What I’ve learned about lead…

A lot! It’s amazing how little you know about something until your life is directly impacted by it. My lead awareness journey began when someone shared a post with me by Tamara of Mislead: America’s Secret Epidemic (FB page, and movie in the works). Her post was accusing Earthpaste of being a greenwasher, as the bentonite clay they used as a base for their toothpaste contained lead, and that no amount was acceptable. My mission is to out Greenwashers, and I had used & been promoting the heck out of Earthpaste & Poofy Organics (also clay based) for quite some time. But I could not ignore her post, the info it provided, or the chance that my Son could have an elevated level as that was the only toothpaste he had ever used, and we’d been using it ~18 months. I had him tested for lead at 1 year (generally part of a wellness check in most states), and he was a 1 which is great (0 of course would be optimal). But, other than for an ear infection around 18 months, we hadn’t been in as he is super healthy & I don’t do well checks unless I have a concern.

So, at 3 years old I took him in & he got the simple, easy finger prick test. He came back with a 2, so yes, in 2 years it had gone up. I wrote this post about toothpaste at that time, I just wasn’t sure what to think: https://ecofriendlymamausa.com/2014/05/15/lead-in-bentonite-clay-based-toothpaste-is-any-amount-safe/. A range of 0-4 is generally accepted as no cause for concern, per my doc office & many sites I looked up. But according to Tamara, someone I consider to be an expert, the elevation from a 1-2 was definitely cause for concern & the source should be figured out & eliminated. The effects of lead poisoning can take months/years to display, and are serious: sensory processing issues, ADD like symptoms, decreased IQ, headaches, many serious concerns! Tamara knows all about this as she has 2/4 Sons that were poisoned during a home renovation project & have issues years later.

And that’s when I started researching lead. And wow, it’s complex & it is crazy how many lives this affects in the U.S. I started looking at all the possible sources that could contribute to an elevated level: old paint is probably the #1 cause, lead paint was banned in 1978 but many older homes will still have it underneath newer coats. Water, soil, toys, dinnerware, playgrounds, root vegetables, the list goes on & on. My daughter turned 1 in July, so we took her in for her 1st test. I totally expected it to come back a 1, as my Son’s had, and was shocked when I found out it was a 3! And she had never used any toothpaste, so that made me feel once again that the toothpaste did not contribute to my Son’s elevated level. So, I started addressing the top source potentials:

Our house was built in 1998 and painted in 2000, so no concern there. Lead solder in pipes is often suspect, but my in-laws built this house & I was able to verify they didn’t use that, so we scratched that from the list.

We tested our well water. We had just done an annual well test but only received results that there were no nitrates or bacteria (thankfully!), I had to call & see if lead was part of an annual test & no, it’s not so we sent in an additional sample. That came back all clear. 10 ppm is considered OK by the EPA, 5 ppm by the most cutting edge, harshest critics. Ours was 2ppm.

We tested our soil. We live in rural WI, and are the only house within site (except in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees, we can see 2 houses ½ mile across the valley). Nothing existed prior to our house being built in 1998, so I thought there was no way possible we’d have lead in our soil. Lead is naturally occurring in some soils in ppm of ~40-50. Ours came back 3.8ppm!

I was positive that 98% of our toybox was not in question, but went through it & weeded out the following items (below) (mostly arrived thanks to our in-laws who go to tons of rummage sales & drag home some undesirables). I sent them in to Tamara who uses her $40,000 testing gun. I included a plate we had just retired in favor of glass Anchor Hocking tableware, even though my kids hadn’t eaten off them, just in case. Everything came back free of lead, mercury, cadmium & arsenic EXCEPT the yellow Fisher Price syringe which tested very high, see this post: https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/pb.397517646930548.-2207520000.1406057746./970978659584441/?type=3&theater.

The jingle bell bracelet also came back quite high, but my kiddos had never touched it, I just sent it in as a curiosity as I knew jewelry was often suspect. Costume jewelry and cheap jewelry are definite suspects if you’re trying to figure out an elevated level & your kids have access to those items. I was very happy that most of the items I sent it, some made in China, tested negative. If you go to the Mislead page on FB you will find TONS of photos of things she’s tested- it’s crazy how high most vintage dinnerware (Pyrex, etc) is, and I highly recommend getting rid of any vintage anything you have, in favor of new. I know it’s not what most want to hear, but for the safety of you & your family, it should be sent to a landfill (not eco-friendly I know, but this is a SERIOUS issue)! The regulations are 100 times more stringent today than they were in the70’s-80’s!



And I was also tested, as my Baby Girl nursed exclusively for 6m & we took food very slowly, so she was still getting a lot of nutrition from me at 1 year, as all the above tests came back all clear, I was more & more concerned that I was the problem. Nope, mine came back a 1 via a vein draw (way more accurate than the finger prick).

The things I’ve heard from parents: One Mama had her 4 year old come back with a BLL of 11!! Which is VERY high, I’m worried about a 2 & 3 here. Her doc said it was acceptable & NOT TO WORRY!!! One Mama had her daughter test a 1 at 9 months, and wanted to follow-up at 3 years but her doc wouldn’t order it, saying it was fine at 9 months so not to worry- SERIOUSLY?!?! A Mama was told by her pedi “no, we don’t test for lead here (as part of an annual wellness exam), you’ll have to go to a natural/alternative center for that, and pay out of pocket- again, SERIOUSLY?! Several Mamas on WIC have told me they can’t even find out the number, they are told it’s OK if it’s under a 3.3 or in one case a 5. Well, whether it’s a 3.2 or a 1 does matter, and we should have the right to know! So again, this is a super complex issue, and it’s really up to us, the families looking out for our loved ones, to be educated & aware of this issue. As I opened with, until this affected my family in just a small way, it was completely off my radar! I highly recommend you get your kids tested once/year. If your insurance won’t pay for it, pay out of pocket (I know that isn’t possible for some, but if at all possible!) In conclusion, I’ve decided not to retest my daughter using the vein draw (again, a lot more accurate) but I do feel her 3 was a false positive. Lead has a ~45 day ½ life in our bodies, and iron & calcium-rich foods greatly help the body process lead. If we are calcium deficient, lead is soaked up into our bones in its place- scary, huh? I will retest her in 6m to 1 year. At this time, my Son is still using Earthpaste & Poofy’s clay-based option, in addition to the non-clay based option Poofy came out with to offer us another option (amazing of them!). Any questions? J

Lead in Hamilton Beach crock pots

Mislead: America’s Secret Epidemic is always testing items & posting the results, she recently tested a Hamilton Beach crockpot & it came back with a reading of 20-30ppm lead, which is very low. BUT, their website FAQ claimed they contained “no measurable amounts of lead”. So I wrote to them, and here is their response. This also goes to show the at home swab test kits aren’t all that accurate, as I tested mine on a chipped spot & it didn’t register any lead. Even though they come with instructions for testing all kinds of surfaces, Tamara says they really can only be relied on for testing paint. Here is Tamara’s post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=614952988623109&set=a.452063581578718.1073741828.195674253884320&type=1&theater

Response from Hamilton Beach: ” Thank you very much for bringing this poorly-worded FAQ answer to our attention and allowing us the opportunity to address your concerns.  We will work to update our FAQ with a clearer answer that summarizes what I am going to write here.


I accept that the XRF was used by a skilled technician.  However, it’s the wrong tool for the job at hand.  The job here is to determine the food safety of earthen vessels used to heat food.


Lead and cadmium are naturally occurring elements in the earth.  As crocks are earthenware vessels, trace amounts of lead and cadmium may be naturally present in them.  Our crocks are glazed to create a barrier between food and earthenware.  Thus, the issue is how to evaluate the effectiveness of the barrier that separates lead and cadmium in earthenware vessels from the food on the right side of the barrier coating.


The XRF is the wrong tool for measurement.  The XRF bombards the earthenware vessel with X-rays that penetrate the glazed coating:  the XRF provides a look “behind” the coating at the elemental content of the earthenware vessel.  Thus, the XRF tells us that the earthenware vessel – behind the barrier – has 23 ppm of lead. We already know lead is a naturally occurring element in the earth, so we’re not surprised the XRF reveals its presence behind the barrier.


To answer the question, “Does the barrier effectively prevent any of the naturally occurring lead from contacting food?” the correct tool is ASTM C378 extraction test procedures as measured by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy.  (ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is a global standards-setting body.)  This test measures how much, if any, lead can penetrate the barrier and actually reach the food inside the vessel.  This test measures what happens on the “right side” of the barrier. This test method has detection limits of 0.1μg/ml for lead and 0.01μg/ml for cadmium.


All of our crocks are evaluated using ASTM C378 extraction test procedures as measured by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy.  In our crocks, the amount of lead or cadmium present in the extractant is below the test’s limits of detection.


Additionally, the factories that manufacture our crocks are certified ceramic production facilities whose ceramic ware is deemed to satisfy FDA heavy metal requirement. For more information on these requirements, please see http://www.fda.gov/InternationalPrograms/Agreements/MemorandaofUnderstanding/ucm107558.htm.


I hope this addresses your concerns.”

Ready to work from home? Join team Eco-Poofy USA :)

I know direct sales are seen in a less than positive light by many. I also used to not be too thrilled about it just a few short months ago. But, it’s hard to deny that the opportunities presented by Poofy Organics (I can’t speak for any other company) are just too good to pass up. MANY of you on this page are Stay-at-Home-Moms. Some of you work part time. Many of you have experience selling Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or other names, but would love to find a better fit for your “crunchy” lifestyle.  I don’t know anyone who cant use extra grocery money (we all know feeding our family healthy, organic food is NOT cheap).  I just got my 1st paycheck from Poofy directly deposited into my bank account, am I rich now? NO, but I do have a little extra grocery money this week!! I have had my FB page for 2 1/2 years now, and looked at just about every line known- NONE of them compare to Poofy. With a baby, home, men’s, teen, make-up & everything in-between line, there’s something for everyone. The ingredients are CERTIFIED organic, and the best quality available. The prices are VERY reasonable for certified organic, handmade to order daily products. Are you paying more because this is a direct sales opportunity company? NO.  You are paying full retail price. The same price you’d pay through Poofy.com, Poofy’s retail outlet in NJ, or the select other retail locations these products are sold. Poofy gives us DIVAS the products at less than retail, so we can earn something too, and I think that’s truly amazing! There are no sponsored trips to Mexico for whoever sells the most built into the prices you pay, just the true, honest cost of making these amazing products & bringing them to market.

The only cost is a $9.95/month fee for hosting your webpage, which is where you & others place orders, you get supplies, etc. The website has just been revamped & is simply FABULOUS! You only have to sell $200 worth in a 6 month period to remain “active”. You DO NOT have to buy the $99 enrollment/collection kit, that is optional, and you can buy it later if you don’t want it right away.  You also will never be auto-shipped anything that you didn’t order (CAN’T believe some companies do this), and do not ever have to keep inventory on hand. If you have NO experience with direct sales, and no or very little knowledge of Poofy products, it could definitely take a couple weeks or so to get familiar with the process & products. I’m VERY familiar with Poofy products, but had no direct sales experience, so it’s taken me a full month to feel like I finally understand how the whole system works.  So, instead of waiting for the perfect time, I say sign up now, and have a goal to sell your 1st $200 worth in the next 2 months. If you do have some direct sales experience, and are familiar with Poofy’s line, you could hit the ground running & be getting your 1st paycheck direct deposited in 4 weeks. The sky is the limit, and you are your own boss! If you do not have a circle of family/friends/co-workers, etc who are interested in organic products & are concerned you won’t be able to sell $200 in 6 months, this honestly probably isn’t for you… This is a business opportunity, and I’m looking for those who will approach it as a serious opportunity to both make a little money, and help educate & spread awareness about the best products on the market– Poofy Organics!

I just really want to get this info out there. There are 200+ DIVAS out there, and the time to join has NEVER been better!! I’d be thrilled to have you on team Eco-Poofy USA., if you think this is the right opportunity for YOUR family!  If you have ANY questions, please send me an email: ecofriendlymamausa@gmail.com.  If you’re ready to sign up, here’s the link to my site. Click the Opportunity Tab & then join, make sure it lists Eco-friendly USA at the top: http://www.poofyorganics.com/ecofriendlyusa and you’ll be on my team. I’ll be the one you turn to with questions, and if I can’t answer them off the top of my head, I will find the answer.

Wondering how Poofy compares with Ava Anderson, another direct sales opportunity? My thoughts:


NON GMO project verified does NOT equal USDA certified organic



It can be Non-GMO, but sprayed with all the pesticides a farmer wants to spray. under the NON GMO project verified label.  USDA certified organic means organic, and non-GMO. There’s a really big difference, but both ensure no GMO’s. This article explains it quite well:http://bostonorganics.com/wordpress/2013/10/24/avoid-gmos-the-difference-between-organic-and-non-gmo-labels/

Poofy Product Comparisons


Photo courtesy of Poofy Organics Midwest DIVA

Another product comparison from Poofy Organics Midwest DIVA. My motto: ingredient lists speak for themselves, they just need a voice. Midwest DIVA’s comments: “My mission is to bring awareness to people about the products they use every day. Today’s Product Spotlight is our Citrus Punch Shaving Gel!

Did you realize that one of the most widely used Shaving Gel has a MSDS Safety sheet that Proctor & Gamble has to file with OSHA?? BECAUSE IT HAS TOXIC CHEMICALS!!! This is what we and our young daughters put on their skin almost everyday! MSDS link below.”

Poofy Ingredients: Saponified organic oils of coconut, olive, & jojoba, vegetable gum/glyerin extract, organic aloe vera, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Guar Gum, rosemary extract, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Lime Essential Oil, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Organic Milk Thistle Extract. 8oz. $16.

P & G Shave Gel, HOLY PARABENS (5 DIFFERNT TYPES), this ingredient list is enough to give someone like me nightmares Water, Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine, Isopentane, Glyceryl Oleate, Stearic Acid, Isobutane, Sorbitol, Fragrance, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG-90M, Silk Amino Acids, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Retinyl Palmitate, Uritca Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Betula Alba Leaf Extract, Achillea Millefouum Extract, Rosmarinus Officinialis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Glucose, Phospolipids, Silica, Benzoate, Sodium Sorbate, BHT, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Blue 1

Photo courtesy of Poofy Organics Midwest DIVA

Poofy Organics Argan Eye Serum vs Arbonne’s eye serum: “make no mistake…Arbonne is NOT “all natural” and Poofy Organics IS certified organic/100% toxin free! See below for a side by side comparison. Left side is our Argan essentials vivid eye serum $30 that can be used all over the face and on the right is Arbonne’s RE9 advanced intensive serum $58. Poofy Argan serum is PHENOMENAL with superb results AND economical. You be the judge!”

I know it’s tough to see all the ingredients, but look how long Arbonne’s ingredient list is, and believe me, it’s full of synthetics & very icky ingredients. Poofy’s eye serum: Ingredients: Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Borage Oil, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil.




A comparison of each pressed foundation Poofy offers:


From the left…Serenity, Hypnotism, Truth, Love, Peace & Harmony.