June 2019 Buying Club Extras

TO CLAIM ITEMS EMAIL: ecofriendlyusabuyingclub@gmail.com

Here’s what I have as extras from the most recent buying club. The next order is in October, at that time you can shop from 25+ vendors & get exactly what you want!


Poofy Organics:

1x orange lavender shampoo @ $16ea

1x plumeria bar soap @$6

1x empty foamer (very vanilla label) @$2.75


COLD BEE GONE x1 @$9.95 ($13.95 on Amazon)



1x toilet bombs @$11 ea (reduced from $12.50 on her site)



Shampoo bars @$ :1x relaxing lavender @$7.50ea, reduced from $8.50



1x sample pack (1ea: Real Salt shaker, Bath Salt Plus, Bentonite Clay,  travel size packets of Earthpaste) @$4.99 https://shop.redmond.life/products/redmond-sample-pack?_pos=1&_sid=fc2e4dc82&_ss=r



Lotion stick (regular, no CBD or Mag) @$12




½ oz geranium EO (pelargonium graveoleus) @$20.25


2x Bee Free Book Sets @$20: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157241556434297&set=g.944480978913682&type=1&theater&ifg=1




2x glass mixing bottles @$5 ea

1x dry shampoo shaker @$7


BETTER LIFE SAMPLES @$2ea: hand & auto dish liquids


MY deo & toothpaste of course, 4 oz= $9, 8oz= $17


https://pureplaykids.com/.   Via Pure Play, vendors previously offered via the buying club that I purchased extras from:



Island Picnic organic cotton sandwich and snack bags

Washcloth shop:  7 & 8” wipes, bamboo tissues

Mollys: sink powder, oxygen powder, 70 & 120 peppermint

Preserve: 3 & 5 blade razors, tongue cleaners, toothbrushes

Simply Gum & Mints

And a whole lot more!!! Please check my site out: https://pureplaykids.com/


Misc items I have for sale, comment ‘sold’ to claim on the pics: https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/rpp.397517646930548/3101272116555074/?type=3&theater

From Barefoot Book: Kids Kitchen card deck set, 40 fun and healthy recipes to make & share: $15.99 (on sale from $19.99)




Free Egg Dye Kits with qualifying purchase!

While supplies last (I have 12).  Any Pure Play Kids order over $50 will receive a FREE egg dye kit from Natural Earth Paints ($9.95 value). I have many items under $10, and many small things perfect for Easter baskets, please check out my Easter tab. $6.95 flat rate shipping. This is my 1st Easter as new owner of this shop, I would love your help in making it a good one! New items have been listed as well, including my toothpaste & deo finally! Maybe you don’t celebrate Easter, maybe you don’t even have kids yourself. Simply sharing a link to my shop would be immensely helpful and appreciated! https://pureplaykids.com/