Next chapter for Pure Play Kids

I could not be more excited to announce that my niece is the new owner of Pure Play Kids!! When I purchased it in 2018 I flew down to Nasville TN (from WI) and drove back a Penske moving truck full of inventory. While I had way less inventory now than there was then, it just seemed like the best idea to sell as much as I could, shut the website down, and chip away at selling the rest of my inventory during future buying clubs and local events. I hadn’t even really thought of selling it. And then my niece (by marriage), asked if I’d consider selling it to her. She just lives a few miles from me, so logistically it was super easy, and of course it was a huge relief to know it would carry on. Ehlonna is Mama to 2 amazing little boys, runs an in-home daycare, and just completed her accounting degree. She is working her butt off to be able to stay home with her kiddos, so taking over Pure Play is another way for her to diversify her income. Ehlonna is excited to give the business the breath of fresh air that it needs. She came and got all the remaining inventory yesterday, and in the coming weeks I’ll give her the website tutorial and she will get it back open for business. And then she’ll do what I did, add inventory little by little, as her budget allows her to invest. You can count on the same, great quality products you’ve come to expect, and certainly some fun, new, made in USA brands as well! It is my great hope that you’ll continue to make Pure Play Kids one of your 1st stops while shopping for your family!