Jess Affiliate Links for weekend sales!


Poofy Organics:

The last of Poofy’s 3 sitewide sales of the year is almost here! In addition to several gift sets being released on Friday, something for everyone & every budget, there are numerous ways to save on your order:

–Take 15% off your entire order with code: HOLIDAY2018.

–Begins: Friday @ 12:01am EASTERN, Ends: Monday, 11:59pm EASTERN.

–I personally will refund ½ your shipping if your order is $100+ AFTER the 15% discount & pre-tax, ALL your shipping if the subtotal after the 15% off is $200+. Place your order, then shoot me an email to let me know if you want the rebate via check, PayPal, Poofy gift certificate.

–ALL orders placed, no matter the amount, will be entered into my drawing for TEN $20 gift certificates. So even if you don’t qualify for a shipping rebate, it doesn’t hurt to email me to double check your order went through using my link to make sure you’re entered in that. If it defaulted to the main site (happens), I can get it moved!

–MUST USE CODE, you won’t believe how many times I’ve had people write me after their order saying they forgot to enter the code…. My link:

–FINAL advice on this: shop early. They expect ~3000-5,000 orders over the 4 days. Where in that stack do you want your order to be?

My email:


BAREFOOT BOOKS: Enjoy 25% off sitewide, plus get free shipping when you spend $40+. Code: THANKFUL. Begins Wed 12:01 am EST, ENDS: Mon 11:59pm EST. You can read my review here:




Amazon: If you will be shopping via Amazon, please start with this affiliate link. I will earn a couple percent for whatever you purchase after starting here, you don’t have to purchase this particular item:


PamperedChef: Daily  Deals, not a sitewide sale. JUST the stoneware is made in the USA, but I love mine & know many of you wanted to snag some this holiday season too. We love our pizza stone, the kids each have a small one to make their own personal pan pizzas, and we use the large bar pan to roast veggies all the time. Here’s my link:




RARE Poofy Organics 15% off sale is ON!

All details, including the code, how to save on shipping, how to enter to win $50 in free Poofy products are all here:


ANY QUESTIONS, email me:

If you dislike the party catalog & want to use my regular link, you can still enter the code before checking out here, and you can still take advantage of my shipping offer, you just wouldn’t be entered to win the host rewards: