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NEXT ORDER IS JUNE 1ST-10TH. The Early Bird specials will run the 1st-5th (midnight central deadline). Mark your calendar NOW!



***The trend continues that the USPS raises their prices every January, and this year is no exception. It looks like ~$.50.$65/package. I ship A LOT of orders in the padded flat rate, those went up from $6.90 to $7.55, the regular flat rate envelope from $6.35 to $6.95. Just a heads up!



I wanted to share this, to give you an idea of the cost savings you can take advantage of by using the buying club. Her order totaled $139.00. She ordered from 6 of the 20 vendors available, paid no sales tax (unless you’re in my state of WI, sorry neighbors), and paid $8.15 for shipping. I would say this is an average order, some are smaller, some are much, much larger. Also, many vendors offer exclusive sales and items just to the buying club. 1st time customer:  “I finally placed my first Buying Club order this round and am SO thrilled with everything! Everything arrived safely and quickly! I took a few minutes to see how much I saved on shipping/tax and it came out to an amazing $35!!! Love this process for buying small/local and will definitely be placing another order in the fall! A million thanks to Jessica Brandt and all you do for this group! ” Below is her order.


And another super awesome cost savings comparison from Anne: Just want to add my recent savings through the buying club. I ordered from 9 vendors. Shipping would have been $74.66 if I had purchased separately. $17.10 for ONE priority box from Jess. And as a disclaimer, I wouldn’t have purchased one item from Mountain Rose Herbs and paid $8.28 shipping, but through the club, I can get just one item!!
I can’t thank you enough, Jess! Your time and dedication to the buying club is invaluable to me! 


Better Life– samples only of: hand & auto dish liquid, laundry liquid

Blue Egg Farmstore- play dough, foaming bath soaps, mineral make-up kits for kids, personal care & cleaning.  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL BELOW.

Cold Bee Gone – homeopathic cold remedy. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER BELOW.

Eco-friendly USA (that’s me)- homemade deodorant, toothpaste & body scrub. See below for recipe change info. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL LISTED BELOW

Glass Dharma- glass straws with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. It breaks, they replace it!

Good Duck- PVC, Phthalate & BPA- Free, Medical and Food Grade Materials. No holes so will not mold on the inside! Available in pink or blue only. Great for an Easter basket!

Island Picnic– organic cotton, plastic-free sandwich & snack bag sets in adorable patterns!

Josiah’s Oils – personal care & home cleaning essentials.

Life and Balance-  magnesium based roll-on deodorant in a glass jar, lip balms & more! FEB EARLY BIRD SPECIAL LISTED BELOW!

LolaJo_by Nikki Renee- handmade cloth bags/purses, full of pockets, each 100% unique, no 2 are alike! Check out the album below, you will not regret it!

LuSa Organics – personal care, specializing in bar soap, lotion bars, shampoo bars

Mari’s Bliss- Magnesium & CBD-infused lotion sticks & lip balms.

MamaSuds – castile soap, liquid laundry detergent & other personal care items. Several products are listed via the buying club ONLY. EARLY BIRD SPECIALS LISTED BELOW.

Meli wrap–  organic cotton coated with beeswrap to replace plastic-wrap & other sandwich/snack wraps. See note below for available patterns, not all on the website are available.

Molly’s Suds – powdered & liquid laundry detergent & dryer balls. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL listed below!

Mountain Rose Herbs – industry leader in supplying bulk herbs, spices & teas, essential oils, and so, so much more.

Onyx– stainless steel lunch & kitchen items. This vendor offered every other round. Only vendor not made in USA.

Party in my Pants- cloth menstrual products, available in organic. This vendor offered every other round.

Poofy Organics – A HUGE selection of largely USDA certified organic personal care & home essentials (baby, teen, men, home, cosmetics & MORE).

Pure Play Kids- MY new business, wooden & other natural material toys, PERFECT items for an Easter basket or upcoming birthdays.

Preserve – adult & children’s toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, and razors.

Rada- high quality knives & other kitchen gadgets

Redmond Trading Company – Earthpaste, Real Salt, and Redmond Clay

salonsolids- offering dry, concentrated shampoo/conditioner that you mix up yourself.  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL LISTED BELOW

Simply Gum- all-natural chewing gum & mints! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL LISTED BELOW

The Washcloth Shop– organic flannel wipes, baby flannel wipes, essential oil bags, washcloths, and swiffers,  bamboo “kleenex” replacements. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL LISTED BELOW.

Vejibag– Organic cotton vegetable storage bags!


LINKS to each vendor, further details, and sales offered (scroll down past this info for reviews):

***EARLY BIRD SPECIALS: order needs to be submitted between 2/1-2/5 @ midnight central to qualify! After that, everything goes back to full price.

  • Blue Egg Farmstore- She has greatly expanded her line. Well-known & loved for her ‘play’ items: play dough, DIY kits, etc. which are all perfect for Easter baskets & gift-giving. EARLY BIRD SPECIALS: CBD one ounce salve, cream or headache roll on… $22.95. Stainless steel rings 3 for $50, aromatherapy roll-on’s 3 for $28. sweet and salty scrub and whip OR butter $26 plus a free lipbalm.


  • Cold Bee GoneEARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $9.95, then it goes back to $13.95 (just like Amazon prime). Homeopathic nasal swab remedy:



  • Earth Paints- Dry pigment paint kits that you add water to & make wonderful, vibrant, safe colors. These have been a favorite in my family for many years. Wonderful Easter egg dye kits too!



  • Glass Dharma- We’ve been using these straws for years & not had one break yet,  they’re very tough. But should you manage to break one, they have a lifetime replacement guarantee!



  • Josiah’s Oils LLC –  All sale prices on her website will be honored to the buying club! Many trial sizes available: shampoo, conditioner, head to toe lavender wash,  regular deodorant, and hand dish washing soap and MORE!


  • Life and Balance– EARLY BIRD EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 10% OFF ALL ITEMS My Hubby & I tested this deo for 2 full weeks & both found it to work well for us! The lemon scent is very refreshing. I urge you to give it a try if you’re on the hunt for a new deodorant! 


  • LolaJo_by Nikki Renee: 1 of each bag available, each is a unique creation! Canvas, fleece and duck are all USA made fabrics, cotton is not. There are 10 pockets of various sizes (lengths & depths) around the outside of the bag, 1 pocket in the interior with plenty of room for larger items inside as well. I love, love, love my bag from Nikki! Album with available bags to claim:



  • MamaSuds Everything available except gallons of the liquid laundry soap (too bulky & heavy to ship).  I love the castile soap – a great alternative to Dr. Bronner’s as it’s gentler (it doesn’t contain citric acid)! FEB EARLY BIRD SPECIALS: Laundry Sample  $9 ($1 OFF), All Purpose Cleaner  $11 ($1.50 OFF), Castile Soap (16 oz) $10 ($1.50 off), Body Wash   $11 ($2 OFF), Dishwasher Powder  $14 ($2.50 OFF)
**Following  MamaSuds items for sale for The Buying Club Only (but not via her site):
Age Defying Cream $18
Hand Sanitizer $5
Deodorant $8
Body Cream  $18
Vapor Rub peppermint free $8 (just 3 left)
  • Mari’s Bliss- 
Mari’s CBD & Magnesium Lotion Stick PLUS: $35 (2.2 oz) or (.15oz, lip balm size)
Ingredients: CBD in organic MCT coconut oil; magnesium chloride; filtered water; locally sourced beeswax; emulsifying wax; organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil; organic, unrefined shea butter; organic cold-pressed & expeller-pressed pure jojoba oil, organic argan oil; Luecidal SF; candelilla wax; essential oils (organic frankincense serrata, organic myrrh, organic marjoram, and organic turmeric)
Mari’s CBD & Magnesium Lotion Stick Mother (safe for ages 2 & up and pregnant/breastfeeding women)  ~ $35 (2.2 oz) & mini $8.75 (.15oz, lip balm size)
Ingredients: CBD in organic MCT coconut oil; magnesium chloride; filtered water; locally sourced beeswax; emulsifying wax; organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil; organic, unrefined shea butter; organic cold-pressed & expeller-pressed pure jojoba oil, organic argan oil; Luecidal SF; candelilla wax; essential oils (organic marjoram, and organic turmeric)
Mari’s Magnesium Lotion Stick ~ $20 (2.2 oz) & mini $5 (.15 oz)
Ingredients: magnesium chloride; filtered water; locally sourced beeswax; emulsifying wax; organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil; organic, unrefined shea butter; organic cold-pressed & expeller-pressed pure jojoba oil, organic argan oil; Luecidal SF; candelilla wax
Mari’s Lotion Stick ~ $16 (2.2 oz) & lip balm $4 (.15 oz) (smells like chocolate)
Ingredients: Locally sourced beeswax; organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil; organic cocoa butter; organic, unrefined shea butter; organic cold-pressed & expeller-pressed pure jojoba oil, organic argan oil
Mari’s CBD Lotion Stick ~ $30 (2.2 oz) & lip balm $7.50 (.15 oz) (smells like chocolate)
Ingredients: CBD in organic MCT coconut oil; locally sourced beeswax; organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil; organic cocoa butter; organic, unrefined shea butter; organic cold-pressed & expeller-pressed pure jojoba oil, organic argan oil


  • Meli Wrap- EARLY BIRD EXCLUSIVE, 10% OF! Here is the list of available prints to select from left to right (in pic below): golden manu, navy manu, bloom and ola. Handmade in Bend, OR. Must purchase a 3 pack (3 sizes included in that) $24 (-10% for early bird orders).  About the wraps: We use coconut & jojoba plant oils and also tree resin. If they have allergies to any of those. They should not use. The organic cotton we use is GOTS and the resin we use is a natural plant resin (It comes from the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees.)


  •  Mountain Rose Herbs –  Be aware if you plan on buying any bulk items that they will take up way more room in your box than other items. `Some dried herbs are suuuuuper bulky, like 1# of dried nettle leaves, alfalfa, etc vs 1# of dried elderberries, onion powder, more dense items.  Prices as marked. Be very specific as they offer many products in many sizes, for example: garlic powder, 1 oz. or 1#.


  • Poofy Organics: Everything available, price as marked. The make-up line has been completely revamped, new shades, new palettes, please take a look! I’m offering samples of the foundation & blush to help you find your right shade, it will be a small chunk wrapped up in an unbleached parchment paper envelope, for $3/color.


  • Preserve – I need to order razors by the 6-pack in addition to the toothbrushes, so can’t guarantee color choices. Toothbrushes come in ultra soft, soft & medium (for adults). Children’s are all soft. If you’d like your own 6-pack of the travel cases I’ll gladly order those for you, but no individuals in travel cases. The 6-pack comes in assorted colors. You can give me your color preference, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to give everyone the specific color they’d like. I will make sure you don’t get 2 of the same color though!  Adult brushes $3 each ($18/6-pack), children’s $3.30 ($20/6-pack) for the mail back packs:


  • Pure Play Kids- I’m super proud of my new business! I’m in the process of upgrading to a newer, more mobile-friendly website, so I’m going to leave the shopping cart disabled, and will pull your items for you as you submit your order. Many things are very limited quanity, literally 1 or 2 remain (I purchased all the inventory the former owners had), especially the Pure Play Originals category, when those are gone, they’re likely gone forever. So, submit your order early to make sure you get your item(s).


  • Rada Cutlery– New vendor last round & they were very popular. I picked up a tomoato slicer for myself & WOW, it cuts tomatoes perfectly, like butter! Please include the product number (ex: R101), everything comes with option of stainless or black handle, so that product# is essential. Everything available, prices as marked on their site. Lots of dip mixes too, but NOT made with organic ingredients. I’m not saying you can’t order them, but just do be aware those are not something I personally recommend:


  • Redmond Trading Company Prices as marked except Earthpaste which I can offer at $6.50/tube instead of $7.67. In addition to Earthpaste they offer Redmond Clay (bentonite), Bath Salts, and many culinary salts. I put their Seasoning Salt on just about everything!


  • salonsolids- Dry shampoo/conditioner granules, you mix with hot water & viola, have a small bottle of shampoo, no preservatives, no plastic usage!  FEB EARLY BIRD CLUB EXCLUSIVE:  $2 off on all tubes of shampoo and conditioners, since I will be moving to certified compostable packets for refills of new 16 oz dispensers. Then, offer bundle of dispenser with refill packet for $44. This is savings of $10 since dispenser will sell for $20 and new refills are twice the size of tubes and will sell for $34. Dispenser can be purchased on it’s own for $20, limited quantity at this time (36 shampoo, 12 conditioner). Blends offered- Citrus(orange), Mint(peppermint), Clove, Lavender, Lemongrass, or Unscented. Frankincense, and Vanilla/Rose are $2 more. Conditioner available in all the above except lemongrass. The citrus is a good for all hair types for shine and most popular. Lemongrass and peppermint are best for dandruff/lice repellents. Clove and peppermint stimulate hair growth. All are chosen for being beneficial for hair/scalp.


  • Simply Gum–  $3/pack, Early Bird EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL: mix & match 6 packs of gum (mints excluded)for $15. Flavor options: spearmint, cinnamon, maple, ginger, fennel, coffee. The relatively new MINTS have received great reviews, I really like them myself! In Peppermint, Cinnamon or Ginger $3.50/tin of 45 mints.



  • The Washcloth Shop–  Offering make-up remover cotton rounds, 8″ organic flannel wipes, baby flannel wipes, essential oil bags, washcloths, swiffers and 8″ bamboo wipes for “kleenex” replacements. I personally use Anne’s washcloths, organic flannel wipes as a t.p replacement for myself, and the bamboo wipes as cloth tissues, and can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE them all! Comment SOLD on the item(s) you want after 10am on 2/1, and include the item(s) on your list when you submit it to me via email. Album with available product to claim. FEB EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: One person will receive a free Peppermint vanilla lip balm from Poofy Organics. Album with available product to claim:


  • Vejibags– All prices as marked here:  Our vegetable storage bags use 100% organic french terry cotton, grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, and hand sewn by employee-owned Opportunity Threads, in Valdese, North Carolina. Undyed, Unbleached, 100% cotton.  Just like cut flowers, vegetables need water to stay vibrant. The key to keeping veggies crisp is moisture. When damp, the cloth Vejibag keeps moisture-loving vegetables moist and crisp in a breathable but high humidity environment. Moisture slowly evaporates from the surface of the bag to circulate air and keep the vegetables “breathing.” The slightly moist environment of the bag keeps vegetables crisp far longer than vegetables stored in a plastic bag.



*WHY DO AN ECO-FRIENDLY BUYING CLUB? I’ve been doing reviews for almost 5 years to find the safest products on the market for my family & yours. I have discovered several fabulous lines of products! It is discouraging to find out how much shipping is just to try a few products. The idea is to place large orders with each company as a group. Get your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to go in on an order with you!

*HOW DO I ORDER? Email orders to me at INCLUDE your mailing address & a list of your items. Include: name of the company, names and quantities of the products you want, size (if there is more than one option for that product…2 oz, 4 oz, etc), and the price of the item so I don’t have to look it up.

Here’s an example of an order:

Blue Egg Farmstore:
Cut the Crap Sunkissed Facebutter – Lemon & Ginger, 1 @ 12.00

Mountain Rose Herbs:
Soy Candles in a Tin – Northern Forest, 1 @ 7.00

Josiah’s Oils:
Natural Sea Wool Sponge, bath sponge – 1 @ 11.25
Acne Foaming Face Wash WITH Activated Charcoal – 1 @ 11.99
Beach Paradise Lotion – 1 @ 5.99
Organic Lime in the Coconut Shampoo, 9 oz, 1 @ 11.00

Bug spray, 1 @ 8.00

Poofy Organics:
Black Mascara, 1 @ 20.00
Mighty Mane Shampoo, 1 @ 20.00
IAG Vesta Dishwashing Liquid – 1 @ 14.00

Redmond Trading Company:
EarthCure Natural Foaming Soap, 1 of Lavender, 1 of Citrus, and 1 of Peppermint.  Each 3.99 for a total of 11.97 (on sale)
*HOW OFTEN DO YOU DO THIS? 3 times/year:  February, June, Oct. Delivery is a couple weeks after the deadline, as soon as I have everything in my hands I start filling orders in the order received. I send your final invoice with shipping as soon as I know that amount, you pay, I ship.

*WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE OF ORDERING AS A GROUP? Consolidated shipping costs! My homemade deodorant is a good example of how expensive it is to ship. I ask $8 for a jar, and it costs $6.45 to ship via the USPS. Now, you can purchase a jar of my deodorant, dish soap from Poofy Organics, toothpaste from Earthpaste,  a bottle of castile soap from MamaSuds, laundry powder from Molly’s Suds, a body scrub from Simply Rustic (random example) & you’ll only pay one shipping fee and receive it all in one box from me to you! The idea is that you can order as much as you want, from whichever companies you want, and the more the better to fill up a flat rate box!

*WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM ME? Patience. Realize that this is a slow process, but hopefully one that will get products in your hands that you’ve been waiting to try. If you need something immediately, please order it yourself.

*HOW DO I PAY FOR MY ORDER? You have 2 options: PayPal or personal check (many have gone to e-checking, which is fine too). You will be sent a final invoice once your order is ready to ship (I’ll send you a QuickBooks invoice with the total amount). As soon as I receive payment your order will be on the way!

*WHERE DO YOU SHIP AND IS IT INSURED? I ship anywhere in the US & territories, and to any APO. I use USPS Priority flat & regional rate boxes, which includes $50 in insurance and free tracking. Additional insurance is optional. Your final invoice will include the quote for full coverage; if you choose not to purchase it subtract it from your total when paying. Out of ~500 packages shipped/year, I’ve only ever made a handful of claims for leaking or damaged goods, all under $50. But, if your $300 package gets lost or completely damaged, and you did not purchase the additional insurance, all we’ll be able to recover is $50.

THE FINE PRINT: I can’t be responsible for anything once the package leaves my hands. All sales are final. I will fix any errors I make, but if you order the wrong product, or aren’t happy with it, you’re stuck with it.


Cold Bee Gone –

Earth Paint –

Glass Dharma –

Good Ducks-

Josiah’s Oils –


Life & Balance-

Lusa Organics – My review (I especially LOVE the shampoo bar!):

Mama Suds –

Molly’s Suds –

Party in my Pants-

Poofy Organics – My review of a few products, and the line in general: Jolene’s Poofy make-up review:

Redmond Trading Company – Earthpaste: Redmond Clay: Real Salt, Season Salt, Bath Salts:


Simply Gum –

Simply Rustic - Simply Rustic’s lip balms are just amazing, with flavors like pomegranate/vanilla/coconut (my fave), chocolate covered strawberry, raspberry lemonade & several more!!


The WashCloth Shop-

Urban Baby Bonnets-


****A great blog post from someone who has participated in several orders about what she loves from/about the buying club:

A thread with comments from a few who have participated thus far:







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  2. Janice
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 23:01:28

    Thanks for such a quick response. So just to make sure I’m clear… To purchase from your club I choose items from the above shops links? They will all be shipped for 41 bucks? And you have reviewed all these items and consider them safe? Almost sounds too good to be true lol



    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 17, 2014 @ 03:42:48

      I used the $12/$40 shipping as an example. I don’t make any money on shipping, and there are various box sizes. I package it in the smallest box possible. I did receive your order, and it actually seems like it should be a perfect fit for the $40 box, but I CAN’T guarantee that until I have it in front of me… I’ll do everything I can to ship it for that, or less! And no, I haven’t reviewed every single item from every single vendor on the list, but have personally used many of the items, especially from the personal care vendors, and know & trust the lines to provide only safe products. You truly are getting the very best of the very best, and I have spent years looking!!


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  8. Kimberly MacLeod
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 02:33:18

    For some reason your fiddle bumps review is saying unavailable


  9. sonya
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 15:39:05

    I make wet and dry bags. 2 pockets. Organic cotton and food grade liner available on custom orders. These are great for mama cloth. How do I get on your approved buyers list???


  10. MaryJoan
    Feb 18, 2015 @ 17:13:13

    Is this buying club still active? Do you have an ordering schedule? I’m interested! Thanks. 🙂


    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 18, 2015 @ 18:09:04

      Very active, just took 110 orders for the Feb group order! They’re quarterly, the next one will be in May, you can email me your order between 5/1-5/16, then there’ll be an Aug & Nov order. I also always buy extras & put those up once all the orders are filled in a post-club sale, so if you want to make sure not to miss that you should join my group page where I post all announcements:


  11. Ashley 'Kirtlink' East
    Jan 10, 2016 @ 05:07:04

    Is the washcloth shop still on the list? I would love to see what they offer, but cannot get the link to work. Thanks!


    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Jan 11, 2016 @ 03:16:00

      She will have new offerings for us in Feb for sure! But after Feb she’s going to go to every 6m or once/year as sales have dropped quite a bit. It’s one of those things, once you have them you’re set for awhile! But the answer is yes, they will be available, stay tuned!


  12. Pallavi Paurav Bansal
    May 02, 2016 @ 22:25:55

    so how much is final shipping cost? I see may club has mentioned that its $2 more but I am new here so dont know how much it was before.


    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Jul 12, 2016 @ 20:38:00

      Sorry I just saw this now. I use regional and flat rate shipping via the USPS. The cheapest something can ship for is $6 and it goes up from there. A large flat rate box for example is $18.75 but can hold hundreds of dollars worth of product. I don’t charge any handling fees, only exactly what it costs to ship your box. So, it totally depends on what you order. Many orders ship for $6.80 in a padded flat rate envelope. The next order is right around the corner, 8/1-8/15 with deliver the beginning of Sep.


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