Poofy Organics is offering 50% off on a ton of items that are being discontinued. Poofy sales are very, very rare, they only happen 3 times/year sitewide & only ever 15%. This is HUGE for this many items to be 50% off. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Poofy Organics is revamping their entire make-up line, and getting ready for the Holidays. So, all make-up EXCEPT the BB cream, HD mascara, lip velvets & eyeliners & lip liners are now 50% off. In addition, anything that remains (soap bar & concentrates & lip balms are the exception) from the 1st-3rd quarter scents are also 50% off. These include lotions, scrubs, body spray & anything else that remains from those lines. You must be logged in as a customer to see the 50% off prices. All sales are final, no exchanges or returns. There are even nail polishes & other odds & ends cosmetics that were listed at 50% off awhile back, you can see those by going to the search bar, selecting advanced search, checking the box that says ‘in product description’ and put ‘discontinued’ in that box. All that remains from those formerly put on sale will show up on those pages. But all the new cosmetics & quarterly scents marked down today will not be included in those lists.

Again, you must be registered as a customer to take advantage of these prices. If you’re not already registered with me @ Poofy Organics by Jess, I do offer 10% off your 1st order after you register. Just go to ‘log in’ and create an account, it takes 1 minute. Then place your order, and shoot me an email afterwards with the order # & let me know how you’d like your rebate: PayPal, check, gift certificate towards a future order. I also offer free shipping on orders $200+ (product total pre-tax, shipping), this CANNOT BE COMBINED with other 10% off promos.

With the Holidays quickly approaching, this is a GREAT opportunity to put together a little (or large) make-up kit for your kiddo(s), niece, Sis, whoever needs some great, safe, becautiful make-up! And you can even add a lotion & body spray at 50% off!!!

Again, my link to use:

Also don’t forget, or in case you didn’t know: Poofy recently released a new CBD line & it is getting phenomenal reviews. If you’ve been wanting to try CBD but haven’t found a brand you trust (ALWAYS make sure your products comes with a Certificate of Analysis, as Poofy does), Poofy is for YOU!!

I will share all the details of the new make-up line soon. Exciting times at Poofy Organics, as always!!

Any questions, let me know:



Now taking orders for my 20th Buying Club order!

36 vendors to shop from, the most ever!  NUMEROUS Early Bird specials (must get order in by 11:59pm on 10/5). All ships to you in 1 flat/regional rate box! So many reasons to get in on this order, all details here:



Working from home while supporting your organic product values!!

I don’t share this often, but I also don’t want to withhold this opportunity from anyone! Did you know that you can earn some income from home, while supporting your made in USA, organic, safe product values? With an improved website, improved compensation program, and NEW CBD LINE, Poofy Organics has never looked better in terms of an opportunity for YOU!!! Whether you’d like to earn some extra grocery money each month, or become the “bread winner” for your family, the opportunity is there. And I’d feel bad if I didn’t let you know….  There are several links wrapped up within this one, ANY questions, let me know!

Now taking pre-orders for GOTS certified, handmade clothing!!

I’m very excited to offer this adorable, handmade clothing option created by a fellow Poofy Guide: Aila and Frankie Clothing Company! This is a PRE-ORDER opportunity: PRE-ORDER period closes September 27th @noon central. This gives Laurie enough time to order all the fabric (which has a 2 week turn-around to get to her) & get everything hand-sewn by mid-Oct to get them shipped to me in a timely matter to be included in your Oct. box.

TO ORDER: Email me at List the item(s) you want, the size, and the print.

About the materials: Organic cotton jersey knit printed with eco-friendly dye process. 95% organic GOTS certified cotton, 5% elastane. The thread is also GOTS certified organic. The fabric is Amne fabric. It is based out of the UK. It is designed in the UK and printed in Europe using environmentally friendly reactive dye techniques. These items are expected to shrink with the first wash. I always wash in cold and dry on low or hang dry. This helps to minimize shrinkage but people should consider that when ordering.

To ready about Laurie’s inspiration, check her out here:


Below are the fabric options you have to choose from for each of the clothing options:



Twirl dress:

Short sleeve– NB-3: $50,  4-8: $52, 9-12: $54

Long Sleeve– NB:3: $52, 4-8: $54, 9-12: $56

Sleeveless — NB: $48, 4-8:$50, 9-12: $52

Peplum– NB: $46, 4-8:$48, 9-12: $50


Tee dress=$40


Tank Romper= $40


Tee Romper: short sleeve- $42  Long Sleeve- $46

**Pulls on-off through neck, no snaps




Shorties/bummies/bloomers= $28


Malorie leggings= $30

*no ankle cuff


Lacey leggings=$30


Raglan= $44

*As seen below, you can (but don’t have to) add a solid color for contrast,on both the Raglan & the Hoodie. I will post a pic of the solid color options below. Your order would list: raglan in rainbow with lion red arms & hood if you want the contrast. Otherwise just list your 1 choice, either a print or solid.



The Hoodie= $48.

*As seen below in the pic, you can (but don’t have to) add a solid color for contrast. Above this info is are the solid color choices. Your order would list: hoodie in rainbow with lion red arms & hood if you want the contrast. Otherwise just list your 1 choice, either a print or solid.




Why I love Barefoot Books!

I’ve fallen so in love with our Barefoot Books collection that the rest of our collection really doesn’t seem to have much to offer. It all started when my Mom gifted my kiddos the Yoga cards deck. I had never heard of Barefoot Books prior to that. Seeing my 2 kiddos who rarely sit still, doing breathing exercises & practicing Double Downward Dog, I thought to myself: I wonder what else this company offers??  And the answer was: SO MUCH. Raising kids in rural WI means I need to make an effort to expose them to other cultures, and it is something that is very important to me to make a priority. We travel as much as possible, but what I LOVE about books is it brings a whole new world right to us, at home, usually in bed snuggled up together. Little-by-little we have added to our Barefoot library, and there is not a single book I do not find to be a great addition.  They are so colorful, from cover to cover, they are vibrant, beautifully illustrated & just truly great stories! If I had to pick a favorite, which is not easy, I would have to say it’s the Barefoot Book of Earth Tales. It features fabulous nature-inspired tales from several different cultures, and I just adore the lessons it weaves into these fabulous stories. We also have, and have thoroughly enjoyed, the Barefoot Books of:  Children, Animals, Pirates, Princesses, and there are still so many more that we have not yet added to our library.


Puzzles are an absolute favorite way to spend time together. We have several of their puzzles & love them! We have the 100 piece princess puzzle, which is definitely on the challenging side, even for me, but we manage to get it together. We also have & love: Growing a Garden (below) & the Fairy House (which I see is no longer available). There are many more puzzles available!


Games. I ADORE their games, for 1 main reason: they are cooperative, not competitive, what a fabulous idea……! We recently added The Fairy Game & it has been a big hit.


Before that we played the heck out of Dinosaur Escape. We also own Simple Math Lotto & Earth Science Bingo. And I cannot recommend Alphabet Go Fish highly enough. We took this with us on our trip to Belize last January, and we played soooo many games of it. It’s perfect for taking along in your purse, and we pulled it out numerous times when we had to wait for food in a restaurant, in an airport, etc, and it was fun, educational, and really helped pass the time for my less than patient kiddos.


YES, they are printed in China, this is the only part I dislike, and some of you may be surprised & turned off even, wondering why I would go against my made in USA mission?? I really, truly feel these books are THAT great, that I’m willing to overlook this detail. Also, they have a strong sustainability mission, and I truly believe are trying their very best to have the least environmental impact possible.

ABOUT: Our commitment to green business practices grows from the Barefoot team and our Ambassador community’s deep-rooted desire to lessen our impact on the planet. From sustainably sourced paper to vegetable-based ink, the materials that make up our books are ones that you can feel good about having in your classroom or home. Want to learn more? Find out how we’ve planted trees across the globe, and read on to learn how our production processes are contributing to a more sustainable future.


Paper is core to a publisher’s business. We want to protect the world’s remaining ancient forests and ensure that the forestry and paper manufacture undertaken on behalf of Barefoot Books is ethical and legal. The welfare of the people involved in and affected by the supply of paper to Barefoot Books is also of paramount importance to us.

Our printers do not use paper that contains pulp from illegal or unsustainable sources in the manufacture of our books. We use paper that has been graded 3* by the PREPS Grading System or certified by the FSC, the gold standard in forest management and responsibly sourced paper. We continue to work with our suppliers to improve the environmental credentials of our products. Our board books and activity books are made using recycled paper.


All of the ink used by our printers is vegetable based.

Manufacturing Standards

Barefoot Books supports a common, internationally recognized social accountability standard to cover working conditions, health and safety issues, remuneration, working hours and the prohibition of the use of child and forced labor . It’s called the CARE Process. It is the standard used by the global toy industry and is managed by their industry body, the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). All of our printing partners carry ICTI CARE certification.


Our print suppliers have systems in place to feed paper offcuts and wastage back into their supply chain. Our packaging is made from recycled material and recycled again after use. We recycle as much as possible in our own offices.

Transporting books from the manufacturer to our warehouse

We tailor print runs to fill shipping containers. This reduces the number of sea and land journeys made on Barefoot Books’ behalf, allowing us control and reduce our carbon footprint.


I love that you can shop by age, subject or format and they offer great gift sets & story collections (Compassionate Citizens Set, on my list!). I find the website to be very organized and easy to navigate! I joined as an Ambassador myself, mainly so I could offer these books to my Eco-friendly One-Stop Shop order that I offer 3x/year. And many of you have picked up some books or games along with that order & let me know how much you’re enjoying them too! I do these orders in: Feb, June & Oct. Or you can order directly using my affiliate link please:

Sodium borate in personal care?! My thoughts…

37251585_1797182113669965_3948360493160202240_n 37278105_1797182120336631_3740319321088327680_n

Poofy Organics is releasing a new CBD cream, and it’s oh so exciting!! One concern with this cream is that it contains sodium borate as an ingredient, yes, BORAX!! I’ve been very vocal in speaking out against this as an ingredient in homemade laundry soap, which it is often a main ingredient of, for many years now. Why have I taken this stance? Mainly because of EWG, the Environmental Working Group, and the bad score they give it & the concerns they raise. However, over the years I’ve learned to take their findings with “a grain of salt”. My mantra on EWG over the years has developed into: it’s a good starting point, it’s not the end all & be all on any given topic.  They do rate sodium borate a moderately high 5-6, but they also give a 5 to clove bud essential oil… Those of us who’ve done our due diligence on EO’s know it’s about proper dilution & usage, and my research on sodium borate has lead me to the same conclusion….

Ingredients in Poofy’s soon-to-be-released CBD cream: Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, MSM, Terpenes (Eucalyptol, Humulene, Nerolidol, Terpineol), CBD Isolate, Sodium Borate, Vitamin E (non-gmo)

ALL the concerns I can find for sodium borate are in regards to its  powder form, inhaling it, like in powder laundry detergent. But I cannot find concerns when using it topically…. Stephanie from Chemical of the Day is a very trusted source of mine, I’ve never disagreed with anything she’s shared, and she says topical is okay…


Here’s a post by a skin care company using it in their cream as well, I feel they have good points:


I’ve searched & searched for legitimate concerns when it comes to using it topically via a cream, and cannot find anything other than a few bloggers referencing EWG & saying they don’t want to take a chance. I’ve searched PubMed & other sources as well & can’t find anything on the topic. After speaking with Kristina about this personally, I learned that she feels it’s absolutely necessary to making this the most effective product it can be. She can’t divulge proprietary info of course, but she shared with me that the amount used is teeny, tiny per jar, like teeny. And of course she researched the heck out of it too, she wouldn’t put anything in any of her products that she wasn’t 100% confident in. The CBD cream is not like a typical lotion where it’s just supposed to moisturize, it needs to deliver the beneficial ingredients where they need to go, and she’s spent months looking for the right ingredient to do that, the sodium borate is it… The typical emulsifying wax used in the other lotions isn’t effective enough. Wellness Mama has a decent read on the debate too.

Another good read:

We have a thread going in our Poofy Guides group on this topic currently, and there are a lot of good comments!

From Andrea: A lot of public concern comes from the chemical misunderstanding between boric acid and sodium borate. Sodium borate is a natural salt mineral, while boric acid is harmful and toxic.

From Anita: Sodium borate is in contact solution.

In conclusion: It’s essential to keep an open mind about all ingredients. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Just because 1 source says it’s terrible doesn’t mean that’s the case in 100% of circumstances. With this new CBD line, you’re going to have to do some research. Is CBD right for you? I can’t tell you with 100% certainty. Is the Poofy Organics CBD cream among the absolute best possible choices for a topical cream should you decide it is a product you need? I can say with certainty YES.


–TO ORDER email:

–I pull orders in the order emails are received. If the person before you claimed an item you want, I let you know. I pack up your order & send an invoice with exact shipping.

–Make sure you include your mailing address so I can determine if flat or regional is cheaper.

–You pay via PayPal FRIENDS/FAMILY so I don’t lose to fees, otherwise I’d have to charge a fee for the club, something I’ve avoided for the 4 years I’ve been doing this. Or you can pay off your QuickBooks invoice using your checking account OR send a check if you’re not comfortable with that. Just be aware if you send a check I likely will not receive it before I leave town late next week, so your items will sit in my office an additional 2 weeks.

So, here’s what I’ve got:


Deo @$11ea:   wood/citrus, jasmine joy

1x spf 15 lip balm @$4

Samples @$3ea: BB cream in light, medium, dark. Powder foundation in:  serenity, love, hope, truth, Harmony, Focus. Blush in: blush, blushful, blushing, blushingly. Concealer in: Purple, green, 4x demystify, 1x reveal



1X Decorative Dots 9.5×9 ice tea size, set of 4 w/ cleaning brush @$43.95

1x Hemp Family pack straw carrier (holds 4 straws) @$29.00

3x Hemp Sleeve for single straw (fits all 8 & 9″) @$16


ONYX (Tickle Trunk):

4x extra pop lids for paddle style @$2 ea

4x round silicone piece only for pop lid @$1 ea



5x $9.95 ea ($13.95 via Amazon!)



1x 8.25oz onion salt @$9.95

Earthpaste tubes @$6.50 ea: 2x  Cinnamon

1x 10 oz bentonite clay powder @$12.35



2 washcloth sets, 2 EO pouches all listed here:



$3/pack: 4x boost (new!), 4x revive( new!), 1x coffee, 1x mint

Mints @$3.50/tin: 3x peppermint, 5x ginger



3 X 3 blade razor (comes with 2 3 blade cartridges) @$8.50

8 @ 5 blade razors, reduced from $12.99 to $10.99



Boxed Bar Soap @$6.15ea: 1x lemongrass, 2x lavender goat milk

1x Garden shampoo, naked (no packaging)@ $5.65



Shampoo: 1x lemongrass @18



Organic cotton sandwich & snack bags with ZERO  plastic! Click on album for descriptions, patterns & availability is listed in the comments below. 1 left in orange chevron:


PARTY IN MY PANTS (reusable cloth menstrual pads) NOW 20% OFF PRICES LISTED BELOW:

1x cotton double gauze overnight in Ebb & Flow @$13.99

1x cotton size M in Morel support @$12.99



1X 6pk wool dust bunnies @$14.95

1x small organic cotton tug toy @$10.95

1x silly sea cucumber @$12.95

1x Hemp Catnip Carrot @$9.95


BAREFOOT BOOKS: I have almost all of the following in my personal collection at home & cannot speak highly enough about them, I treasure every Barefoot Book, puzzle & game we own. Yes, they are printed in China but they have a very strong sustainability mission. You will not be disappointed!

My travel journal @$12.99

100 piece Princess puzzle @$10.49 (on sale, normally $14.99)

64 piece Growing a Garden Puzzle @$10.99

1x mindful kids deck @$14.99

1x kids kitchen recipes deck @$19.99

I took the Moon for a Walk (large format board book) $14.99 (reduced to $12.99)

Animal stories set of 4 books @$32.99

2x Barefoot Book of Earth Tales @$16.99ea

1x Barefoot Book of Pirates @$16.99

1x animal tales from around the world @$16.99ea

1x Portside Pirates @ $9.99

1x Out of the Blue (hardcover)@$16.99 50% off @8.50



1x angel ice teether @$12



Jess Toothpaste & Deo @ $8/jar

Toothpaste options here:

Deo options here:


Misc items Jess has for sale, here’s an album with random items:

My toothpaste already made, 50% OFF so only $4/4oz jar:  1 no calcium strawberry. 1 deo unscented, extra strength (could add a scent if you prefer)

Wild Animals Fun Kit from Pure Play Kids, on sale for $10.95 so I’ll honor that even though I paid full price:

Pirate Artisands kit from Pure Play, also on sale for $11.95, would make a great gift with the Barefoot Book of Pirates listed above if you have a pirate-lover having a B-day soon!



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