Vejibag Review

It’s so easy to get off track in holding true to our values & beliefs. It’s important to be able to take a step back & look at our lives from time to time and make sure we’re where we wanna’ be. Most of you know I’m very passionate about living as plastic-free as I possibly can. Over the last few months I’d resorted to buying those bagged salad mixes (organic of course), you know, they come with some crunchy things for the top, ususally some dried cranberries or pumpkin seeds, and a pack of salad dressing included. So convenient, no chopping of multiple things, and really tasty too, I was really digging them. I felt good about putting an organic salad on the table….

Until a few nights ago when I threw one together, then took a good look at the mound of plastic on my counter: 4 different plastic bags laying there, for 1 salad. NO MORE. I’ve banned myself from purchasing them.

(Pic below as an example, from Google images):



Yesterday I shopped at my local food co-op & brought home a pile of fresh produce with 0 plastic bags, it just felt so much more in line with my beliefs.


Vejibags came into my life at the perfect time for this plastic-reduction mission! I love what they are made from, and that it is truly a made in USA product from start to finish!! Made from: Undyed, Unbleached, 100% organic french terry cotton, grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, and hand sewn by employee-owned Opportunity Threads, in Valdese, North Carolina. There is nothing to not love about that!

How they work, in their words from their website: OUR ORGANIC COTTON KEEPS PRODUCE VIBRANT FOR UP TO TWO WEEKS WITHOUT PLASTIC. While conventional plastic bags and boxes suffocate vegetables by trapping stale air and ethylene gas, our damp cotton bag keeps moisture-loving vegetables alive and crisp in a high humidity, breathable environment. Just like cut flowers, vegetables need water to stay vibrant. The key to keeping veggies crisp is moisture. When damp, the cloth Vejibag keeps moisture-loving vegetables moist and crisp in a breathable but high humidity environment. Moisture slowly evaporates from the surface of the bag to circulate air and keep the vegetables “breathing.” The slightly moist environment of the bag keeps vegetables crisp far longer than vegetables stored in a plastic bag.

And indeed, they really truly do what they say! I’m super in love with my Vejibags! I prepped salad for the week on Sunday, we finished it up on  Thursday and it was as perfectly fresh as when I chopped it on Sunday! We had a salad nightly, on Tuesday we did taco pizza & I was able to just grab a handful & throw it on top & viola, done! I’m soooo happy to be cutting plastic out of this equation, saving money on the produce vs buying the pre-bagged salad mixes I had fallen into a rut of purchasing, and I know these bags will pay for themselves in no time!!

Below: top left= prepped salad for several days in the Standard Bag. Top right= a head of lettuce, a bunch of kale, a couple bell peppers, a couple cucumbers, the “bulk” veggies left after the salad prep was done. They will be used up in other meals throughout the week, this is the XL bag. The bowl in the front is an example of our nightly salad. The already chopped, mixed greens/veggies get topped with feta, pumpkin seeds that we roast ourselves, avocado, sprouts if we have them, then dressing of course.



And to think, I just learned of these a few short weeks ago, thanks to a post in my closed group page on Fb, where I learn new stuff daily!

A Facebook update I did: Tonight we finished up the salad that I prepped on Sunday. It’s Thursday, so that was 5 nights of salad. It looked absolutely as wonderful tonight as it did when I made it on Sunday. I’m a believer in the Vejibags 100%. Expensive yes, but any replacement to plastic is worth it to me!! I know I will be using these for years to come.

Below pic= what was left on Thu.



The XL bag is HUGE. There are 2 heads of lettuce, 1 bunch of kale & parsley, 3 cukes & all the broccoli in here (from the above pic showing what I brought home from the food co-op plastic-free)!



Below is my crisper drawer, the XL bag with all the above & the smaller ‘standard’ bag with the week’s prepped, chopped salad  both take up the entirely of 1 crisper drawer. The other has things like grapes & other fruit (one area hard to get away from plastic, I’ve never found raspberries for example that are not in a plastic clam shell). But, we do what we can, when we can, where we can. And being aware of plastic use is HUGE on my awareness agenda!



These bags have become part of my daily life, and to think I just learned of them recently! Discovering new (to me), homegrown, organic, plastic-free goods will never, ever, EVER get old to me. I place so much value in what Vejibags have to offer, and want to encourage you to support them if your values align as well. These also make excellent gifts for that certain someone who seems to have everything. They likely don’t have 1 of these!

Finally, thank YOU for taking the time to read my thoughts!

What I’ve learned about Lyme Disease

I am not an MD, just a Mom with a kiddo dealing with Lyme. I wanted to share what I’ve learned in the past few years, with the hope it may help 1 person just beginning on this journey. This is not an end all & be all by any means, it is simply a start.

Unfortunately, I know way more about this ailment than I would like to. I live in SW Wisco, and honestly can say there are very few people I know locally whose lives have not been touched by Lyme one way or another. My Son (7 years old at the time I’m writing this) was diagnosed 2 years ago. My niece (5) has tested positive. So has my Sister. So have many, many friends & acquaintances. My Mom has been a nurse in our local Complimentary Medicine clinic, under the local Lyme-literate MD, for ~20 years. I do not think calling this an epidemic is an over-statement.

Orion’s story:

The bite: They say the tick needs to be embedded 24+ hrs. I do not think this is true based on our experience. My Son was bitten in the Fall of ’16. He says: Mom, I think there’s a tick crawling behind my ear. I look, don’t see anything. A minute later: Mom, I think I just got bit (I’ve been bitten by ticks several times & you usually do feel it). I look where I had just peeked a bit ago & sure enough, he just got bit. I pulled it out immediately; it was in him a matter of seconds. Then I watched as his body flushed cherry red from the bite spot behind his ear, down that side of his face, and down his torso all the way to his waist, it was crazy & totally freaked me out. I whisked him away into a cool bath & it calmed down pretty quickly. But it was definitely drastic, and definitely instant. There was never the iconic “bullseye” rash, and what I’ve learned is many who’ve been diagnosed never see that rash, many never see the bite at all…Standard protocol here is 3w of antibiotics for any new deer tick bite. As much as I loathe antibiotics, I also know how serious Lyme is, so we followed the protocol & didn’t think a whole lot of it for the next year. The following Summer he had a few instances of random fever, headaches, nothing frequent, nothing super worrisome.

The next Fall, 1 year after that bite, he started pre-K 2 days/week. He loved it at 1st, which surprised me being he had never been to daycare a day in his life (he was 5), never been to a “babysitter” other than my Mom or our/his best friend’s house. After about the 2nd week (of just 2 days/week), something changed. He would go on a Tue morning, totally healthy & happy, and by 1pm the school was calling to tell me he was in the nurse’s office, he had puked. 1st time wasn’t a big deal. 2nd time in the same week (again, 2 days/week) and I started to worry. Then it just kept happening. By mid-day he was miserable. Yes, he missed me, but he was getting physically ill. It was the end of Summer & still quite hot. The days he did make it through the whole day, when I’d go to pick him up, he would be super beet red in the face, just dripping with sweat (they had a last recess right at the end of the day). They told me he had started just sitting on a bench during recess, totally not something I could imagine him doing. I now know that he, and many Lyme patients, have a very hard time with thermal regulation. The principal was so wonderful & kind, and suggested we try 1/2 days & see how that went. We tried the 1st 1/2 day, and when I got there to pick him up at noon, I saw him round a corner coming in from outside, and he was crying. I scooped him up in a big hug, we cleared out his locker, and I withdrew him right then & there. At the time I attributed all this to our full-time family, attachment parenting lifestyle, but looking back I really think his Lyme symptoms played as much or more of a role. He still hadn’t been diagnosed yet though…. The headaches just kept coming, even after I pulled him out of school. I think school was the stressor that kinda’ ‘broke the camel’s back and made these symptoms present themselves consistently. In the couple weeks after pulling him out, he just had way too many headaches. I’ve never had a migraine thank goodness, but that’s what he seemed to experience. He’d gloss over, I could see it in his eyes. The only thing he’d want to do was lay on the couch & snuggle me. He’d pass out for an hour or so, wake up & vomit, sleep a little more, then usually feel much better. I knew this was not normal & his body was telling us something. I remembered that tick bite a year ago & just had a hunch…..

The tests: The test protocol is ridiculous, in my opinion. Here’s what happened in our case: He had a blood draw, his primary doc followed CDC protocol which is due test A, only if that comes back positive do they do test B, the Western Blot. The Western Blot has numerous bands & which ones come back positive can show if it’s chronic, acute, etc. Here’s a brief explanation from the CDC:

If test A comes back negative, they say: good to go, no Lyme here. Well, test A is notoriously false negative. And since my Mom knows this, when the clinic called to say test A was negative, she urged me to call them & request they do the western blot. Guess what? That came back positive on 3 bands: chronic, acute, Lyme specific (shows that his body was making antibodies in response to Lyme). Had it not been for my Mom’s knowledge & urging, that 2nd test never would’ve been done, and we may still be wondering why the headaches out of nowhere. Guess what else is entirely messed up about the testing? According to the CDC, if 5+ bands are not positive, they deem that a negative result. So even though my Son has THE band showing he’s making Lyme antibodies, they would say he does not have Lyme.

So back to that bite, can I say for certain that couple of second bite is when he contracted it? No, I can’t. It’s possible he was bit another time and no one saw it. MANY people who have Lyme did not see/feel a bite, they never saw the tick. Also, there are more & more theories that mosquitoes & other carriers might be spreading it as well. But my Mama gut says the 1 known bite we witnessed was when he got it, regardless of the “it has to be in you 24 hr” myth.

2nd bite:

2 years after the initial test, I wanted to have a re-test to get an idea of where we were at. I had treated with natural remedies on/off, and was more curious that anything. He had long periods of time, months & months, with 0 symptoms, but every now & then an occasional headache & my curiosity urged me to re-test. To complicate matters greatly, he had a deer tick embedded in his head the day before we received those results… That test showed the chronic band to still be positive, although the CDC doesn’t deem it positive unless 5+ bands are positive, and he only had 2. It was encouraging that he was down to 2 bands, from 3, so it gives me hope that our remedies were doing something! But then we were left with the dilemma of treating a brand new bite. Uggggghhhhhh!


Treatment: This is the SUPER difficult part. And I’m not an expert, and not here to diagnose or treat. You’re going to have to do a lot of research, as well as trial & error to determine the best treatment for your case. But I will list some of the natural remedies we turned to, that I do feel helped.

On antibiotics: Yes, they absolutely have their place in western medicine. Yes, I’d do pretty much anything to knock Lyme out of his system. But here’s what I’ve learned about Lyme: abx just beat the spirochetes into hiding, they do not kill them. They can treat secondary symptoms and co-infections, but not the Lyme spirochetes themselves. Many docs will prescribe 10 days of abs for a tick bite, many others maintain that needs to be AT LEAST 21 days, if not 6w. As most of you know, long term abx use comes with a whole host of other side effects… We did the standard 3w protocol with the 1st bite, for the 2nd bite we were ready to go the 6w route, to try to really get on top of any possible infection from the new bite, as well as really beat back the old one. By 4w, my Son was just not doing well. He had headaches frequently, and just was not healthy. The tough question was: is this because the abx were working, killing unwanted invaders in his body? Sometimes you feel worse before you feel better… But I just couldn’t do it anymore, we quit at 4w. I know of people who are on consistent, long term antibiotics for Lyme, like pretty much indefinitely, and I just know that is not the path for us.

Steve Buhner Protcol: One of the foremost respected authors on this topic, from a natural-healing perspective, from what I can gather. He has written multiple books on the topic. There are books for dealing with co-infections, the list of available titles goes on & on. So many of us wish for a simple, easy to understand & implement protocol, telling us what to do when. That just does not exist with Lyme… But he should definitely be on your list of authors to read up on, if you’re dealing with this ailment. There are FB groups dedicated to his protocols too. The Knotweed/Catslaw regimen we were doing was based on his recommendations. I don’t remember that he was recommending Stevia at the time, but based on new (to me) research I read up on, I felt it was promising enough to add, with little to no side-effects. Stevia, Japanese Knotweed, Catsclaw are some of the most promising remedies I learned about following the Buhner protocol, and I used them with my Son on & off over the course of a year.

New bite: I was recommended this protocol after his 2nd bite, I quickly ordered Ledum 200C with next day Prime shipping. It is something I will always have on hand going forward, and give as soon as we see a bite:


As always, no matter what the condition or ailment, your best defense is a strong, healthy immune system. Those with already impaired systems suffer much worse from this ailment that those with healthy systems! I’m convinced that my 5 year old, with a still-developing immune system, and the new stressors of going to public school for the 1st few weeks, really saw those Lyme symptoms come out. More-so than if he was older, with less environmental stress. Here’s a post I did featuring my favorite natural remedies for a variety of ailments, but it includes what we used for the stevia, knotweed, cats claw:



As I discussed recently with a friend battling Lyme, you really don’t know where to start. And then you do start, and you have to devote months to that treatment. And you may feel worse before better. You really can’t say that X is working. It’s so, so difficult & frustrating to navigate this world. We ALL want to just be able to go see a trusted medical professional, get told: yes, you are positive, this is the plan of attack, come back for a follow-up in a month. That just doesn’t exist with Lyme. There are so few docs that are Lyme Literate, and even among those, treatment varies widely, and results are not consistent from patient to patient.

His future: Lyme is an ailment you treat based on symptoms really. There’s a good chance he may always test positive for it. But as long as he isn’t showing symptoms, we pretty much forget about it. And I’m grateful to say he’s not shown any unexplained, prolonged, out of the ordinary symptoms for quite some time. So, prevention then remains our focus. After his 2nd bite last May, we shaved his head (he was happy to match Daddy’s haircut & had been requesting it already). That makes it soooo much easier to see those tiny critters. My daughter prefers short hair at this time too, and it’s almost whitish blonde, so easy to see movement or anything of color. I picked an INCREDIBLY tiny tick off her forehead, I can’t even believe I saw it. It had not yet bitten her, but was headed for her scalp for sure. We are an incredibly outdoorsy family, surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodlands. As much as I loathe & fear this nasty little critter, I will not let it shape our love of the outdoors. After a hike outside, we do a thorough check, shedding outside clothes at the front door & leaving them out there.



Conclusion: This is my least favorite topic I’ve ever written about. I feel it is surrounded by doom & gloom. But, I’m forever the optimist. I find hope in the fact that we caught it early in my Son, not after 10 years of unexplained symptoms. He is young, and that helps his odds at fighting this. We know what we are dealing with. I’m so thankful my Mom was able to advise to request the Western Blot test after the 1st, standard test, was negative. Otherwise we, like SO MANY others, may be undergoing every test in the book to try to figure out what was going on, with no answers. While sometimes I wish it were me battling this, not my Son, I remind myself that he’s lucky to have me as a non-affected advocate & researcher. My friend who is in his 50’s complains terribly about the “brain fog” that is associated with Lyme, and I’ve heard that from others too. It’s really hard to research & plot the best course of action when you cannot think clearly. So, I’m able to do that for my Son.



In this article the CDC admits Lyme has tripled in a little over a decade, as well as the fact that it is present in 49/50 states (previously maintained that it was only E. Coast):

Under Our Skin:

Good 14 min talk on the subject:






Meet the proud new owner of Pure Play Kids!


October was quite the month for me!  For those that missed the couple updates I did in my group pages, here’s the gist of it: I flew down to Nashville (from WI), on a Monday (getting in at 9:30pm instead of 1:30 due to a whole bunch of misfortunes), loaded up the 16′ Penske truck on Tuesday & got a few of the 12 hr drive outta the way. On Wed I drove the rest of the 900 miles & was home by 7pm. Thu we unloaded all the goods into my new office, moved by desk & other supplies from old office to new one (same building, just opposite side), drove the truck back to the drop-off spot an hour away, picked my van up at the airport & was finally home 

I’m so looking forward to updating the Pure Play Kids site which is currently down as I update the available inventory & tweak it to make it mine. I’ll let y’all know when the site is live, I hope I can count on your support by checking it out! Thanks to all who offered kind words of support before & during my journey, all of the thoughts, prayers & knowing y’all were thinking of me helped keep me safe, I have no doubt!

I wrote this while traveling, and wanted to make it an “official” blog post: A common theme I’ve heard when others learn of the journey I’m currently on is: Wow, you’re brave! Wow, you’re doing this by yourself? The elderly lady on the plane next to me: Where’s your Husband? Me: home with the kids. It took her awhile to process that…. In my life I have honestly never felt there was something I couldn’t do. Brave, naw. Independent, yes. I think it’s so, so important that we remind girls, and women, that we can do anything we put our minds to do. We don’t need someone to hold our hands. And as the Mama of 1 boy, and 1 girl, it’s also so important to remind our boys to be the support system us girls need sometimes!

I can attest to the fact that having the support of those close to us is also so very important. When I was having a super rough day yesterday (while traveling back from Nashville after a rough start), a timely message from my Dad telling me how proud of me he is, and how much he loves me meant so, so much. And my Hubby reminding me that being self-employed isn’t always a cake walk, but how proud of me he was that I was following my passion, and that I “got this”, meant so much.

Then, I officially became the owner of Pure Play Kids. I’m planning to slightly re-brand it to Pure Play Kids+, expanding it into more than *just* toys, and offering home & personal care goods as well. I truly am looking to make a one-stop shop for great quality, safe, made in the USA goods! It is an amazing feeling to be the owner of my very own small business dedicated to offering the finest made in USA items I can find. On my way back, I had an awesome dinner of BBQ ribs & brisket w/ fried okra at a place that has won 4 world championships for their BBQ meat. I made it to the IL border, and have 8 hrs left to go tomorrow. I will spend that time reminding myself how blessed I am to be doing what I love, following my passions, and having found y’all who share similar passions. There’s nothing we can’t do if we are determined to do it.

Here’s a ~6 min video I took of my new office space:


Working from home while supporting your organic product values!!

I don’t share this often, but I also don’t want to withhold this opportunity from anyone! Did you know that you can earn some income from home, while supporting your made in USA, organic, safe product values? With an improved website, improved compensation program, and NEW CBD LINE, Poofy Organics has never looked better in terms of an opportunity for YOU!!! Whether you’d like to earn some extra grocery money each month, or become the “bread winner” for your family, the opportunity is there. And I’d feel bad if I didn’t let you know….  There are several links wrapped up within this one, ANY questions, let me know!

Why I love Barefoot Books!

UPDATE: I am no longer an Ambassador as of 1/1/19, but I still LOVE the books very much & will continue to purchase them as a customer!

I’ve fallen so in love with our Barefoot Books collection that the rest of our collection really doesn’t seem to have much to offer. It all started when my Mom gifted my kiddos the Yoga cards deck. I had never heard of Barefoot Books prior to that. Seeing my 2 kiddos who rarely sit still, doing breathing exercises & practicing Double Downward Dog, I thought to myself: I wonder what else this company offers??  And the answer was: SO MUCH. Raising kids in rural WI means I need to make an effort to expose them to other cultures, and it is something that is very important to me to make a priority. We travel as much as possible, but what I LOVE about books is it brings a whole new world right to us, at home, usually in bed snuggled up together. Little-by-little we have added to our Barefoot library, and there is not a single book I do not find to be a great addition.  They are so colorful, from cover to cover, they are vibrant, beautifully illustrated & just truly great stories! If I had to pick a favorite, which is not easy, I would have to say it’s the Barefoot Book of Earth Tales. It features fabulous nature-inspired tales from several different cultures, and I just adore the lessons it weaves into these fabulous stories. We also have, and have thoroughly enjoyed, the Barefoot Books of:  Children, Animals, Pirates, Princesses, and there are still so many more that we have not yet added to our library.


Puzzles are an absolute favorite way to spend time together. We have several of their puzzles & love them! We have the 100 piece princess puzzle, which is definitely on the challenging side, even for me, but we manage to get it together. We also have & love: Growing a Garden (below) & the Fairy House (which I see is no longer available). There are many more puzzles available!


Games. I ADORE their games, for 1 main reason: they are cooperative, not competitive, what a fabulous idea……! We recently added The Fairy Game & it has been a big hit.


Before that we played the heck out of Dinosaur Escape. We also own Simple Math Lotto & Earth Science Bingo. And I cannot recommend Alphabet Go Fish highly enough. We took this with us on our trip to Belize last January, and we played soooo many games of it. It’s perfect for taking along in your purse, and we pulled it out numerous times when we had to wait for food in a restaurant, in an airport, etc, and it was fun, educational, and really helped pass the time for my less than patient kiddos.


YES, they are printed in China, this is the only part I dislike, and some of you may be surprised & turned off even, wondering why I would go against my made in USA mission?? I really, truly feel these books are THAT great, that I’m willing to overlook this detail. Also, they have a strong sustainability mission, and I truly believe are trying their very best to have the least environmental impact possible.

ABOUT: Our commitment to green business practices grows from the Barefoot team and our Ambassador community’s deep-rooted desire to lessen our impact on the planet. From sustainably sourced paper to vegetable-based ink, the materials that make up our books are ones that you can feel good about having in your classroom or home. Want to learn more? Find out how we’ve planted trees across the globe, and read on to learn how our production processes are contributing to a more sustainable future.


Paper is core to a publisher’s business. We want to protect the world’s remaining ancient forests and ensure that the forestry and paper manufacture undertaken on behalf of Barefoot Books is ethical and legal. The welfare of the people involved in and affected by the supply of paper to Barefoot Books is also of paramount importance to us.

Our printers do not use paper that contains pulp from illegal or unsustainable sources in the manufacture of our books. We use paper that has been graded 3* by the PREPS Grading System or certified by the FSC, the gold standard in forest management and responsibly sourced paper. We continue to work with our suppliers to improve the environmental credentials of our products. Our board books and activity books are made using recycled paper.


All of the ink used by our printers is vegetable based.

Manufacturing Standards

Barefoot Books supports a common, internationally recognized social accountability standard to cover working conditions, health and safety issues, remuneration, working hours and the prohibition of the use of child and forced labor . It’s called the CARE Process. It is the standard used by the global toy industry and is managed by their industry body, the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). All of our printing partners carry ICTI CARE certification.


Our print suppliers have systems in place to feed paper offcuts and wastage back into their supply chain. Our packaging is made from recycled material and recycled again after use. We recycle as much as possible in our own offices.

Transporting books from the manufacturer to our warehouse

We tailor print runs to fill shipping containers. This reduces the number of sea and land journeys made on Barefoot Books’ behalf, allowing us control and reduce our carbon footprint.


I love that you can shop by age, subject or format and they offer great gift sets & story collections (Compassionate Citizens Set, on my list!). I find the website to be very organized and easy to navigate! I joined as an Ambassador myself, mainly so I could offer these books to my Eco-friendly One-Stop Shop order that I offer 3x/year. And many of you have picked up some books or games along with that order & let me know how much you’re enjoying them too! I do these orders in: Feb, June & Oct. Or you can order directly using my affiliate link please:

Sodium borate in personal care?! My thoughts…

37251585_1797182113669965_3948360493160202240_n 37278105_1797182120336631_3740319321088327680_n

Poofy Organics is releasing a new CBD cream, and it’s oh so exciting!! One concern with this cream is that it contains sodium borate as an ingredient, yes, BORAX!! I’ve been very vocal in speaking out against this as an ingredient in homemade laundry soap, which it is often a main ingredient of, for many years now. Why have I taken this stance? Mainly because of EWG, the Environmental Working Group, and the bad score they give it & the concerns they raise. However, over the years I’ve learned to take their findings with “a grain of salt”. My mantra on EWG over the years has developed into: it’s a good starting point, it’s not the end all & be all on any given topic.  They do rate sodium borate a moderately high 5-6, but they also give a 5 to clove bud essential oil… Those of us who’ve done our due diligence on EO’s know it’s about proper dilution & usage, and my research on sodium borate has lead me to the same conclusion….

Ingredients in Poofy’s soon-to-be-released CBD cream: Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, MSM, Terpenes (Eucalyptol, Humulene, Nerolidol, Terpineol), CBD Isolate, Sodium Borate, Vitamin E (non-gmo)

ALL the concerns I can find for sodium borate are in regards to its  powder form, inhaling it, like in powder laundry detergent. But I cannot find concerns when using it topically…. Stephanie from Chemical of the Day is a very trusted source of mine, I’ve never disagreed with anything she’s shared, and she says topical is okay…


Here’s a post by a skin care company using it in their cream as well, I feel they have good points:


I’ve searched & searched for legitimate concerns when it comes to using it topically via a cream, and cannot find anything other than a few bloggers referencing EWG & saying they don’t want to take a chance. I’ve searched PubMed & other sources as well & can’t find anything on the topic. After speaking with Kristina about this personally, I learned that she feels it’s absolutely necessary to making this the most effective product it can be. She can’t divulge proprietary info of course, but she shared with me that the amount used is teeny, tiny per jar, like teeny. And of course she researched the heck out of it too, she wouldn’t put anything in any of her products that she wasn’t 100% confident in. The CBD cream is not like a typical lotion where it’s just supposed to moisturize, it needs to deliver the beneficial ingredients where they need to go, and she’s spent months looking for the right ingredient to do that, the sodium borate is it… The typical emulsifying wax used in the other lotions isn’t effective enough. Wellness Mama has a decent read on the debate too.

Another good read:

We have a thread going in our Poofy Guides group on this topic currently, and there are a lot of good comments!

From Andrea: A lot of public concern comes from the chemical misunderstanding between boric acid and sodium borate. Sodium borate is a natural salt mineral, while boric acid is harmful and toxic.

From Anita: Sodium borate is in contact solution.

In conclusion: It’s essential to keep an open mind about all ingredients. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Just because 1 source says it’s terrible doesn’t mean that’s the case in 100% of circumstances. With this new CBD line, you’re going to have to do some research. Is CBD right for you? I can’t tell you with 100% certainty. Is the Poofy Organics CBD cream among the absolute best possible choices for a topical cream should you decide it is a product you need? I can say with certainty YES.


–TO ORDER email:

–I pull orders in the order emails are received. If the person before you claimed an item you want, I let you know. I pack up your order & send an invoice with exact shipping.

–Make sure you include your mailing address so I can determine if flat or regional is cheaper.

–You pay via PayPal FRIENDS/FAMILY so I don’t lose to fees, otherwise I’d have to charge a fee for the club, something I’ve avoided for the 4 years I’ve been doing this. Or you can pay off your QuickBooks invoice using your checking account OR send a check if you’re not comfortable with that. Just be aware if you send a check I likely will not receive it before I leave town late next week, so your items will sit in my office an additional 2 weeks.

So, here’s what I’ve got:


Deo @$11ea:   wood/citrus, jasmine joy

1x spf 15 lip balm @$4

Samples @$3ea: BB cream in light, medium, dark. Powder foundation in:  serenity, love, hope, truth, Harmony, Focus. Blush in: blush, blushful, blushing, blushingly. Concealer in: Purple, green, 4x demystify, 1x reveal



1X Decorative Dots 9.5×9 ice tea size, set of 4 w/ cleaning brush @$43.95

1x Hemp Family pack straw carrier (holds 4 straws) @$29.00

3x Hemp Sleeve for single straw (fits all 8 & 9″) @$16


ONYX (Tickle Trunk):

4x extra pop lids for paddle style @$2 ea

4x round silicone piece only for pop lid @$1 ea



5x $9.95 ea ($13.95 via Amazon!)



1x 8.25oz onion salt @$9.95

Earthpaste tubes @$6.50 ea: 2x  Cinnamon

1x 10 oz bentonite clay powder @$12.35



2 washcloth sets, 2 EO pouches all listed here:



$3/pack: 4x boost (new!), 4x revive( new!), 1x coffee, 1x mint

Mints @$3.50/tin: 3x peppermint, 5x ginger



3 X 3 blade razor (comes with 2 3 blade cartridges) @$8.50

8 @ 5 blade razors, reduced from $12.99 to $10.99



Boxed Bar Soap @$6.15ea: 1x lemongrass, 2x lavender goat milk

1x Garden shampoo, naked (no packaging)@ $5.65



Shampoo: 1x lemongrass @18



Organic cotton sandwich & snack bags with ZERO  plastic! Click on album for descriptions, patterns & availability is listed in the comments below. 1 left in orange chevron:


PARTY IN MY PANTS (reusable cloth menstrual pads) NOW 20% OFF PRICES LISTED BELOW:

1x cotton double gauze overnight in Ebb & Flow @$13.99

1x cotton size M in Morel support @$12.99



1X 6pk wool dust bunnies @$14.95

1x small organic cotton tug toy @$10.95

1x silly sea cucumber @$12.95

1x Hemp Catnip Carrot @$9.95


BAREFOOT BOOKS: I have almost all of the following in my personal collection at home & cannot speak highly enough about them, I treasure every Barefoot Book, puzzle & game we own. Yes, they are printed in China but they have a very strong sustainability mission. You will not be disappointed!

My travel journal @$12.99

100 piece Princess puzzle @$10.49 (on sale, normally $14.99)

64 piece Growing a Garden Puzzle @$10.99

1x mindful kids deck @$14.99

1x kids kitchen recipes deck @$19.99

I took the Moon for a Walk (large format board book) $14.99 (reduced to $12.99)

Animal stories set of 4 books @$32.99

2x Barefoot Book of Earth Tales @$16.99ea

1x Barefoot Book of Pirates @$16.99

1x animal tales from around the world @$16.99ea

1x Portside Pirates @ $9.99

1x Out of the Blue (hardcover)@$16.99 50% off @8.50



1x angel ice teether @$12



Jess Toothpaste & Deo @ $8/jar

Toothpaste options here:

Deo options here:


Misc items Jess has for sale, here’s an album with random items:

My toothpaste already made, 50% OFF so only $4/4oz jar:  1 no calcium strawberry. 1 deo unscented, extra strength (could add a scent if you prefer)

Wild Animals Fun Kit from Pure Play Kids, on sale for $10.95 so I’ll honor that even though I paid full price:

Pirate Artisands kit from Pure Play, also on sale for $11.95, would make a great gift with the Barefoot Book of Pirates listed above if you have a pirate-lover having a B-day soon!



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