Oct Buying Club Extras!



TO CLAIM: Email me  your list of desired items beginning at 10am Central on Monday, 10/30: ecofriendlymamausa@gmail.com

Where do these extras come from? 165 of you ordered from the original order. I have a minimum order with each vendor to get free shipping to me, etc. This order was HUGE so I grabbed a lot less extras than I have in the past. The Good Duck, for example, I need to order in a case of 24, only 13 were ordered so that’s why I have extras of those. For other vendors, I just grab an extra (or 2) of this & that of popular items while I’m submitting the order. So here’s the list! I pull items in the order the emails are received. I box it up, and send your total with exact flat or regional rate shipping. You pay via PayPal, check or direct bank deposit, I ship! Next order is in Feb.


POOFY ORGANICS: https://ecofriendlyusa.poofyorganics.com/

Samples @$3ea: medium & dark BB cream. Foundation: peace, love, truth, focus, harmony, hope.




JOSIAH’S OILS: https://www.josiahsoils.com/– NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)

2x Lil Noses zinc oxide stick 10ml @ $4.75ea

1x after shave toner, small, $5.99



This in size 6. I got it for my Son, it was a bit tight, he just tried it on. I’d say they run a bit small, but he’s a tall lanky 6 year old. https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.2046460848702878.1073741886.397517646930548/2046460912036205/?type=3&theater



MAMA SUDS: https://www.mamasuds.com/ NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)

1x auto dish sample @$5



MOLLY’S SUDS: https://mollyssuds.com/ NOW 20% OFF (prices listed are full price)

1 cloth diaper powder@$5


NATURAL SPRINKLES COMPANY—1ST TIME OFFERING: http://www.naturalsprinklesco.com/

NOW 10% OFF, FULL PRICE IS LISTED BELOW. YOU CAN SEE ALBUM WITH BELOW OPTIONS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Eco-friendly-babyfamily-products-MADE-in-the-USA-397517646930548/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2034635889885374

1x 4 oz orange/black sugar crystals @$9

1x 2 oz orange/white jimmies @$6



Preserve: https://www.preserveproducts.com/shop/bath (SALE PRICES LISTED FOR RAZORS BELOW)

2x 3 blade razor (comes with 2 refill blades) $8.50ea

3x 5 blade razors on sale normally $12.99, now $10.99



GLASS DHARMA:  http://www.glassdharma.com (SALE PRICES LISTED BELOW)

1X 9.5X9 Simple Elegance set of 4 @$31.95 ea


REDMOND: https://redmond.life/

1x mud mouth squeezer @$.99


SIMPLY GUM @$3 EA (OR MIX/MATCH 6 PACKS FOR $15): https://www.simplygum.com/

5 fennel licorice, 5 maple, 1 coffee, 4 ginger



All the following is from Mountain Rose. I bottle that was close to these items leaked en route to me. It didn’t affect anything inside the bottles, but the biodegradable packing peanuts they use kind of dissolved & got cemented to the bottles, and messed up the labels a bit. All seals still intact on all products, they just look a little rough:


1x 3 oz spearmint hydrosol @$6.53

1x 4 oz eucalyptus globulus EO @$20.25


POOFY ORGANICS:  1x tanning oil @$10 (normally $14)

Jess toothpaste already made: normally $7.50 for 4 oz, $15 for 8 oz


Random things I have for sale, make an offer, I want it GONE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Eco-friendly-babyfamily-products-MADE-in-the-USA-397517646930548/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1489593477722954











We bought a school bus!!!


Why, you might ask?! No, not for a chicken coop….. To gut & turn into an RV!! Here’s the background: We were on our way home Northern WI (back home to the SW), and saw a fleet of school buses for sale somewhere mid-state. Hmmmmmm I thought: after 5 camping trips this summer, and a recent 9 night Air BNB experience, and only wanting to do longer & longer trips, why not get a bus & convert it to an RV?! Rv’s themselves are quite expensive, and said to be made from very thin, cheap materials. Pull-behinds need a super fancy truck to pull them, something we don’t have…

So we came home with school buses on our mind, and hopped on to our local Craigslist, which is an hour away. And sure enough, our local school district, 5 miles away,  had 3 of them up for sealed bid, with the bid due 2 days after we were seeing this post for the 1st time. We clicked around on Craigslist a bit more to see what some others were going for, and put in what we considered a low bid for either an ’01 or ’07 bus: $3500. I handed it to the local bus garage manager, and told him I looked forward to him calling me to come get my bus soon. And that they did! A couple days later I came home from a picnic at the park with my kids to a message on our machine that we had placed the highest bid & got 1st dibs!

It took a couple weeks from the time we were told we “won” it, and the time we picked it up, they removed the stop sign, the flashing lights, painted over the school name on the side. My Hubby went & picked it up on the rare day I was in my office 8 hrs. He picked it up at 11am, picked our kids up at Gigi’s (my Mom) at noon, by the time I got home at 5pm, this was in our driveway:




Best. Fort. Ever.



We HAVE to paint it something other than “national school bus yellow”, and have to do x,y,z (will write about later as I deal with them)! What we have in mind: living in WI is as awesome in so many ways! For travel, it’s a great central spot! We want to do 2-3 month loops from our home base. We will not be selling everything we own to live in this school bus, like some do. We will maintain our home base her in SW Wisco, and travel!!! A 2-3m NW loop, home again for 2-3m. A SW loop, a NE loop, a SE loop….. And visiting as many of YOU as possible along the way. Those of you I’ve been in contact with for YEARS now. It’s about time we finally meet. And maybe you just happen to have an XL driveway, back yard, or field we can park this beast in for a night or 2 or 7 while we’re passing through 🙂