Poofy Organics SALE coming soon!

COMING SOON! Make your list. Check it twice. Check it again! Poofy only offers 3 sitewide, weekend long sales per YEAR! So they’re really a big deal! ALSO, I will be offering 1/2 price shipping on orders $125+, FREE SHIPPING on orders $200+. Those totals are AFTER you’ve taken the 15% off via the coupon from Poofy. Let me recap.
–Take 15% off your total order via the coupon from Poofy.
–Get 1/2 or all of your shipping refunded to you from me, for orders $125+.
–Also, if anyone wants to be set up as the host of an online party, your friends can save, and you can earn host rewards! Any questions on that, just ask!
My link to start working on those lists: https://ecofriendlyusa.poofyorganics.com/

A small, organic, family farm needs help ♥

My best friend is in need of help. Her certified organic apple orchard has 10% of the crop it should, if that. We’re talking maybe 3,000 bushel instead of 30,000. It sucks so bad because there is huge demand for her apples, especially as vinegar, she has huge demand for every, single apple she can harvest. But this year, out of nearly 20 she’s been there, the crop is not there. You can see it when you drive up. Some trees have a few apples, many have none. Some will have one branch that looks great, the rest of the tree is bare. It is so sad.
This woman is my inspiration to always do what I can, when I can, where I can. To do better, to do more. She truly lives her life as an example of being a good steward to the land, an amazing Mom, a fantastic friend, a surrogate Auntie to my kids. I know our local community is going to band together & help as much as we can, but I also know some of you have a few extra bucks that you are willing to send to a good cause. And I assure you, there are few causes I will ever feel better about supporting than this one.
If able, you can PayPal donations in any amount (please click on photo below & read details). If able to donate $150, you can choose to receive a gift box full of goodies from the orchard this fall, in time for Thanksgiving, all certified organic. She has worked her butt off, as always, to harvest all the bounty the orchard provides all year: berries of every kind get made into jelly, garlic gets ground into powder, herbs get harvested & dried. What apples they are able to harvest will be made into pie filling & vinegar. And if you can’t donate, I 100% understand! Please offer well-wishes, prayers, good vibes, whatever you believe in, up to the Universe so that this family can stay on the land they love & see another, better apple season