Made in USA Master List



IF USING AMAZON TO MAKE A PURCHASE FROM THIS LIST: A PORTION OF YOUR PURCHASE WILL COME BACK TO ME IF YOU START BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK:  (it’s a random link, but anything you purchase after starting with this link I will earn 3% on). Thank you!!

Personal Care & Cleaning Products

I have an entire separate listing for this category which I refer to as my “approved” list:

Dental floss: POH
Made in: Tulsa, OK (I would skip the dyed options in favor of un-dyed)


Poofy Organics, they also have hair gel & wax:

Toothbrushes & razors (for mamas & papas, kids toothbrushes also):

Based in: MA
Price Range: $
From their website: “We consulted closely with dental professionals to create a toothbrush that gets your teeth cleaner but minimizes your impact on the environment. The design includes a curved handle for those hard-to-reach places and a three-level bristle arrangement to massage your gums. And while the bristles are brand new, the handle is made from recycled yogurt cups. Enjoy the same best selling Preserve Toothbrush whether you choose the Travel Case or Mail Back Pack. The Mail Back Pack is a revolutionary approach to packaging. The lightweight package doubles as a return envelope. Just pop your used Preserve toothbrush inside and send it back to us for recycling (our dentist friends recommend replacing your brush every three months!). Powered by recycled yogurt cups™, Handle 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles new nylon.” BPA-, PVC- & Phthalate-free.


**To see which product lines didn’t make my safe list, and why, please view this list. MANY, MANY companies that pitch their products as safe, natural, “green”, are FARRRRRRR from it!


Based in: Connecticut
Price Range: $$
Wooden hairbrushes

Handbags & Accessories:
Military Apparel Company  and on Facebook @
Based in: Pennsylvania
Price Range: $$
Repurposed from military uniforms!

Hanky Panky
Based in: New York
Price Range: $$ (average price
Hanky Panky has been manufacturing lingerie in the United States since its inception 1977. While many apparel designers source materials abroad, 100% of the fabrics and trims used to make Hanky Panky’s Signature Lace thongs and panties are knitted in the United States.

Makeup: Please note I am not very familiar with make-up ingredients of concern, as I haven’t wore it myself since junior high. Jolene, my co-admin spent a great deal of time researching this subject, and Poofy Organics comes out on top in the safety department.

Here’s a link to Jolene’s list:

Menstrual Products-Reusable:
Here’s a link to my note on this topic:

What I’m using:

Swimwear (organic) also other clothing:

Yoga Mats:

Jade Yoga:


PRODUCTS FOR BABIES/CHILDREN: I have NUMEROUS categories represented on my website here>>

  • Activity centers/play cubes: ($39.99-$700)  

  • Art supplies: Finger paints/crayons/glue/dough/egg dying/sidewalk chalk:

Eco-kids: (dough, paint, crayons, rolling pin, paste, egg-dye, art pads). Here’s my review of Eco-Kids Crayons:

Wee Can Too: (finger paint, crayons, sidewalk chalk, egg-dye,  paints) My Wee Can Too crayon review:

Earth Paint: (paint)


  • Baby Carrier:

Action Baby Carrier: My review:

BabyHawk My review: –transitioning to made in China:

Zolo Wear: Offers 100% organic cotton, no flame retardants, rings are stainless steel. Also offered in silk.

  • Baby Gates: Not ALL made in US, from the company: “Not all of them but Dynamic accents gates are and we would be able to check on any others that you are interested in.”

  •  Baby blankets–organic cotton (also burp cloths, bath sets,  hats & bibs, onesies, rattles & teethers)

  • Babyfood freezer trays/pop molds (silicone)

  • Backpack–toddler: (can be personalized)

  • Baskets (great for toy organization) (AMAZING selection)

  • Bean Bag Chairs (organic covers available) (direct link). On Amazon: p://

  • Bikes & other vehicles:

  • Blankets/comforters: (also nap mats, pillows). Also on my Pure Play Kids website:

  • Board Books:

  • Boots
  • Building Blocks, cardboard:

  • Candy- Absolutely NO artificial colors or dyes, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO preservatives, NO hydrogenated oils! Vegan, gluten-free, organic, NON-GMO offerings! Look for US flag in description!

  • Cloth diapers:

Please see my note on this topic:

  • Clothing for kids:

Leotards: We produce mindfully made leotards using a blend of 94% GOTS certified organic cotton and 6% spandex.  Our leos are made in Seattle, WA.  We use low impact dyes in printing our stripes, produce in small batches and our shipping/packaging material is 100% recyclable and/or compostable right down to our shipping labels.  Our crotch liners are 100% organic cotton.   We drive a hybrid vehicle for all of our local deliveries. We primarily sell our leos online through our website at  Our debut line is classic stripes in 5 ‘kid approved’ colors. (HUGE list of companies, not organic)  Sizes 0 to 6x. We have a bunch of organic options, we run on solar, all of our packaging materials are made from 100% recycled material and are recyclable and we’re in the process of becoming a certified green business.” (some organic) (not organic, and not everything they sell is made in the USA, just the items from this specific link)  (organic pj’s, tees, and other clothing)  (organic underwear, footies & rompers, preemie & baby latette, pj’s, sleep sacks & quilts, socks & slippers, sweatshirts & sweatpants, as well as gifts! LOVE THIS SITE) (organic socks)

Princess Awesome: “A different kind of girly”. Girl clothes with “boy” oriented prints: dinosaurs, robots, etc: (HUGE list of organic & non-organic offerings) (organic cotton clothing) (organic pjs) (0-12yrs) (up to 24m, some organic options)

  • Cocoon” sets:

“for the last 18 years, we have been designing, cutting and sewing unique childrens’ clothing made of US grown cotton here in New York.  our products are 100% fabric: no ties, no snaps, no zippers, no velcro, no buttons, no straps – so we’re always 100% CPSIA compliant”:

  • Covers (for nursing, car seats, shopping carts):

  • Cribs: ($900-$1900) ($650-$900) ($800-$1,000)
a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> ($520-$1,000)

  • Crib Mattress: (also wool topper, puddle pad moisture barrier, nursing pillow, body pillow, and wool comforter) (2 organic crib mattress options)

  • Curvey Board:

  • Furniture– for children’s room: (beds, chairs, changing stations, cribs, desks, dressers & chests & more–also not cheap!)  (beds, bookcases, step stools, wardrobe, headboards, toyboxes, lots of tables, potty chairs, bookcases) toddler-sized table & chair LOTS & LOTS OF GREAT OPTIONS

  • Gym, wooden play gym:

  • Hearing protection

Tasco- Tasco KidSafe and Pro Ears. NRR 25 and made in the USA. Tasco sources all of their materials from the US. Tasco materials are PVC vinyl that is prop 65 compliant over polyester foam and he said it’s not treated with fire retardants or other chemicals. The headband is stainless steel wires with extruded vinyl coating that is also prop 65 compliant.

  • Hose filter:

  • Kitchens- wooden & accessories:  Go to creative play then house play. Look under their handcrafted toys tab. Some of their items are a bit cheaper but are MDF vs solid wood, if that matters to you. But they do offer solid wood too, which I prefer & is more durable. (ACCESSORIES)

  • Leggings

  • Leotards: We produce mindfully made leotards using a blend of 94% GOTS certified organic cotton and 6% spandex.  Our leos are made in Seattle, WA.  We use low impact dyes in printing our stripes, produce in small batches and our shipping/packaging material is 100% recyclable and/or compostable right down to our shipping labels.  Our crotch liners are 100% organic cotton.   We drive a hybrid vehicle for all of our local deliveries. We primarily sell our leos online through our website at  Our debut line is classic stripes in 5 ‘kid approved’ colors.
  • Lincoln Logs alternatives (the traditional Lincoln Logs from K’Nex are now made in China)

  • Lunch bags– reusable: (ORGANIC lunch bags, cloth napkins, snack & sandwich bags!)

  • Mats (cork mat) (organic nap mat) (organic play mat) and other items.

  • Musical instruments:

Remo makes some in the US, some in China, so be sure to double check before buying. My friends have a made in the US one for their kids. I wrote Remo to ask & they said this: Djembe and Doumbek are manufactured only in the US:


  • Organic bedding, blankets, mattress covers, nap mat, changing pads, nursing pads & more:

  • Paints & art supplies:

  • Pillow- organic:

  • Play Tables: (train table, also art table, trundle, wooden stool, carts & wagons)

  • PJ’s organic

  • Sheets: (for cribs, pack n plays, cradles, youth beds, anything you could need a sheet for!) (some organic offerings, mainly 100% cotton) (crib sheets, organic)

  • Shoes  (made in Texas)   (organic & orginal shoes & some clothing- great selection)

FB thread with many options:

  • Sippy Cup Options:

  • Straws–reusable, glass and stainless options

Glass, made in USA (CA):  My review:

Glass, made in USA (MI):

Stainless, made in Vietnam:

  • Stroller liner–heated

  • Supplements:

  • Swim Suits:

  • Teddy Bears & other stuffed animals, some organic:

  • Tie-dyed Sock Chickens (organic): sewn in the USA using repurposed scrap materials- my babe loves his!

A great site with a lot of made in USA and organic offerings for home:



I made a separate note with kitchen items:

  • Air Purifier

Austin Air:

Honeywell: We have this one: I don’t know that 100% of their items are US made, but many are.

  • Bags & Backpacks

  • Bed & Bath: (TONS of options, up to you to decide which are the appropriate eco-friendliness for your family. Some are made in the US using imported materials. Site gives great info so you can make a choice you feel comfortable with!)

Many cool bathroom items, sinks, etc on this site:

  • Bike Bags:

  • Blankets:

  • Boots, made in MN:

  • Butter Dish (French Butter Crock):

  • Candles: Most candles contain synthetic scents which are bad for you. This company uses only essential oils, and Non-GMO soy!
Here’s my review of candles sent to me by them:

  • Canning jar lids (reusable, BPA-free)

The Tattler–

  • Ceiling Fans/blades: (antique & vintage restored fans from the 1890s-1950s, all made in the USA) (JUST the solid wood blades)

  • Ceramic heaters:

  • Clothes Drying Rack- wooden

  • Clothing (women): (men & women’s clothing)

  • Chicken Coops, Moveable– $500-$1250

  • Coffee maker- glass

Chemex: (all the borosilicate glass is made in the USA. It is molded and formed in Taiwan and then we finish manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and shipping here in the USA. We are working to find other locations that can meet our glass demands but at this time still need to outsource to overseas partners.)

  • Cookie Sheet/ brownie pan/ round cake pan  (also see Pyrex/Anchor for glass options) (stainless)  (ceramic)

  • Cookware All cookware is manufactured at the Regal Ware factories in West Bend and Kewaskum, Wisconsin unless otherwise noted. Any doubt, double-check before purchasing! I don’t know that every one of their 3,000 items are made in the US, but most I’ve looked at are. As always, double check!! All-Clad manufactures 100% of its fully-clad cookware in Canonsburg, PA, a small town south of Pittsburgh.Since its inception in 1971, All-Clad has created and developed many other cooking-related items, beyond the fully-clad cookware that continues to makes the brand famous. Approximately 90% of the items carrying the All-Clad brand are made in the U.S., in Pennsylvania. The remaining 10% not made in the U.S., are made in China, France, and Italy.  Also made in WI!

  • Coolers:



Yeti: DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE ORDERING, from them: We make the Tundras and other products in the US.  Some Tundras are also made in the Philippines. When asked how to ensure a US made one I was told: Please give us a call and we can send you one made in the US.  512-394-9384… Tumblers are made in China.

  • Cutlery (also stone bakeware)

  • Dryer balls:

EcoNuts: 4 King Size for $26.99- they really are jumbo!

Molly’s Suds offers a 3 pack for $20. They’re larger than the one’s I bought off Amazon, smaller than the one’s available from EcoNuts:

  • Flatware:

  • Food wrap/placemat:

  • Footwear:

  • Furniture:

  • Garden Hoses: (I have 100′ of this one)


  • General Household Goods–clothing, blankets, diaper bags, nursery decor & bedding, lighting, furniture, gift sets, natural & organic baby skin care & MORE :

  • House Paint– -0 VOC!

  • Kitchen– almost eveything you could need:

MY KITCHEN LIST: (pour caps) Great for homemade hemp milk and vinaigrettes (sippy cup cap) (natural & organic options, including pillows, sheets & more). (organic & natural options) (natural mattresses & organic pads) (natural & organic) (natural & organic) (natural & organic) (organic, also mattress tops)

  • Measuring spoons, other kitchen gadgets, wooden:

  • Neti Pot:


  • Party supplies- mostly made in the USA, be sure to check!

  • Pillows–organic

latex- my review of pillows:

  • Pizza Stone:

  • Pyrex:

  • Reusable food storage bags: Neat-os are made in California and all the parts that make up neat-os are made in the USA!

  • Shoes & slippers:

  • Tableware:

  • Towels- organic, US grown cotton also tons of other items for home:

  • Wool clothing-



  • Beds


  • Bird Toys:

  • Bowl, stainless steel

  • Collars:

  • Organic natural fiber toys, collars, bedding & much more   Several of their products offered via my Pure Play Kids website:

  • Petfood



  • Additional Resources/databases-LOTS & LOTS OF SELECTION!!: (organic clothing) (absolutely HUGE database of entirely made in the USA products) (not all Made in America, have to pay attention!) (AMAZING list of made in the USA products) (their brand is made in the US, but they also link to other items {Melissa & Doug included, GRRR} so pay attention, and double check with them before ordering to make sure you’re getting made in the US. They have a huge selection, and many items can be personalized, which is nice!) toys, beauty & personal care, USDA certified organic, household cleaners, baby & child, furniture, pet store, and MORE!

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    Please check out my website for more Made-in-USA Products. http://www.USAonly.US
    Thanx, Mark Reasbeck



  2. hales1123
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 06:39:50

    Please add to your made in USA toy list! They also have teethers and some decor.



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