Next chapter for Pure Play Kids

I could not be more excited to announce that my niece is the new owner of Pure Play Kids!! When I purchased it in 2018 I flew down to Nasville TN (from WI) and drove back a Penske moving truck full of inventory. While I had way less inventory now than there was then, it just seemed like the best idea to sell as much as I could, shut the website down, and chip away at selling the rest of my inventory during future buying clubs and local events. I hadn’t even really thought of selling it. And then my niece (by marriage), asked if I’d consider selling it to her. She just lives a few miles from me, so logistically it was super easy, and of course it was a huge relief to know it would carry on. Ehlonna is Mama to 2 amazing little boys, runs an in-home daycare, and just completed her accounting degree. She is working her butt off to be able to stay home with her kiddos, so taking over Pure Play is another way for her to diversify her income. Ehlonna is excited to give the business the breath of fresh air that it needs. She came and got all the remaining inventory yesterday, and in the coming weeks I’ll give her the website tutorial and she will get it back open for business. And then she’ll do what I did, add inventory little by little, as her budget allows her to invest. You can count on the same, great quality products you’ve come to expect, and certainly some fun, new, made in USA brands as well! It is my great hope that you’ll continue to make Pure Play Kids one of your 1st stops while shopping for your family!

My tough decision to shut down Pure Play Kids

It meant so much to me to keep this business going when it was on the brink of extinction in 2018. But, times change, and I feel it’s time to move on. You can read about me taking over the business here:

Here are the reasons I feel it’s no longer in my best interest to continue the business:

–I’m literally watching items sit on my shelves and collect dust. There are items I drove from TN to WI in a Penske moving truck 4 years ago, still sitting on my shelves.

–My kids are growing, we’re approaching the tween years (they’re 9 & 11). When I started blogging, my focus was baby items. As we know they put everything in their mouth and it’s really important to scrutinize every, single thing we’re giving them! When I purchased Pure Play Kids in 2018, they were 5 & 7, still little kids. And the majority of those in my online community are right there with me, our kids are growing up together! It’s much, much more difficult to find fun, made in USA items to captivate their interest as they grow. So I feel my offerings are maybe a bit outdated for those in my online community. There are not a lot of new Moms joining me, so my collection of offerings just isn’t flying off the shelves….

–It takes money to make money. As a small business owner, it’s hard to actually profit. You invest a bunch of money into your products, you sell them which is great, but then you need to buy more to replace those you sold. Your money is always wrapped up in your inventory. And I’m sick of seeing my inventory sitting on shelves, I’m ready to cash out.

–Shipping is SO expensive. The cheapest anything can ship for 1st class is $4, that covers items under 1#. I used to offer free shipping for orders $70+, and it’s not uncommon for it to cost $10 to ship an order that amount. That quickly eats up profits. Currently, I have flat rate shipping set at $8, with free shipping for orders $150. As we know, shipping is only going to continue to go up, it will never go back down. So this is 1 of many factors that just makes me not want to rely on a business that ships stuff to get it to people.

–My website is set for renewal at the end of the year. That is money I’d rather not spend, so I decided this holiday season would be the perfect time to sell what I can and call it quits. I will continue to renew my domain name in case I want to bring the business back online in the future.

So, in light of all of this, I have decided to offer 20% off all items until sold out. Shipping is set at $8, or free for orders $150+. I truly hope you’ll take a look and see if there are people on your holiday list that you can make happy with some great, made in USA items.

****************CODE FOR 25% OFF IS: ThanksJess

Also, please take a look at my buying club extras. Most of these are 1 each, you can take 20% off the price listed as well. Email me to claim these items, I’ll add them to your PPK order (if you place one, if not and just want these, I’ll charge you exact shipping for what you claim): Email:

And you can also add on my homemade toothpaste or deodorant, just not offering those at 20% off. Those are $9/4oz glass jar. Details under the recipes tab on my website:

1st ever Earth Day Sale for Pure Play Kids

Everyone else is doing it, so I decided I should give it a try as well. You can take 15% off any order $50+, and shipping is free for orders over $70. If you’re order is under $50 you’ll pay just a low $5 flat rate. And so you know, unless it’s going 1st class, generally the cheapest I can ship anything is $7.50. So this is a great opportunity to save some $$, while supporting my tiny little business, and the made in USA vendors that I purchase from as well! Time to grab a few items for an upcoming summer birthday possibly?! Sale is ON NOW, 4/18-4/24.

Art supplies made in the USA?

I’m going to chip away on updating my made in USA resources, most of them were created many years ago. So, I’d like to know what your favorites are? Safe, effective, and made in the USA, please share below.

We’ve loved Earth Paints for many years, and that’s still the case. We always use their egg dye kit at Easter, and we love mixing up the powdered pigments into paint. Add more for a water paint ty[e, add less for darker, thicker colors. Here’s my original review from way back in 2013!

I keep them stocked via Pure Play too:

Here is what I have listed, I just deleted 3 brands that I had listed that apparently no longer exist!

Eco-kids: (dough, paint, crayons, rolling pin, paste, egg-dye, art pads) –Here’s my review of Eco-Kids Crayons:

Wee Can Too: (finger paint, crayons, sidewalk chalk, egg-dye,  paints) My Wee Can Too crayon review:

Earth Paint: (paint)

Comment below with any recommendations please!

Check out Pure Play Kids!

I recently added new inventory and restocked a bunch of best-sellers that were sold out! I’ve got great items for Easter, many items under $10, reduced items too! As always, you can count on everything being made in the USA, with love & pride!

Black Friday-Cyber Monday SALES!

Here are a few sales I wanted to draw your attention to:

POOFY ORGANICS: 15%, No code needed, but you must be logged in as a customer to see those 15% off prices reflected. On top of that, I am offering a 5% rebate off your subtotal if you use my link. Create a customer account by going to login>create account. Shoot me a message or email after you order (, and let me know if you want your additional 5% back via: check, PayPal, gift certificate. I will also be giving away 10 $20 gift certificates, selected randomly after the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale weekend is over. My link:

POOFY CBD: Poofy CBD is having a ONE DAY sale, Cyber Monday, 15% off all CBD products, again, must be logged in as a customer. I will add all these orders to the Poofy gift certificate drawings:

PURE PLAY KIDS:  Will I be having a Black Friday weekend sale via Pure Play Kids? No, I will not. I strive to offer items NOT available on Amazon. I take pride in signing Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with my vendors. Meaning we all agree to the same price, no one undercuts to gain more sales. I offer $6.95 flat rate shipping, always, and at that rate I lose on every order as only a flat rate envelope can ship for that much.

I have what I will have for the holiday season stocked. I will not be ordering anything else. The Pure Play Originals are all extremely limited, once those are gone, they are gone forever, almost all are down to less than a dozen items.
So, I hope you’ll keep me in mind when you’re doing your holiday shopping. Your purchase helps ensure other small businesses keep doing what they’re doing. It breaks my heart when I go to re-order from a business that the former Pure Play owners used to order from, and I learn they no longer exist… Every purchase is a vote, and I appreciate YOUR vote for made in USA quality items.

BAREFOOT BOOKS: I am hosting a Barefoot Books online event. This weekend will feature 25% off + free shipping on orders $60+. The books are not printed in the U.S, but they have a strong sustainability mission, and I ADORE the books. We have a lot of them, they make up most of our curercnt library, and I cannot wait to add more. Here’s my link:–fjs


Free Egg Dye Kits with qualifying purchase!

While supplies last (I have 12).  Any Pure Play Kids order over $50 will receive a FREE egg dye kit from Natural Earth Paints ($9.95 value). I have many items under $10, and many small things perfect for Easter baskets, please check out my Easter tab. $6.95 flat rate shipping. This is my 1st Easter as new owner of this shop, I would love your help in making it a good one! New items have been listed as well, including my toothpaste & deo finally! Maybe you don’t celebrate Easter, maybe you don’t even have kids yourself. Simply sharing a link to my shop would be immensely helpful and appreciated!