Review of Essential Oils Use & Safety Guide by Ninette Jackson


Although only 89 pages long (with blank pages in back for notes), this little book packs in a ton of practical information for the average user of essential oils. I recently gave away my copy of Modern Essentials as it was just more info than I needed. I don’t need an encyclopedia covering every possible oil out there & all potential uses, I need to know the basics & not be overwhelmed with too much additional info. This book is perfect for my needs, and many of yours as well I do believe!


I first reviewed products from Josiah’s Oils way back in June of ’13 (will link to that below) and have offered the products via my quarterly buying club order for each of the 13 orders we’ve done now. So, we go way back! I’ve developed a deep trust & respect for Ninette’s advice, she is my go-to for any essential oil questions & I’m so happy to have her in my closed group where I can tag her for advice as needed. It is true that even amongst professionals you’ll get a variety of opinions as to what oils are safe for what age, etc, but for me, Ninette is the final word.


About the author:   Ninette is a wife, mother of five (including her special son, Josiah), retired lawyer, and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist who has been working with essential oils for over 10 years and has undergone approximately 860 hours of study & testing to obtain her certifications.  Her Aromatherapy shop, Josiah’s Oils, has been in business since 2011 serving her customers with the highest quality essential oils and therapeutic blends, as well as diffusers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, salves and more – ALL hand-made with Ninette’s own recipes.  


Her book covers the following topics:

  • Which oils are safe for kids
  • Which oils are safe in pregnancy
  • Safe dilution ratios
  • Why drinking your oils isn’t safe
  • Blending Made Easy (with recipes!)
  • Which oils help with which issues
  • Research studies
  • And MUCH more!


It is available via their website for $14.99:

Amazon for $19.99 (some used ones for cheaper):

And you could pick up a copy along with some of the very fine Josiah’s Oils products via your quarterly buying club order. They happen in Feb, May, Aug, Nov:

My original review of Josiah’s Oils products, I could/should/will update this as I’ve tried many more products & her line has really grown in the 3+ years since I’ve written this:

Butter Bay Review


The above photo is the Pomegranate Butter Bay I was sent to review. This pic is borrowed from the Butter Bay site. My camera takes lousy pictures!

I LOVE checking my email daily, I never know what I’m going to find. When I had this email: “I saw that you have an extensive list of products made in the USA and I wanted to make a suggestion for that list. Butter Bay is a butter dish that is 100% made in USA” honestly I wasn’t super excited. Cool I thought, a made in USA butter dish to add to my list. I always do enjoy adding to my Made in USA Master List, that’s for sure, but a butter dish wasn’t all that exciting at the time. THEN I started clicking around the Butter Bay site & I realized this is no ordinary butter dish, it is a French butter crock. I LOVE learning about new things, and indeed French butter crocks have been used for centuries, but are totally new to me. Suddenly, I was very excited about butter. If you’ve never smelled or tasted rancid butter, consider yourself lucky. It’s YUCKY! Read on to discover how a Butter Bay can help prevent rancid butter!

One of the 1st questions I ask of any type of ceramics is: is it lead & cadmium-free? I’ve learned it’s not safe to make this assumption. Here’s their response: Yes! Butter Bay has been certified to be 100% safe and meets California Proposition 65 requirements for no lead or cadmium. One thing all vendors who contact me have in common: they’re super, duper proud to bring us a made in USA product. The Butter Bay is made in Ohio, and you’ll see how proud of that they are when you visit their website as well as when you receive your Butter Bay. Made in USA is stamped all over the packaging.

So, the question: why do I need a Butter Bay? This link from their website explains why it was created:

When I got it, I honestly was a bit confused. The stick of butter is larger than the vessel it is supposed to fit in. So I watched this very short video that clearly shows how to use it: But still, I managed to find my stick of butter floating in the water below after 1 day. That is the 1 & only time it has happened to me, thankfully. My mistake the 1st time was not letting my butter sit long enough to reach room temp, it was still too firm thus didn’t pack perfectly. Since then I have let it sit on the counter for ½ hr or so & it packs in there perfectly & I’ve had spreadable butter any & every time I’ve needed it. I change the water every 2-4 days.

We have our own flock of chickens so eat quite a few eggs with either a buttered bagel or toast. I occasionally use butter when cooking quesadillas or other dishes, otherwise we don’t eat a whole lot of butter but it sure is nice to have it there & spreadable when needed! What was I using before this? A small Pyrex dish with a lid & I’d take out a couple TBSP at a time. That works for sure, but I did find myself running out a lot. Now with the butter crock I can pull a whole stick out & that lasts us ~10 days give or take. As soon as I scrape the last butter from its sides, I wash & dry the crock & refill it (it is dishwasher safe, but I’ve only hand washed it). It truly is nice to have fresh, creamy butter any time you need it! And while I’m not a super fancy Mama, this Butter Bay certainly looks much prettier on my countertop than my Pyrex dish with green plastic lid…. I’m curious to see how the butter holds up during both the heat of summer & the heat of winter as we use wood heat & at times it does get quite warm in our house & my butter melts (will report back).

What I love about this: of course that it is made in the USA. As with any made in USA product, it takes a great deal of motivation, dedication, determination & LOVE to bring a product to market. In addition to being available online of course, there are numerous states which have retail locations carrying the Butter Bay. I hope you’ll check out this link & if you see a local retailer, support them with your purchase:

And finally, here is a link to their website. They are running a shipping special now-Christmas: $1.99 shipping on any order of 2 or more, so grab one for yourself & one as a gift for that hard to shop for person in your life!


Greentober is here!

14500181_1238869749466631_1900321207405283669_oMost of you are likely familiar with Pinktober. But just like there are many companies out there that greenwash, many pinkwash too! This month, I’m sharing a new educational tidbit on a personal care product or ingredient of concern every day in my Poofy by Jess group, as well as a safe, effective Poofy Organics alternative. If you’re not already in the group, please come join us there. It’s a closed group so only those in the group see any comments or questions you add. Poofy Organics by Jess:

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Both are very similar, stripes are wider or skinnier: 1 OF THESE:


Crocheted Santa Hat for 2 year old @$27:

MISC ITEMS I HAVE FOR SALE, includes washcloths, reusable Swiffer pads & an EO pouch from the WashCloth shop, after never missing an order she is going to sit out the Nov order:


Cornucopia Institute’s new toothpaste guide is out!


And just when I think I can’t be any more proud to be an independent Poofy Organics Guide, I AM! Poofy made their top 5 picks. I’m not surprised as it is one of the only USDA certified organic toothpastes on the market, but some other very popular options like Jack N Jill didn’t make the top slot. I thoroughly agree with the report ranking brands like Seventh Generation & Honest Co very poorly. I’m also extremely proud that the Cornucopia Institute is based in my state of WI, they’re an incredible advocacy & watchdog group for the organic industry!

Behind the Dazzling Smile:  Toxic Ingredients in Your Toothpaste, describes how the quality of “natural” toothpastes varies significantly between brands and how these personal oral care products commonly include nonessential ingredients that may be harmful.”


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2 paste options:

AND one of my favorite products: USDA certified organic mouth wash!

And from those links you can just keep on browsing & shopping! Let me know if you have any questions:


**Clay-based toothpaste is not without controversy. I use it for myself & my kids, but would like you to read this to make the best, informed decision for your family:


IF you are not comfortable with the clay, I created my own homemade recipe which receives ammmmmazing reviews, you can read the details here:

Very thorough & disappointing Berkey test results

Before you read the very lengthy & thorough report below, I wanted to share one of several emails I’ve received since 1st sharing our independent (TRULY independent) Berkey test results:

“I just want to thank you for posting your Berkey results/dealings in detail for concerned consumers to read. I’ve been researching this very suspicious company for days now, and you are practically the *only* site to share honest lab test results, instead of a generic and baseless “tastes so good! Berkey must WORK!”

I thought you might like to know that most of the sites that claim to test Berkey are nothing more than shills/Berkey affiliates–the most dishonest being Mark Adams of He claims to run an “independent, third-party laboratory” ( that tested Berkey and other filters. Which of course, can’t be true because he’s an affiliate, and sells Berkey himself. His bogus test results also show a 100% reduction in certain elements. (Which any real scientist will tell you is impossible.)

After tracking down complaints from other consumers, I discovered that the company refuses to annually test their filtration devices, lies about their NSF certification (they’re not listed at, won’t ship to California because of their zero-lead laws, and in at least two claims:



their filters actually tested positive for coliform bacteria.

I feel this is an important issue that deserves more attention, because Berkey is conning thousands of concerned people and parents into believing that they’re drinking safe water–and at a premium. (It’s my opinion that a $300+ water filter should actually work.) And I thank you again for being the only one I could find willing to share their own honest story.

All the Best (And then Some)”



Important note from Catherine, the consumer who is sharing the following with us:

No group sponsored this testing. It was all coordinated and paid for by myself (Catherine).


Also, I delayed sharing these results for a very long time, in hopes that Berkey could correct it or at least to give them a chance to resolve this issue with a refund. However, I am now sharing it since many people are interested in my testing results, process, and extremely poor customer service experience.


Timeline of interactions with Berkey

3/5 Ordered a Berkey Royal plus a stand and 2 fluoride filters (and 2 shower filters). $454.06

3/9 Our Berkey dealer from the group buy notified us that the Royal was on backorder so we needed to upgrade (or downgrade) so we upgraded to an Imperial. $22

3/22 Picked up Berkey system

3/23 Dropped off sample from my tap water and Berkey filtered water to compare fluoride levels. $30

3/24 Received results and fluoride was only reduced 77%, not the 95-99.9% they advertise

3/25 I talked to Daniel from Berkey customer service and he told me to get a pool PH test from Walmart and red food coloring. He told me if the PH is under 6 that it won’t work as efficiently. He said the red food coloring test will show if the black filters are working since they assist with fluoride filtration, not all of it is the fluoride filter. He offered to refund it if we can’t resolve the issue.

3/27 Ordered PH test strips from Amazon since that seemed like it would be more reliable than the pool kit at Target. $10.40

3/28 Bought red food dye from Kroger and realized 1 filter and 3 white plugs were defective. $3


3/29 PH test strips arrived


Ozarka is the left test strip, looks like 5. My tap water are the other 3 test strips. Not a great match but seems closest go 7.

4/1 I called Berkey and spoke to Tiffany and she said they would replace the defective black carbon filter and the white plugs. I just needed to email them proof of purchase. She also said water should be between 5-7 PH for optimum fluoride filtering but I challenged her on that because their website says this. She said their test results say 5-7, so I asked why their FAQ is different and she said it needs to be updated.


4/1 Requested proof of purchase from my dealer.

4/4 Received receipt from my dealer.

4/4 Emailed Daniel from Berkey

Hi Daniel,

I spoke with Tiffany Friday and she said to email you my proof of purchase to get the black carbon filters and white plugs replaced, which failed the red food dye test. These are brand new, I only filled it once before the test. (My PH is 7, by the way.)

Please let me know if you need anything else and advise when the replacements will arrive.

My address is: XXX

Best Regards,

4/5 They emailed me return instructions for the defective parts however they wanted me to pay return shipping. I objected since I had contacted them within 10 days of receiving my product and had been talking to them/ troubleshooting, so they agreed it was an error and they provided a return label.

4/12 Received the replacement parts and re-did the red food dye test and it passed.

4/13 Dropped off the 2nd Berkey sample to re-test the fluoride. $15

4/18 Received the results and it was only a 80% fluoride reduction, hardly any improvement from the original test.

4/19 Email to Daniel:

Hi Daniel,

I received the fluoride test results and the results aren’t much better after replacing the defective black carbon filter and the plugs. I am getting an 80% fluoride reduction.

Based on this, I am considering returning it but wanted to reach out to see if there is any additional trouble shooting to do first.

Thank you,

4/19 Daniel’s response:

Did the test mention the PH level of your water? The reason I ask is because at lower PH levels, the fluoride filters do not work as effectively. Follow this link for an explanation.


If the test did not mention what your PH level is, then a standard pool test kit can tell you what it is.


Thank you,


4/19 My second email to Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I did this before you sent the replacement carbon filter. The pool test showed PH = 7 so based on the article it is not too low.

Please advise.


4/20 Another email to Daniel (still no response)

Hi Daniel,

I wanted to follow-up to see what you suggest. Is there any test to determine if the fluoride filter is defective? Since one black carbon filter was defective, it makes me wonder about the fluoride filters.


4/20 Daniel’s reply

Once your PH reaches 7 is when it will start experiencing diminishing results for the fluoride filters. The only way to test the effectiveness of a fluoride filter is via a water test.


Thank you,


4/20 My reply to Daniel


Okay and since I did the fluoride test and the fluoride filter is not filtering at your claimed/ advertised level, can you send me replacements so we can see if that’s any better?


4/22 Another reply to Daniel (still no response)

Hi Daniel,

I wanted to check back with you. Since 1 carbon filter was damaged in shipping or defective from production, couldn’t one of both of the fluoride filters be damaged/ defective too??


4/25 Daniel’s reply

It is highly unlikely that the fluoride filters are damaged, merely that they are experiencing diminished effectiveness due to your PH balance. Due to this, replacing the product is not advisable as it would not fix the problem, since the issue is with the PH balance of the water.


Thank you,


4/25 My reply to Daniel


Can you tell me why it’s highly unlikely? I don’t understand why the black carbon filter could be defective but not the fluoride filter?


4/26 Daniel’s reply

It is possible, however it is more likely that the issue is caused by the PH level rather than the filter actually failing.


5/4 Dropped off a tap water sample to test my PH. $15

5/4 My reply to Daniel


To confirm my pH level, I dropped off a sample today to the local health department since that will be more accurate than the home DIY color match test that I got. I will update you once the results come back.

Also, please review these videos, based on feedback I’ve gotten from other Berkey owners, the fluoride filter that is going at constant stream doesn’t seem right. They said it should be filtering, which takes some time. The carbon filters seem to be at an even speed.

Please advise.

5/6 Daniel’s reply

It is not abnormal for filters to flow at different rates, as it can vary greatly depending on the specific composition of the media within both the Black Berkey Elements and the Fluoride Filters.


Thank you,

5/6 My reply to Daniel

Hi Daniel,


That’s interesting.


I’d like to return my Berkey and filters. I got the result back and my tap water PH is 7.82. When I purchased it, that was within the range according to your site (6-8), but now you’ve changed it to 5-7 for some reason. This seems strange (especially since my health department says 6.5-8.5 is normal so you have a very narrow range for what your filters work for, 6-6.5 PH).


Please let me know the process.

5/9 Daniel’s reply

It looks like your purchase was made through one of our authorized distributors, so you will need to contact your distributor to return your product, as the transaction was made through them.


Thank you,


5/10 Requested refund from our Berkey dealer. (She mentioned – I haven’t heard back from them yet, my original rep left, so all her accounts are being shared with the remaining 2 account reps and they are so swamped they said to me yesterday.)

5/31 Still no response from Berkey…

6//1 I sent this summary to my Berkey dealer in hopes that it will help progress this case.

6/2 My Berkey dealer sent the summary to them. They said they will review everything and be back in touch.

6/7 Still no response from Berkey… my dealer said “I have emailed AND called them again today, no one answered so I left another voice message. Part of the problem is I don’t have an account rep right now, my former rep left the company and no one is handling my account, like it seems like I am being ignored, and I am getting very impatient and irritated by there lack of response and the time it is taking them to get things figured out.”


So I emailed Daniel myself

It has been a month since I requested the refund of my Berkey system. I reached out to the distributor and provided very detailed information of our conversations/ troubleshooting/ testing. She said her account rep left the company and that she hasn’t heard back from you all despite her continued efforts.

Please let me know what is still needed for this return. This seems unacceptable and I am disappointed in the lack of customer service. When I talked to you the first time, just 3 days after getting my Berkey, you assured me a refund if we couldn’t resolve the issue. I don’t understand why you aren’t following through on that.

6/8 Daniel’s reply

It is my understanding that you wish to return the product. Since we are the manufacturer, and not the company which you purchased your product from, we cannot accept your return as it must be done through that company. As the manufacturer we cover manufacturing faults, but we cannot cover returns on orders not done directly through us.

If you have any questions, here is a link our returns/warranty policies.

6/8 My reply to Daniel

Right, you told me to go through the distributor and I did, a month ago. Why won’t you respond to her so we can all move forward?

6/8 Daniel’s reply

The return is processed entirely through the dealer, meaning they don’t need our permission or knowledge to process or not process your return. That being said, please notify me which dealer you are using and I may contact their temporary account manager so they can confer with them.

6/8 My dealer said she FINALLY was able to speak to her new rep. She sent him my summary and he will review it and get back to her about what type of refund they will offer. He said that theirs is a chance they’ll take a 20% restocking fee but with my documentation she is hopeful they will provide a full refund.

6/9 My dealer said that they are moving the claim to the claims department from her account rep.

6/14 My dealer received this email

Upon approval, the returns department will issue you full store credit on the items purchased except on the Berkey base (there will be a 20% restocking fee on this). Also, you or the customer will have to send back the entire system to our location before we apply this store credit.


Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Berkey.

Warmest Regards,


… A store credit is definitely not what I want so she replied to them informing them that doesn’t help… This story will be updated once we finally resolve this.

6/15 My dealer received this email

I apologize for the mix up in the earlier email. The breakdown I gave you was an optimistic resolution to the return request. However, based on the return policy, your return request will be rejected.

NMCL does not allow for return based on buyers’ remorse. We do handle returns for incorrect, missing or damaged items. If a client decides the system does not work to their satisfaction this would be classified under buyers’ remorse. A return such as this is regrettable but it is the cost of doing business.




I would also point out that PF-2s are Fluoride Reduction filters. We do not make any claims that PF-2s remove all Fluoride. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Berkey.

Warmest Regards,



This is so strange that they deny making claims, check out their Facebook page. (They did scrub their website of any claims but other owners and dealers have said they have seen claims made too.)




I spent $365.21 on a Berkey system that I can’t use because it doesn’t filter fluoride sufficiently and it cost $73.40 (not including tolls and gas, 130 miles) for testing and troubleshooting. I would not have purchased this if their website had been correct and clear up front about the PH limitations. I’m frustrated by the false advertising (changing the optimum PH from 7 to 5, after I told them my results) and then their extreme lack of response for my refund request.



Now their website has been updated to show the new PH requirements.


The PF-2 test results say “Note that the material is most efficient between a PH of 5 and 7 with PH=5 preferred.” However PH 5 is acidic and I can’t imagine any tap water being that.


Also, their website mentions that initially their carbon filters help a bit with fluoride reduction, see here, which means that my results could have been a bit inflated and with continued use, the fluoride reduction could be even lower. That is why these test results show a 99.9% reduction in fluoride, without even using the fluoride filter.



My results




What should you do?

If you have Berkey filter results to share, email me at

If you haven’t tested yet, I’d suggest doing the red food dye test first to ensure you don’t have any defective or incorrect installed pieces to your system. This is also cheaper to do up front rather than having to repeat the fluoride testing.

If you are considering buying a Berkey system and are concerned about fluoride elimination, test your PH first, this should be ~$10 at your local health department. This will determine if you are within the recommended PH range by Berkey for optimal fluoride reduction results. If you are not within that range, the Berkey with fluoride filters will reduce fluoride but will likely not be 95-99.9%. If you are not within their suggested PH range, you may want to consider an RO system.

UPDATE 6/30/16: So I wanted to give an update that after submitting the Better Business Bureau claim,  Berkey had a change of heart (6.5 weeks after my request for a refund). They agreed to issue a store credit to my dealer who had a current buy going, which she started a while back. She was ready to be done with it so she closed it early and was able to issue me a refund back through PayPal. So I’m glad to finally have a refund, though I wish they had better customer service from the start.

the 2 original tests that also were disappointing:

Review of the “Good Duck”



(above photo taken from website)

I want to start out by saying: what I do will never get old. Every day new people join my group & bring new knowledge to the conversation. I knew of no made in USA rubber ducky to recommend in my “safe bath toys” album (which is very, very small: One day, “Good Ducks” came up when someone asked about safe bath toys. It’s amazing how something that is not a big deal to many, is a big deal to me. I get really, really excited when I find out about a company A: exclusively offering a made in USA option for this category where no other options exist and B: bringing back something that started here, went overseas and now is back. I was sent a “Good Duck”, it’s your typical-looking rubber ducky design. This is in contrast to their “CelebriDucks ” which are super cute & popular and modeled after celebrities. The Good Duck is $11.99

The benefits of this duck are:

100% made in America! PVC Free – Phthalate Free – BPA Free Medical and Food Grade Materials.

One of the safest rubber ducks for babies to teethe on

Completely sealed to keep out water so never any mold issues

Soft to the touch

Floats upright


Paint Free

Latex Free


So what ARE they made of:  “these ducks are age graded to 0 using FDA approved food and medical grade materials… could virtually eat them!…. Technically, it would be call a synthetic rubber…..or TPR….TPE…..using medical and food grade resins….nothing safer!… “

ABOUT THE COMPANY: With a desire to create some of the safest rubber ducks in the world, CelebriDucks has just released their new ground breaking Good Ducks, now some of their most popular products and one of the top baby shower gifts on the market. It is considered by many the only rubber duck that a baby should ever teethe on and all manufacturing, design, and 100% of the materials are made in the USA.  It is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, and BPA Free using the highest grade medical materials available and comes in a very cute gift box in yellow, pink, and blue. The link below has pictures of both the ducks and babies teething on them. Babies absolutely love them.

The rubber duck was actually an original American invention before the whole industry moved overseas. CelebriDucks is pleased to lead the migration of The Rubber Duck industry back home to The United States. At you can read more and view all of their limited edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks that were voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly. They have sold millions of their products over the years and are now considered the top custom duck manufacturer in the world.

Craig Wolfe, CelebriDucks president remarked, “We consider The Good Duck our highest achievement as no other country has been able to do what we have done. The response to this product has been nothing less than amazing. Through listening to Mommy Bloggers we became convinced that there were no rubber ducks on the market which were safe enough for very young children to put in their mouths. None of the ducks were made from tested food grade and medical grade materials. Mothers complained that even the PVC free ducks had questionable materials which smelled like “chemicals,” had peeling paint, did not float upright, and were much too hard for babies. Parents spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on cribs, clothing, toys, etc. for their new born and are more than willing to spend a few dollars extra for a toy that their baby will have in their mouth day and night.” Mothers also complained that the natural latex ducks on the market caused allergies, degraded over time, took on water, and were often found to have black mold growing inside. Finally the moms did not trust the integrity of overseas manufacturing facilities.  Since the folks at CelebriDucks always listen to our Mothers, we created The Good Ducks to address all these concerns.”


The thing that I love the most about Craig, and all other made in USA manufacturing devotees I’ve met over the years, is their determination and pride at being able to make their dream into a reality! I love that a dream can still become reality, with enough hard work & determination! The Mom that told me about these duckies for the 1st time (then several others chimed in that they also had a ducky from this company) let me know that her daughter loves her ducky so much, that she takes it everywhere she goes, even sleeping with it. So the Mama was going to be placing an order for another ducky which would be devoted to the bath tub only. Craig also shared the same story with me, he was very happy & proud to know that his target audience was enjoying his product. He, and all others, take a big risk in bringing their product into production. My kiddos are definitely enjoying their duck. They take a bath every other night generally, and ducky has been a part of that bath since it arrived.  From Craig: “in terms of risks….you know I could spend all the money necessary, but what if my end user did not like our product….the babies!  What if they did not like the look or feel of our product…it’s not like we could do market research to ask them, eh.  That’s why it has been so amazing to see the response from the actual babies who LOVE them…..makes it all so worthwhile!!!!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at his sign off: may the bath be with you!


I hope you’ll support this made in USA ducky for your kiddos bath time fun. If they’re older & past the rubber ducky stage of their life, they’d made an excellent gift!!






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