My (mostly) Made in USA Kitchen

In general, glass is always my 1st choice for the kitchen. I’m a big fan of Anchor Hocking & Pyrex, they have soooo many options I suggest you browse each company to get an idea of the many possibilities for made in USA glassware! On Affiliate Links: I refrained from becoming an Amazon Affiliate for a long time, it was in about the last year (of 4 blogging)  that someone I trust said: You really should become an affiliate. People do buy based on my recommendations all the time, as this is a product-oriented page & group. My mission is to find the safest products on the market, which I share with you, and many of you do buy. So to turn my back on earning a little bit of income to compensate me for the time I put into putting lists like this together finally did seem absurd to me as well. I earn 3% of Amazon affiliate link purchases which you’ll find many of below. YES, I absolutely encourage & promote supporting companies directly as well, but if they’re on Amazon, its hard to deny the good deals offered. Enough on that, here’s the list 🙂


TABLEWARE: I have this separate note on my Anchor Hocking tableware:


FLATWARE: Liberty Tabletop is the only stainless steel, made in USA vendor for this category. I still have a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs in my silverware drawer, but sometime soon I plan to get a set from Liberty. Here’s a couple sets on Amazon:

Here’s a link to their site which has a lot of great options:


CUTLERY (also bakeware, stoneware):

CAN OPENER: (I really think this is finally THE ONE!)

UTENSILS: spatulas, ladles, whisks, etc :

I have a hodge podge for these as well. I pick up stainless made in USA items as I see them at garage sales. Sadly the ones I have are no longer made, but you can find them on Ebay if you wish. Check out Robinson & Ekco are the 2 brands I primarily have that are now considered “vintage”. They state stainless steel & USA on them.

Wooden utensils (there are a TON of vendors handcrafting these items, this is not an exhaustive list, and of course Etsy has a ton to choose from as well). Many if not most in the wooden spoon, cutting board industry use mineral oil for a finish. If you’re not OK with that, most will sell to you unfinished for you to use whatever you desire:

One of my all-time favorite vendors, Smiling Tree Toys, now offers wooden cutting boards & spatulas which can also be personalized for your family:

wooden measuring spoons & cups available from this vendor as well:



I have a ton of these, they truly come in all shapes & sizes, here are just a few options but in no way is this an exhaustive list. They can also go in the oven, just never put anything glass straight from the freezer to the oven, or vice versa, extreme temperature changes CAN make them explode, it’s rare, but does happen.

bowls w/ lids: (NOT MADE IN USA, but stainless options from a vendor I trust. Many lunch items, we love the divided plates, ice cube trays, popsicle molds which are all stainless & 3rd party tested to be free of lead & cadmium)



I use Anchor & Pyrex, as well as Mason Jars for all my needs in this area. I will link to several great options below:

Loaf pan:

Round casserole dish w/ glass lid:

Square w/ glass lids:

I just learned about this company, I don’t own anything yet but wanted to share:


BEESWAX WRAPS (to replace plastic wrap):

I use MeliWraps, I also offer them via my website:



Made by Island Picnic exclusively for my buying club & website:








Measuring Cups (note, some cups ~8yrs old & older do have measurable amounts of lead in the red paint on the outside. This can be a concern if they’re going in the dishwasher & possibly contaminating the other dishes. If you have older ones, I hate to say toss them, I would just advise a gentle hand wash). (WOODEN)


Coffee maker: (all the borosilicate glass is made in the USA. It is molded and formed in Taiwan and then we finish manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and shipping here in the USA).

Electric percolator:  (this is what I use, made in China but it makes the best, hottest coffee I’ve ever drank, I won’t go back to any other coffee maker). Entirely stainless steel interior!


FOR THE STOVE/OVEN: In my opinion cast iron in the best choice for the stovetop. I’ve purchased all my cast iron 2nd hand, in excellent used condition from garage sales. Griswold & Lodge are top name brands. You can only find Griswold used (Ebay is a great place if you don’t frequent rummage sales), but Lodge is still making new items. Just be aware they pre-season it with soybean oil. This doesn’t overly concern me except the GMO concern, I advise giving it a good scrub prior to use & doing your own seasoning with the oil of your choice. But if you have a life-threatening soy allergy, that is something to take into consideration. I have 3 cast iron skillets of various sizes, as well as a flat griddle & a Dutch oven.

Here’s a link to a set from Lodge (and of course you can buy all pieces individually):

I just learned of this brand which looks great: 

 I just learned of Finex,  they pre-season with flax  (so a good alternative to Lodge for those with soy issues, although Finex is quite a bit more expensive) & had this to say about it: We use flaxseed oil because provides a better seasoning for the cooking surface due to its low smoke point and fat polymerization. It’s completely safe to use after it’s been applied the cast iron and cooked for an hour at 400º but definitely not an oil for cooking with food. 


I have several stainless steel stock pots. Here’s a link to several options from my Made in USA list (mine are Regal, handed down from my Mom): All cookware is manufactured at the Regal Ware factories in West Bend and Kewaskum, Wisconsin unless otherwise noted. Any doubt, double-check before purchasing! I don’t know that every one of their 3,000 items are made in the US, but most I’ve looked at are. As always, double check!! All-Clad manufactures 100% of its fully-clad cookware in Canonsburg, PA, a small town south of Pittsburgh. Since its inception in 1971, All-Clad has created and developed many other cooking-related items, beyond the fully-clad cookware that continues to makes the brand famous. Approximately 90% of the items carrying the All-Clad brand are made in the U.S., in Pennsylvania. The remaining 10% not made in the U.S., are made in China, France, and Italy.  Also made in WI!


STONEWARE: Pampered Chef, Hartstone Bakery & Rada are 3 made in USA options. Pampered Chef stoneware is all made in USA, but many of their other items are made in China so always double check. After reading numerous sources stating them to be lead-free, I was just made aware of this which I had never seen before:  I did find that Tamara from MISLEAD found this one to test positive, but commented she was surprised as the others she’d tested were negative, and that this amount was safe by all standards: So, up to you if you think it’s a safe choice of not.

From Pampered Chef I have:

Large Bar pan, this is great for making cookies, roasting veggies, etc:

Pizza stone (a couple of sizes available, and a square shape also):

Here’s Hartstone’s pizza pan, if you like edges this is the way to go:

Muffin pan, it got discontinued just as I desired to buy it, a consultant in one of my groups sold me her unused one from her personal stash as she wasn’t using it. Here’s a very similar one:

Haeger Potteries:

Hartstone has ½ dozen pan:

I use wooden & stainless utensils. I use stainless stock pots, but they are not without slight concern of leaching metals into your food. Stick with good quality, and try to avoid cooking acidic foods for 20 hours & the concern is minimal, in my opinion. I use Anchor & Pyrex glass storage for leftovers & general food storage, as well as bakeware for the oven. Also, I love stone bakeware (Pampered Chef), I have a pizza stone, large baking pan & muffin pan from them.


GLASS STRAWS: I’ve had some of these for years now & we’ve not had one break. I know some people who have managed to break them, but they’re extremely tough AND Glass Dharma offers a lifetime replacement warranty! I also invested in a family pack carrier, I leave a 4 pack in my car so we don’t forget them when out & about!

COOKIE CUTTERS: Ann Clark: Also on Amazon!


SHELVING: tons & tons of different options for any room in your house here. You can order unfinished if desired:



Not made in USA, but I’m in LOVE with my Instant Pot:

–I know there’s stuff left off here, it’s not an exhaustive list, so please do let me know what I left off & if it’s not something I own I’ll help find the best options.

–Here are 2 made in USA databases FULL of additional ideas. A lot of it is plastic, but I still want to post the links & let you look through it if you want:

–ALSO, I was on my local, independent radio station for a full hour talking about a variety of things but focusing on going plastic-free as much as possible, if you have some spare time & are extremely bored, you might be interested in listening 🙂

***The above items are all things I use & in my opinion excellent choices. I do not recommend buying vintage for very many things, definitely not old Pyrex, etc as they’ve been shown to be highly contaminated with lead in many cases (Follow the page: MisLead America’s Secret Epidemic for an eye-opening experience).

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