottled water. Needless to say I am looking for something else. Please let me know if you have discovered something that truely works other that reverse osmosis, I don’t want “dead” water… 🙂



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