Ava Anderson Non-Toxic & their NOT so certified organic EO’s

The following is my opinion on this matter.

I’m not sharing this info to bash another company. I’m sharing this info to prove that there are checks & balances in place. If you read my “Why Ava Anderson is on my So-So List” (I’ll re-share below), this is my opening point, them stating their oils were certified organic & making all sorts of misleading claims regarding it. Well, they were reported by at least 2 people (not me but I should’ve!) and action was taken!!! If you read their response to my inquiry on the oils being certified organic, they want to have it all ways: they claimed the oils were certified, but at the same time claimed the process was too expensive & too much paperwork. They say it’s all about the ingredients & IT IS! The USDA seal is reserved for only the very best of the very best, and I & many do not take lightly to it being misused. If you know of any other companies throwing around the “certified organic” term & you feel they’re misusing it, please let me know!


Here’s my thread asking them about the oils that I KNEW were not certified organic, and their response from several months ago:


Jessica Brandt How can they be certified organic if none of your other products are? That means your facilities for repackaging are now USDA certified? I don’t see the seal on the labels…