Eco-friendly USA One-Stop Shop Extras from May order




1x grapefruit/cinnamon body butter @$16




1x 50 loads liquid @$16.99

2x 70 loads @$13.99

3x 120 loads @$21.99

2x 120 loads unscented @$21.99



1x all-purpose spray 16oz bottle @$10

1x Ciao Eczema lotion @$18

1x unscented baby lotion @$15

1x unscented baby wash/shampoo @$15

3x laundry pre-spray @$10

1x Mighty Mane shampoo @$20

1x Total Mouth Rinse @$14

Deodorant, 1ea @$11ea: lavender/chamomile, patchouli/clove, wood/citrus, peppermint

1x pest protection candle melts @$6

1ea bar soap @$6: wood/citrus, sandalwood

Bar soap @$8: 1x orange/lav shampoo bar, 2x Zit Zapper bar, 1 activated charcoal

2x Zit Zapper Blemish Stick @$8

Flawless face moisturizer @$30 2X regular, 3 w/spf 15

3x Everything Salve @$15

3X after sun spray $10ea

2X lip balm w/ spf 15 @$4

3x Sunscreen sticks @$12

1x browning lotion @$14

1x tanning oil @$14

1 pest protection spray @$11

2X cherry toothpaste @$8.50

Mascara @$20- 1 brown

Just Kiss Me Already Lip Velvet @$25

2X lime/coconut lotion sticks @$11ea

BB cream samples in light, medium, dark @$3ea

Foundation samples @$3ea: 2 serenity,  1 focus, 1 hypnotism, 6x harmony, 6 hope,

Blush Samples @$4ea: 4x blushingly, 4x blushful



1 Sea Spray hair texturizer @$13.75

1 Salute to the Sun bar soap boxed @$5.75

1 Locavore bar soap#4, Eucalyptus/mint @$5.50

Unboxed bar soaps @$5.25: 1x calendula baby,  1x lullaby, 1x oatmeal/goat,  3X garden shampoo, 3x forest shampoo

Essential Oil roll-on blends @$8.55: Sleeping potion, uplifting

2X 1# Imperfect soap sampler bag (ends, dent/bent) @$13.25ea



2x lavender deodorant @$10ea

1X activated charcoal bar soap @$10

1x unscented tallow balm @$18

2X sweet girl tallow balm @$18



1x 1# dried elderberries @$14.50

1x 8 oz dried elderberries @$8.50

6pk beeswax tea light candles@$6.75


Salonsolids- 10% off May Special

Shampoo @$16.20ea: 1 citrus,  1 lavender

Conditioner @$16.20 ea: 3 citrus,

4 glass jars, free with a new customer order


ONYX CONTAINERS- 10% off May Special (sale prices listed)

2x 9oz tumbler @$7.20ea

3x condiment containers @$4.95ea

1x babel popsicle mold set  @$40.50:

2x divided airtight food storage @$27

1x medium sandwich container @$9.90

1x medium divided food tray @$3.60

2x children’s cutlery set duckies @$12.60



1x toilet bombs @$8

2x auto dish detergent samples @$5

1x deodorant@$8

1x 4 oz baby cream w/ zinc @$10

1x 8 oz body cream w/ zinc in pump top @$22

2x castile soap@$11

1X liquid laundry 16oz sample @$10



2x 2.2 oz trial size lavender head-to-toe wash @$3.89

1x 9 oz lavender head-to-toe wash @$11

1x small aftershave/toner @$6.99

2x 2 oz insect/tick away spray @$11.99

2x 4oz insect/tick away spray @$17.99

2x 2 oz insect/tick away spray YOUNG KIDS BLEND @$11.99

3x 4 oz insect/tick away spray YOUNG KIDS BLEND @$17.99

2x 4.2oz STICK insect/tick away YOUNG KIDS BLEND @$19.99

3x small stick insect/tick away kid-safe blend (lip balm size) @$6.99

2x lil’ noses zinc oxide stick @$4.75

2x 4.2 oz zinc oxide sunscreen stick @$14.99

1x germ fighting foaming hand soap 8 oz pump bottle @$9.22

1x 9 oz ultra pure pup wash @$11

1x 10ml germ fighting blend concentrate @$13.99

1x 10ml roll-on germ fighting bend (diluted) @$9.50


URBAN BABY BONNETS (10% off May Special price reflected below):

XL (3t-adult) bucket hat in Wonderland $34.20:

Large (2-3t) solBonnet in Paradise @$22.05:

XL (3t-adult) modBonnet in Jewelia @$34.20:


NATULO ICE TEETHER: (clearance sale, $10 off normal price reflected below):

1x whale, 1x butterfly @$15



1 pretty in pink lip tint tube @$5



1x 2 oz glass jar ranch @$11

1x 1.8 oz packet ranch @$10

1x .95oz French onion packet@$5

1x 2 oz French onion packet @$9.75

1x chewy brownies @$8

3x cornbread @$8

COLD BEE GONE (May sale price reflected below)

5x $9.95



2x beautiful bends 12×9 smoothie straw @$11

1x simple elegance 12×9 smoothie @$10

1x beautiful bends 9.5×9 ice tea $10



3x tongue cleaners $2.75

Kids toothbrushes @$3.30ea:  22

Adult toothbrushes @$3 ea:  10 soft,  2 medium, 6 ultra soft

4x 3 blade razor refill cartridges @$8.50ea

1x 5 blade razor refill cartridge (4 refills/pack) @$14.99

5x 5 blade razor, comes w/ 1 cartridge @$12.99



Earthpaste @$6/tube: 3X spearmint (xylitol-free), 1x wintergreen, 1x lemon, 1x peppermint

1x baby powder @$7.48

1x peppermint Earth Cure foaming hand soap @$7.99

1x 4.75oz onion salt @$5.75

1X 10 oz Real Salt @$5.75

1X 8.25oz garlic salt @$9.95

1x 26oz sea salt refill pouch @$9.99


SIMPLY GUM (extras from last round):

$3/pack: 3xmaple, 2x coffee, 1x fennel, 1xmint



2x hand kites made by Jolene @$14

1x Earth Paint Petite kit @$19.95

This dress in size L:

Shirt in size 7/8:


Dental Herbalism: Natural therapies for the mouth book, from Mountain Rose Herbs. Gently leafed through, in excellent like-new condition, will take a few bucks off, $15 instead of $19.95:

All items in this album available as well:




Toothpaste available w/ or w/o calcium, $7.50/jar:

Deodorant, $7.50/jar:


Turning my mattress into a couch!


I wanted to share how we turned a twin size Pure Echo from My Green Mattress into a couch! If you don’t already know, safe (in terms of no flame retardants), organic couches are super, super expensive. I’m a huge fan of recycling as many materials as we already have, so Hubby & I challenged ourselves to turn our old couch into a new couch, and to buy as little as possible for the project. We’ve had the mattress for several years, but my kids are both still bed-sharing in my king & I don’t see that changing any time soon, so this mattress has been largely unused. Our old couch was a hand-me-down from my Mom & we’ve had it several years. The bottom was coming off & once my Hubby tore it off there was no stopping him, he gutted the thing. He tore off all the super cheap materials (plywood, cardboard mainly, poly fill) & got it down to it’s skeleton of a frame, then built it back up again with good wood.  He kept one arm of it & cut the other one off as the mattress was just a couple inches bigger than the frame.


We tore open the huge pillows that came with the old couch, removed all the poly stuffing (yuck), and washed the cases several times. I was having a hard time thinking of what to fill them with, they’re quite large. Then I was going through a bin of clothes & it was full of wool sweaters, many I hadn’t worn for years but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them. Perfect I thought, I’ll stuff these cases with my wool sweaters. It makes for a very heavy, firm, pillow. But we’re mainly leaning on them when we’re sitting on the couch, not sleeping on them, and I find them quite comfortable, I really like them! Originally I velcroed them shut, it held awhile but then the velcro came a part, so I ended up sewing them shut, but can easily tear them a part should I decide I need one of those wool sweaters.


Next was figuring out the backing, it was all open & exposed wood. We considered finishing it in cedar which we had on hand, but then I came across a huge garbage bag full of my last sewing project I worked on during my final weeks of “nesting” while pregnant with my 1st born. I can’t sew well, but can sew a straight line. While nesting I started cutting up the old corduroys I wore in high school but I knew were never going to fit me again, and they had seen better days anyway, and had in mind a quilt as an end goal. Then my Son was born & that project has been in a garbage bag for 6 years! So we stapled it up as a backing!


I’m not using organic sheets, we haven’t gotten there yet, but when I need to buy new ones in the future they will be organic. I have 1 sheet, a twin wool puddle pad also from My Green Mattress that we got along with the mattress, and then another top sheet & handmade quilt to top it off.

So no, this isn’t entirely organic. But I’m pretty darn happy with how it turned out as a DIY project using entirely recycled/upcycled materials, we didn’t spend a dime on it. For those in the new couch market, I think you should consider something similar as an option! A Pure Echo is currently $719 new from My Green Mattress, Jolene, a contributing author to my page, is an affiliate & you can get 5% off even! Here’s her link: and the code is ECOSAVE5. If you are military, they offer an 8% discount (just let them know when you order). Codes cannot be combined but, they offer free shipping!

Here’s her recent review of a 9″ king size latex from them, and I purchased the same one myself in May & will be doing a review in the coming weeks:




Reflecting on 3 years as a Poofy Organics Guide

3 years ago today I became a Guide with Poofy Organics. I started my mission to find the safest products on the market 5 years ago, and when I found Poofy Organics, I knew they were IT. It. What I had been looking for. All under one roof. All I can say is: the more I learn, the more I love Poofy. The products themselves. The small business. The family. What USDA certified organic stands for. To all of you who’ve been using Poofy Organics for 4 years along with me, or those who are just learning of it now: Thank you for caring about what you put on your & your family’s body. Thank you for asking what you think are too many questions. Thank you for caring about the environment. Thank YOU for letting me Guide you on this journey to making the best choice we can

For the wine lovers out there…..

I just had my 1st order delivered from NakedWines minutes ago. I do love wine, and I do love getting goods delivered to my door, so I think I’m going to really love this new discovery! I had a coupon for $100 off a case on my 1st order, and it’s my understanding anyone can use this referral link below will get the same $100 off coupon code as well. I ordered a case of mixed red & white, 12 bottles came to $80 after the $100 off, just a little over $6/bottle, and they’re from all over the world! No, not organic unfortunately… Then they have a program where you invest $40/month which the wine makers in the program can use, but you can also use it to buy wine anytime you want. I’m still looking into that program more to understand it fully & decide if I want to go for it.  I’m in a waiting line for that (it takes about a month to get in the program), but here’s the concept (from an email from them):

“The wine industry is broken, and you’re helping to fix it. Right now, the two most important people in the wine business are getting screwed; you and the winemaker.

You probably didn’t know it but you’ve been paying too much for wine. Way too much. And at the same time, winemakers have been getting a bum deal.
So who’s been making all the money?

The US has a unique problem – the wine industry is controlled by a massive network of middle men. Most states have actually written laws to protect these middle men, forcing independent winemakers to go through them.”

So the idea is that we’re buying straight from the wine makers. Thought some of you may be interested!

Kiddiebite Silicone Divided Tray Review


It always excites me to receive messages from Momtrepreneur’s in my group! I had this message from Denise:  Kiddiebites is a made in the USA children’s silicone dinnerware company.  We are currently the only company making children’s silicone plates in the USA!  Silicone is a durable and safer alternative to plastic tableware.  Unlike plastic, silicone is inert and will not leach chemicals into food. We just celebrated the launch of our first product, a Flexible Divided Plate Set.   Our silicone and pigments are both BPA, BPS, lead, PVC, and phthalate free.  They are made with FDA approved, 100% food grade and medical grade silicone.  Our products contain no plastic fillers, unlike other competing brands.  Both our silicone and pigment, as well as our plates themselves, are made in the USA.  Our plates are microwave & dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible.  They are easy to stack and clean, and are designed with an angled edge to help toddlers use their own spoon. 


By the time I received this message, my kiddos were 3 & 5 already, so we were past choosing our 1st platters. But for those of you in that process, the Kiddiebites is a good option to consider! Glass is always my 1st choice, but I’ve heard from many of you over the years who don’t feel comfortable with glass. I do have hesitations with heating silicone, in the oven for example. I’m not convinced it’s completely inert. But for eating cool/cold foods off of, I’m not nearly as concerned about any possible leaching.

I so appreciate the motivation & dedication of those like Denise amongst us. Follow your passion! 

Currently, Amazon is the only place Denise is selling these. I hope to be able to offer her product in future buying club orders!

Amazon link:





RARE Poofy Organics 15% off sale is ON!

All details, including the code, how to save on shipping, how to enter to win $50 in free Poofy products are all here:


ANY QUESTIONS, email me:

If you dislike the party catalog & want to use my regular link, you can still enter the code before checking out here, and you can still take advantage of my shipping offer, you just wouldn’t be entered to win the host rewards:

Jolene’s My Green Mattress Review

(coming soon is Part II: Why I Tossed My Tempurpedic Mattress!)


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video review of the 9” latex mattress I purchased from My Green Mattress! I wanted to share the details with you so they are easy to read and go through, so you can see for yourself what a great company they are!

First some top points:

My Green Mattress –

  • Made in the USA
  • Family owned and operated
  • GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT, Oeko-Tex Certified, GOLS Certified, and their encasements (cotton) are GOTS Certified.
  • Reasonably priced (and also offer financing options)
  • Offer latex pillows, latex mattresses, spring system mattresses, bedding, frames
  • Offer crib sizes through California king sizes
  • Have amazing customer service!

I wanted to give you some information on their materials…more in depth from what I discussed in the video.


Their wool is sourced from a supplier out of Montague, CA who ethically sources their wool from sheep that are raised humanely in northern California and southern Oregon. MGM uses their (Woolgatherer Carding Mill) Eco Wool. While this is not a certified organic wool, they do use organic farming and sheering practices. When I asked what the difference is between the wool they buy (which is not certified organic) and the certified organic wool, MGM said this This wool is certified organically processed as Eco Wool, however cannot be considered “certified organic”. For Eco Wool farmers to be granted this certification they would be required to feed their sheep a strict organic feed diet from the 3rd month of gestation. Woolgather’s farms allow their sheep to graze naturally in lush, open pastures which does not allow for a strict diet to be followed. We believe that this provides for a much happier life for the sheep and therefore stand by their practices” They went on to assure me that they are in fact 3rd party tested from the Animal Toxicology Lab out of UC Davis. They are tested for herbicides, pesticides, and naturally occurring heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. Doing this additional testing ensures that the wool is in fact pure and free of contaminants that are not good for both the sheep nor the consumer. Due to these practices, I feel 100% confident in their wool product and am happy they are so strict with the process and offer their transparency. I did ask if they thought they would ever switch to certified organic wool in the future, and they answered “no”. When I asked them why, they told me if they did that, the prices of their mattress would go up significantly and they want good, clean, safe mattresses available to as many people as possible! If you would like to go check out the Woolgatherers Carding Mill and the Eco Wool they use, please click around in the website here:


The latex that is used in their mattress is a Dunlop latex. It is a very firm latex that offers a great amount of support. The latex is a 100% natural latex from ARPICO. It is made from latex foam developed on the ARPICO rubber-tree plantation. This plantation is home to 5.5 million rubber trees and is GOLS certified by the Control Union, the largest organic regulator in Europe. This is their one items that is imported from outside of the United States. The great thing about this natural latex is that because it is pure and regulated, it is free from fillers, dyes, chemicals, adhesives, and pesticides. It is just that – 100% natural latex and nothing else! If you would like to look into the ARPICO latex click around here:


The cotton that they use is GOTS Certified Organic cotton. You can view their certificate (along with answers to other great FAQ’s) here:


Yes, I even asked about the thread they use! They used poly-cotton blend and also a (non-coated) Kevlar thread. For me as a novice sewer, I like to hear they are using a very strong thread for the mattresses to help keep the integrity of their sewing strong.

Ok guys, so there you have all the little details about what makes up the mattress. As I stated above, and in my video, the one extra thing that I absolutely love about My Green Mattress is that they have wonderful customer service. I spoke with two sales reps and the owner himself and I have absolutely zero negative things to say. They all knew a lot about their product and they worked hard to make sure that every single one of my questions was answered. It is just another reason why I love Made in the USA and FAMILY owned and operated businesses. You get to know the people and see their true passion for their product.

The latex mattress that I got was their “Simple Sleep Latex” mattress. I purchased the 9” King size mattress from them. They had it ready for me in just a couple of days and sent me confirmation via email. Below I am enclosing few photos of the mattress!


By the way, I have loved my mattress and my experience so much, that I decided to become an affiliate for them! I would love to have you support this stay at home mama by purchasing through this link:

Also, for our readers, they gave us a discount code. You can save 5% by putting in the code ECOSAVE5. If you are military, they offer an 8% discount (just let them know when you order). Codes cannot be combined but, they offer free shipping! Even better news is they are having an Earth Day sale that is even better than that and on everything!


~ Jolene Marty


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