Reflections on my weight loss journey- Part 1: From the Beginning…

Recently I’ve started sharing tidbits from my weight loss success story, and there has been quite a bit of interest in how I lost 60# in a little over 12m, so I think it’s time for an in-depth look at how I got where I was to begin with, and how I got where I am today. Your questions and comments as I share help shape what I share, so keep asking and sharing what is on your mind. Many of you reading this have been following my life journey for the past 10 years as a blogger. Our kids were babies at the same time, now our oldest are approaching their tween years. Many of you, like me, are now in your 40’s (I just turned 43), or older, and we’re facing a new, unique set of challenges as we start having time to focus on ourselves again. My kids are now 9 & 11, and I finally feel like I’m coming out of the haze of years of pregnancy, breast-feeding, bed-sharing, and finally am re-finding ME. And it’s a glorious feeling. I know just about everyone struggles with weight at some point in their lives. It’s my hope in sharing my story that I can help you realize that YOU have the power to drop as many pounds as you want. I’ve never held a gym membership. The only special equipment I have is a $100 Craigslist treadmill and a few dumbbells and weights. I have nothing to sell, I truly just want to share my story. I haven’t felt compelled to blog on any certain topic in quite some time, so it feels good to want to type again. Here we go….

My story begins in August of 2021. My family is blessed that we’re able to take extended vacations. I’m a huge fan of slow travel. We did the natural progression from tent camping, to pop-up camper, to pull behind travel trailer. During the summer of 2020, and the height of pandemic life, we camped for 6w straight (you can read about it here if you want). 1 year later, in 2021 we went for just shy of 8 weeks, a good chunk of summer! I could write & write about the joys and positive, life-long benefits of such amazing trips. One of the only drawbacks I can think of is the mindset we fall into which is: we’re on vacation! Being on a weeklong vacation and indulging in food & drink is 1 thing. But for 8 weeks is another. In hindsight I can definitely look back and see I absolutely lacked self-control. Especially in the drinking department. When you’re sitting around a campfire every, single night, it’s easy to fall into a rut of having a few beers, or glasses of wine, or rum drinks. And I firmly believe that all those empty calories from drinking were a huge part of the equation that ended with me at 235# by the end of that camping trip. Most people don’t realize how many calories they’re drinking throughout the day/night! When we returned home in August and I saw myself naked in a full-length mirror I remember feeling disgusted. WOAH, who is this?! I was 230# when I gave birth to my 10# daughter. That really hit me. And I knew it was time for a change.

Back up a little bit: my Husband found himself where I was, 1 year earlier. After our 6w of camping in the summer of 2020, he found himself at his heaviest- 250#. Here’s a pic of him from that camping trip in 2020, I can REALLY see it in his face:

It’s weird looking back now, 2 years later, I don’t ever remember looking at him and thinking he was THAT overweight. But now, at 175# instead of 250#, wow, the difference. This is from this summer (June of 2022):

For those that don’t know, we live in Wisconsin. Drinking massive amounts of beer, eating deep fried cheese curds, brats, dairy in every form possible, is the norm. While we of course have many healthy, slim, beautiful people (and NO I’m definitely NOT saying you have to be slim to be beautiful!), we have normalized being overweight. So, what did he do? Pretty much stopped drinking. Not 100%, but cut way, way back. He also cut way back on carbs and sugar and focused on good fats and protein. And he started slowly building up his exercise routine by doing simple things around the house to build up his core 1st: planks, push-ups, off-road hikes up steep hills. Neither of us has ever set foot in a gym. I want to stress that there is so much you can do around your house, with no gear or simply items from around your house. And slowly but surely, the pounds started dropping and he started getting buff.

After seeing my Husband’s success doing basic, simple things around home and focusing on the tried & true solutions to weight loss (diet & exercise), I knew what I had to do. I was so happy for him to constantly be hearing: wow, you look great. And I yearned to make that my reality. I want to stress that I was never unhappy, even at my heaviest. Life was great. My family was having the time of our lives enjoying all the fruits of summertime fun. And I was not necessarily unhealthy either, at least according to lab numbers. While my weight put me in the obese category, my blood sugar, blood pressure, liver & kidney functions, all within normal range. So it wasn’t a health scare that shook me up and made me feel the need to lose. It was truly looking at myself in the mirror and going NOPE. This is not the me I want to be. And while my lab numbers were fine, I definitely got tired quickly, couldn’t walk a moderate incline without huffing & puffing, and that is not healthy. And of course a huge part of my motivation to be my best self is to act as a positive role model for my kids, and to be healthy so I can be around for them and hopefully their kids some day.

I’ve always been a dress lover, even when I was tiny in my teens and 20’s. So just kept buying bigger size dresses. And I thought I still looked good in them. I was buying clothes in 2x, and some of them were not fitting well either. That was not a good feeling. I’d go try on stuff in a fitting room and hate how they fit. I’m happy to report I recently sold all my XL clothes, and am wearing medium, even small in some recent shirts I picked up! I had a bin of size 14 jeans from years ago that I never thought I’d fit into again (I was in a size 18 at my heaviest), well recently I donated those all because they were too big! I’m currently in size 12, and even started wearing some leggings which I never thought I would ever, ever be caught dead in- holy COMFY!!

So that’s the lead-up to the rest of my story. How did I go from 235# to 170# in a little over 12m? Diet and exercise. It’s true. I have never stepped foot in a gym. What I do have on my side is time. Being I work from home, I know that is something those who work outside the home may not have. If you sit at a desk all day, your reality is much different from mine. My Hubby said quite a while ago: if we’re home all day, we have no excuses not to exercise. And that has always stuck with me. No excuses. Although even now that he’s working a 9-5 he still fits in at least 3 miles on the treadmill before bed! We learned about Intermittent Fasting, which I’ll write a whole post about later as well as what we eat, etc. We follow the One Meal A Day (OMAD) plan, it works for us. Reading this book was very eye opening and truly helped put me on the right path. 99% of diets fail because they’re too restrictive and just not sustainable. I love the idea of NOT denying whatever it is you want to eat, just being mindful of how much you eat, and when. I never feel like I’m starving, and when I’m craving a certain food, I work it in to my OMAD. This way of eating, along with hitting the treadmill and otherwise staying active, is how I’ve got where I am now, and how I’ll lose the remainder of the 20# to hit my goal, then keep it off.

Below, August 2021, me at 235#:

Below, Summer 2022, me at ~180-190#. As I type this, currently at 170#.

 So, there’s the intro. I have many more sub-topics to write about, including:

–Intermittent fasting & OMAD

–What I eat & when

–Learning to say no

–Losing vs maintenance mode


–Among other topics. This is an ever-evolving conversation. So, stay tuned…Let me know what questions you have please!

My tough decision to shut down Pure Play Kids

It meant so much to me to keep this business going when it was on the brink of extinction in 2018. But, times change, and I feel it’s time to move on. You can read about me taking over the business here:

Here are the reasons I feel it’s no longer in my best interest to continue the business:

–I’m literally watching items sit on my shelves and collect dust. There are items I drove from TN to WI in a Penske moving truck 4 years ago, still sitting on my shelves.

–My kids are growing, we’re approaching the tween years (they’re 9 & 11). When I started blogging, my focus was baby items. As we know they put everything in their mouth and it’s really important to scrutinize every, single thing we’re giving them! When I purchased Pure Play Kids in 2018, they were 5 & 7, still little kids. And the majority of those in my online community are right there with me, our kids are growing up together! It’s much, much more difficult to find fun, made in USA items to captivate their interest as they grow. So I feel my offerings are maybe a bit outdated for those in my online community. There are not a lot of new Moms joining me, so my collection of offerings just isn’t flying off the shelves….

–It takes money to make money. As a small business owner, it’s hard to actually profit. You invest a bunch of money into your products, you sell them which is great, but then you need to buy more to replace those you sold. Your money is always wrapped up in your inventory. And I’m sick of seeing my inventory sitting on shelves, I’m ready to cash out.

–Shipping is SO expensive. The cheapest anything can ship for 1st class is $4, that covers items under 1#. I used to offer free shipping for orders $70+, and it’s not uncommon for it to cost $10 to ship an order that amount. That quickly eats up profits. Currently, I have flat rate shipping set at $8, with free shipping for orders $150. As we know, shipping is only going to continue to go up, it will never go back down. So this is 1 of many factors that just makes me not want to rely on a business that ships stuff to get it to people.

–My website is set for renewal at the end of the year. That is money I’d rather not spend, so I decided this holiday season would be the perfect time to sell what I can and call it quits. I will continue to renew my domain name in case I want to bring the business back online in the future.

So, in light of all of this, I have decided to offer 20% off all items until sold out. Shipping is set at $8, or free for orders $150+. I truly hope you’ll take a look and see if there are people on your holiday list that you can make happy with some great, made in USA items.

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Poofy Organics $12 and under offerings!!!

💸Don’t have a lot of money to spend right now? Maybe you’re struggling on one income? Maybe you’re on a tight budget? 💚Poofy has you covered! 💸

This is a list of everything we have $12 & under with our 15% off Holiday sale. 🎄

👄Lip Balms $3.82 each (all are clear):
🌰Almond Biscotti
🥧Apple Pie🍏
🍬Bubble Gum
🌿Eucalyptus Spearmint
🌱Frankincense & Myrrh
🍊Grapefruit Mint 🍃
🍋Lemon Sugar 🍯
🍊Orange Creamsicle
🍃Peppermint Vanilla
🖤Plain Jane
🎃 Pumpkin Spice
☀️SPF Superhero
🍓Strawberry Smoothie
🍹Tropical Punch
🍦Vanilla Sugar

🎅 Kids Bath Bomb Candy Cane Pack $11.05

💄Tinted Lip Balms $5.95 each:
🍓Berry Kiss
🥉Bronze Star
🌹Romantic Rose

💃Lash & Brow Spoolie Brush $8.50
💃Lash & Brow Travel Spoolie Brush $8.50
💃 Ecolash Applicators $11.90
💃 Silicone Lash Holder Pad $2.98

Bath Bombs:
🌬 Breathe Easy $4.25
🤧 Immune Booster $4.25
🌽 Candy Corn $6.38
🧁 Confetti Cake $5.10
🍭 Cotton Candy $5.10
🍬 Bubble Gum $5.10
🌲 Aspen Bath $5.10
🍋 Lavender Lemon $5.10
🌍 Mother Earth $5.10
🍉 Pink Watermelon $5.10
🎃 Pumpkin Spice $5.10
🌳 Rainforest $5.10
😴 Sleepy Sleep $4.25
🫐 Sugar Plum $5.10
🍦 Vanilla Oatmeal $5.10

Shower Steamers $3.82 each:
🌬 Breathe Easy
🤧 Immune Booster
🍃 Peppymint
🌤 Jersey Sunshine
😴 Sleepy Sleep
🌊 Summer Vibes

😁Cheery Cherry Toddler (adults can use too) $9.35
😁Happy Teeth (children may find it too spicy/hot) $11.05

Natural Healing:
💅Cuticle Salve Stick $5.95
🎉 Everything Salve Travel Size $5.95
🙊Anti-Lotion Stick $10.20
✋ Clean Clappers Hand Purifier $11.90

💅🏻 Assorted Nail Polishes – $10.20 each

👶Chappy Cheeks Lotion Stick $8.50
👶Tush Stick $8.35
🤱Happy Boobies Nipple Cream $11.05
👶Tush Wash Organic $11.90

🌿Herbal Mint Shampoo Bar $7.65
🍊Citrus Coconut Shampoo Bar $7.65

Candle Melts $6.80 each:
🕯Autumn Harvest
🕯Dynamite Day
🕯Fiery Fall
🕯Happy Hippy
🕯Holiday Cheer
🕯Holiday Trees
🕯Pumpkin Spice
🕯Island Getaway
🕯Pest Protector
🕯So Fresh & So Clean
🕯Sugar & Spice

Dryer Ball Oils $10.20 each:
🧺So Fresh & So Clean
🧺Island Getaway
🧺Holiday Cheer
🧺Fiery Fall
🧺Dynamite Day

Aromatherapy Air Fresheners $10.20 each:
🏰 Medieval
🍊 Citrus Punch
🎄 Holiday Cheer

🧴Empty Soap Foamer Bottle $3.40

A huge variety of bar soaps $6.80 each:
🌳Antique Sandalwood
🫐 Blueberry Pie 🥧
🍭Candy Cane
🎂Confetti Cake
🍬Cotton Candy Craze
🍊Creamsicle Dreamsicle
🍃Eucalyptus Spearmint
🏺Frankincense & Myrrh
😎Happy Hippy
🤶 Holiday Cheer
🎄 Holiday Trees
🏡 Home for the Holidays
🍋Lavender Lemon
🌱Lemongrass Vanilla
🍊Orange Patchouli
☕Peppermint Mocha
🍦Peppermint Vanilla
🍐Pomegranate Pear
💜Poofy Plumeria
🎃Pumpkin Spice
🍦Vanilla Sugar

Specialty bar soaps $7.65 each:
🍬Bubble Gum
🌲 Aspen
🤩 Comfort & Joy
🌍Mother Earth
🤼‍♂️Take Down Bar
🏔Himalayan Salt Bar (body, face, hair, deodorant, shaving)
🌋Activated Charcoal Bar
🍯Honey Exfoliating Bar
🧒🏻Flawless Face Skin Balancing
✌️ Peace on Earth
🌊Sea Salt & Oud
🌲Wood & Citrus🍊

Lotion sticks:
🙊Anti- Lotion Stick $10.20
🥥Coconut $9.35
🍋Lavender Lemon $9.35
🍋Lemon Sugar $9.35
🍓Strawberry Smoothie $9.35
☺Chappy Cheeks $8.50

Facial Care:
🌋Activated Charcoal Soap Bar $7.65
🗻Himalayan Salt Face & Body Bar $7.65
🍯Honey Exfoliating Soap Bar $7.65
🧒🏻Flawless Face Skin Balancing Soap Bar $7.65
👧🏼Flawless Face Blemish Stick $8.50

☀️SPF Superhero Lip Balm SPF 15 $3.82
🥵After Sun Spray $10.20
🌞 The Sunscreen Stick $11.05

Foundation Samples $3.40 each:
👝ethereal: neutral to pink undertones
👝luxe: neutral to pink undertones
👝deja vu: pink undertones
👝xanadu: yellow undertones
👝wanderlust: pink undertones
👝serendipity: pink undertones
👝catharsis: yellow undertones
👝numinous: caramel
👝felicity: coffee

🖌Kabuki Brush $11.90
🖌Lymph Dry Brush $8.50

Essential Oils:
🌲Cedarwood $11.90
🍂Cinnamon $9.35
🍂Clove $9.35
🪴Eucalyptus $11.90
🍋Lemon $10.20
🌾Lemongrass $10.20
🍊Orange $6.80
🌱Rosemary $10.20
🌳Tea Tree $10.20

☕Mocha Frappe tinted lip balm $1.70
👄 True Brown Lip Liner $5.10
👄 Perfection Lip Gloss $7.22
💄 Hush, Couture, & Retro lipsticks $7.22
🖌 Felicity Foundation $8.50
🖌 Light Brow Powder $4.25
💦 Electrolytes $8.03
🌽 Candy Corn Bar Soap $5.74
🌽 Candy Corn Bath Bomb $6.38
🌽 Candy Corn Bath Bomb and Soap set $11.48
👻 Halloween Mini-lip Balm set $7.65

My link to shop:

ALL the details on how to save 15% + off all month!!

Poofy Organics monthlong 15% off Holiday Sale details!!

You likely know someone who owns a small business, or you yourself may even own one. The reality is, most small businesses are struggling more than ever. With inflation, increased shipping costs, issues obtaining ingredients and other necessary supplies, it’s tougher than ever for many to stay afloat. The crew at Poofy Organics has worked extremely hard, as always, to bring you a wonderful array of holiday items for everyone on your list, and to fit all budgets. I truly hope that you’ll take advantage of this monthlong sale and try to check off as many people as possible from your holiday shopping list. Giving the gift of Poofy helps ensure that the company keeps doing what they’re doing, that I keep doing what I’m doing, that YOU get the peace of mind that you’re getting, and giving, the best-of-the-best on the market. The Poofy Peace of Mind is priceless!!! Here are the details you need to know!

Instead of the 4 day Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale format, Poofy has decided to offer their 15% sitewide sale for the entire month of November. This helps ease the pressure on their shipping department late in the month, so close to the date the products are needed by. And it helps ease the pressure on the USPS to deliver on time. If there are any issues with your order, there is time to sort them out. It also helps you be able to budget and plan accordingly! Win-win-win!!

–15% off everything, including already discounted items! No code needed, must be logged in with your customer account. If you don’t have one yet, go to Login>Create customer account from my link:

–There are 20, yes TWENTY sets, all come in a bag or box, or some sort of lovely gift-wrapping! The work is done, you just need to order and you’re ready to give. The prices are already discounted vs buying the products separately (when even possible) PLUS you get an additional 15% off. For example: A kids makeup kit has been requested for years. The Poofy team put a lot of time & effort into creating it. It is retailing for $85, or just $72.25 after the 15% discount. Retail would be $110 if all sold separately! That’s just 1 example of the savings possible. Gift sets:

–Shipping is always free over $70. Make sure your subtotal is $70+ after those discounts are subtracted. Look at your subtotal. Shipping can be pricey if under $70. I hate to see someone pay $10 to ship a $65 order….

— First 1000 orders receive a POOFY Chocolate Bar and a chance to win (6) CASH PRIZES! 5 people will win $100, 1 lucky winner will win $500! Check your chocolate bar to see if you have a special cash prize certificate inside. Again, 1st 1000 orders only!

–I offer rebates! For all of these, you need to order, then email me with the order# and let me know how you would like the rebate. Options are: PayPal, Venmo, Poofy gift certificate for a future order, or check. 1st ever orders receive a 10% rebate (must be a new customer, not just using a new email). If you refer a new customer, they get 10% off their 1st order as just stated, and once they let me know you referred them, you get 10% off your next order. You get 10% off all orders place during your birthday month. I need to know this in advance of your birthday month. I have a spreadsheet started to reference. All other orders, after your 1st, get a 5% rebate, all the time. You do have to write me to claim them, they’re not automatically sent, same as all other rebates out there!

Clearance, heavily discounted items that you can save even more on:

So, be sure to stock up on your everyday essentials. Try something new for YOURself. And give the gift of Poofy to as many as you can on your list. You’ll have them taken care of, and have the priceless Poofy Peace of Mind!

My email, to claim your rebate and/or ask any questions:

Extras from the Sep buying club order

Please email me to claim items:

Shipping continues to go up, I use USPS Priority mail unless it’s a very large order then I use FedEx. The padded flat rate envelope is now $10 to ship, but can hold quite a few small items. I use regional rate boxes a lot, and ship from WI. So if you’re anywhere in the midwest, that’s usually $8-$10. Any questions, email me!

Kaylaan toothpaste tabs, no fluoride:

tins, 90ct ea: 2x peppermint @ $12ea

4x 10ct samples blueberry $2ea



2x 5 blade razor handle + 1 blade (1 in Neptune color, 1 gray) @$12.99

adult toothbrushes @$3.50ea, variety of colors: 12x soft, 6x medium

kids toothbrushes @$3.30ea, variety of colors: 15


Mountain Rose Herbs:

1# red chili powder, roasted @$20.00

8.3oz Aloe Baby Wash @$8.00

2x tummy soother pastilles @$4.25ea


Poofy Organics:

2x relaxation & balance support tincture (now discontinued, reduced price) @$20ea


Rada Cutlery:

B304 Potluck spatula 2 pk @$8

S44, Pie Ala Mode gift set x2 – 1 unboxed (reduced price @$30)



My deodorant & toothpaste is always available, just not offering at 20% off!

You can add anything in stock from Pure Play Kids! Shop Now (

Collagen and Why I Choose Poofy Organics

I’m not an expert on collagen, but started using it after seeing others share the positive results they were seeing in their skin, nails and hair. At 42 my hair was increasingly getting thinner, so I was curious if collagen would help with that. And after I read all the other benefits it purports I knew it certainly wouldn’t hurt anything!

Some background info, from Poofy’s product description on the website (link is below): Collagen is a fibrous protein that serves as an important building foundation for skin, tendons, joints, other connective tissues and bones. Additionally, collagen helps keep skin, bones, teeth and blood vessels healthy. Dissolves in hot or cold beverages. Unflavored, grass fed and kosher. Collagen, the production of which declines as we age, adds many benefits to human health including: 
– Contains short chains of amino acids.
– Supporting bone repair
– Protection against or delaying symptoms associated with neurological disorders
– Repairing leaky gut
– Helping balance blood sugar
– Preventing joint pain

What else can collagen do?

  • RICH IN PROTEIN & AMINO ACIDS: Collagen naturally contains 18 essential amino acids and is packed with 7g of protein per serving
  • LOOK & FEEL YOUNGER: Decrease fine lines and wrinkles while mobilizing joints and cartilage
  • JOINTS, HAIR, SKIN, NAILS: Collagen proteins are different from other proteins. They’re vital for joint function and flexibility, muscle tone, energy and endurance, nail and hair growth, skin tone, digestion, liver function, wound healing, detoxification, natural sleep and much more!

Collagen has no reported “side effects”. Again, can’t hurt, YAY!!!!

My personal experience is this: As I mentioned above, my hair had really thinned down over the years. This was my 1st update after 4m of mostly daily use (I began in Nov 2021): I feel my nails are healthier, and my hair is growing more quickly and is healthier. I also was having issues with an achy elbow that I was *this* close to going to PT for, as it was nagging me for months, but just when I was about ready to go to the appt, it started feeling better (I had x-rays to rule out serious injury). I can’t be 100% certain this was due to the collagen, it’s correlatory, but it does have really beneficial properties for your joints, etc. And without any other intervention, it’s now healed. 2nd update (May 2022): It has now been 6m since I started almost daily use (I add a 2nd scoop if I have a 2nd cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, maybe 3x/week) and I really, truly am happy with how thick my hair is. I feel like it has reversed ~5 years of loss/thinning. My nails are strong, my achy elbow has not returned, and I know it’s doing a bunch of good internally that I can’t necessarily measure.

I add it to my coffee or tea, cannot taste a thing. My Hubby had to do IT work in an ag-processing plant years ago, and is forever scarred of the smell associated with being there. They processed meat, made collagen and a bunch of other stuff. So he’s always had this fear of collagen tasting terrible, like the smell he associates with that place. He was super reluctant, but agreed after 1st try, couldn’t taste a thing. He takes it for the protein and because he’s super actively working out on a regular basis, lifting weights, working on building muscle mass, etc (in addition to his regular active daily stuff). He’s also aware of the need to keep his joints & bones healthy as he ages, and desires the positive gut health properties.

 If you prefer flavor, you may add in one of the USDA Certified Organic FLAVOR BURSTS. Flavors to choose from include: Birthday Cake, Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Milk & Fruit Punch. ($5 extra, flavors the 30 serving pack)

A few recent testimonials from my Poofy by Jess group:

Kristin:  I feel like the collagen has improved my digestion issues so I continue to take it daily. I also figure I can use all the anti-aging properties daily as well! It’s seriously the best one out there!

Shannon: I’ve added it to smoothies for the protein and it doesn’t have any taste or weird texture when added to things which I greatly appreciate.

Julianna: Some people say taking collagen supplements isn’t helpful but I’ve always noticed a huge difference! And I trust poofy to use good ingredients and practices in making it.

Ania: I am starting to love it as well! Using already a month and see a big difference. After giving birth 20 months ago my knees got very weak and many times, once I squat, I can’t stand up without supporting myself somehow. Initially thought it’s a temporary thing, postpartum related, but it become ongoing problem and my knees never really recovered nor got back to normal. Now, there are days that I forget I have knees at all! To be fully transparent I also take minerals from Fulvic & Humic Acid, but on its own they did not do much.

Poofy’s includes the following 5 TYPES OF COLLAGEN:
TYPE I: Anti-aging, skin elasticity, glowing skin & hydration, strong & shiny hair & nail growth, healthy digestion & gut health
TYPE II: Contains glucosamine & hyaluronic acid for healthy joints & stronger cartilage
TYPE III: Aids cardiovascular system & skin health
TYPE V: Supports joints & bones and healthy cartilage.
TYPE X: helps with new bone formation in cartilage

And while many of us have years of experience trusting Poofy products, you don’t *just* have to take my/their word that it’s the best out there. 3rd party testing is very important, and Poofy shares that info with us here: ReviveSpecSheet.pdf (

Another potential issue is glyphosate (round-up) residue. It sneakily makes its way into SO many products these days. I 1st learned of the potential for collagen to contain glyphosate from a fellow group member who informed me of this: “since glyphosate residue is stored in bones and collagen. That is the reason why I stopped making bone broth.” She asked if Poofy’s had been tested and I was able to provide the fantastic information that it tested ND (Non Detect):

–Shipping is free over $70 (make sure that’s the subtotal after any discount).

–AND I offer an additional 5% rebate on all orders, all the time. If it’s your 1st ever order with me you can get 10% back on that order (then 5% on all subsequent)!

Link to collagen, and everything else from there:

I’d LOVE to hear from you with your experience, testimonials, and/or questions!

Kaylaan toothpaste tablet review

Crunch. Brush. Smile. I recently came across this New York based small business via a wholesale website I was browsing while looking for new eco-friendly and safe personal care products to offer to my March buying club. Many of us are on a plastic-free mission (as much as possible anyway) and toothpaste is 1 product that we all use daily (I hope). So, I thought I’d give it a trial offering, and I’m happy to report there was quite a bit of interest in it. I divided some of the 90 tablet tins into 10ct samples, and many took advantage of that.

So far I have tried: cinnamon, strawberry, watermelon and blueberry. I honestly have enjoyed them all very much. They pack a surprising amount of foamy punch in a small little tablet. Some in my group who have sampled them have actually said they’re too foamy, or at least that it will take some getting used to. Many of us have switched to toothpastes that don’t foam at all (such as my coconut oil-based option) so foam is a new sensation again! You do just simply pop the little tablet into your mouth, crunch it and it basically dissolves into a powder, and brush!

They offer several flavors in a 90ct tin ($12), as well as refill pouches, starter kits, bamboo toothbrushes and duos which save you a bit of money. You can get them with, or without, fluoride (I won’t get into that debate, I trust you to come to an informed decision on the topic yourself, we don’t use it in our house). Deepti, the owner, has been wonderful to work with and has offered great customer service, which is very important to me.

So many bad things came out of the pandemic of course. But 1 thing that I appreciate and admire is the inventiveness of people who took the plunge and created a new small business. Maybe something brand new entirely or accelerating something they already had initiated. This is the story of Kaylaan (from their website). The Whole World Is a Stage– From an early stage, we found ourselves deeply caring about the use of plastic and climate change. During the peak of the pandemic we accelerated our project, we combined our passion for the sustainable lifestyle that we were already living and created one simple product that is used by everyone in the world: Toothpaste. But not the commercial kind of toothpaste that you are familiar with, you know, the kind that is filled with all types of chemicals, packaged in single-use plastic which cannot be recycled and ultimately ends up in a landfill after use.

What does Kaylaan mean? It’s a Nepalese word that translates into: “Wishing you good health”.

  • Ingredients:
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol
  • Stevia
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • Magnesium Stearate

On the ingredients: 3 of them I use in my homemade paste as well (sodium bicarb (baking soda), calcium carb, and xylitol). Both xylitol and erythritol have known oral health benefits. I had to do a bit of research on sodium cocoyl isethionate as I wasn’t too familiar with it. About it: Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a surfactant based on fatty acids from coconut oil and isoethionic acid, a type of sulfonic acid. EWG rates it a 1. It is not expected to be an environmental toxin. It is classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful, nor is it suspected to be bioaccumulative. This ingredient is what gives it the foaming properties.

My husband and I are both enjoying it. And it’s definitely a very travel-friendly option! My kids don’t love it. I think they tried it once or twice. They said it has an after taste. And I do pick up a tiny bit of a soapy after taste. If you’ve ever tried tooth soap, it’s similar to that. But in my opinion, it’s very mild. I’m a huge fan of variety, so we have several options in my house. I think if it was the only option, my kids would use it without complaint. But I haven’t seen them reaching for it. I keep it in regular rotation with several flavors of my own, as well as Poofy Organics options.

I’d love to hear from those of you who’ve tried it and know how you’re liking it!

If you would like to order, here are some things to know:

— 100% Money-back Guarantee If our sustainable toothpaste tablets are not what you expected, get your money back!

–Almost 5000 trees planted: For every purchase, we join forces with Eden Reforestation Projects and we’ll plant a tree! Give yourself a good crunch & brush, because every single one of them matters!

–To shop: I have a 10% off coupon to offer! Deepti let me know they have an affiliate program. So if you plan on purchasing, please use my referral link and I earn 10% of your order: The coupon code to get 10% off your order is: JESSBRANDT.

And I do plan on offering these during my semi-annual Eco-friendly USA One-Stop Shop orders. The next one is in Sep. Here are the vendors/details for the most recently completed March order, to give you an idea: Eco-friendly USA One-Stop Shop | Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in USA (

Thanks for reading!

Poofy Organics Earth Day Sale

Poofy Organics 15% off Earth Day Sale info: Sale begins April 22 at 12:01am EASTERN and ends on 4/24 at 11:59pm EASTERN. There is no coupon code, you MUST be logged in as a customer and the prices will automatically adjust. Shipping is always free for orders $70, however make sure it’s $70 after the discount, not before! And finally, as always, I offer a 5% rebate on all orders to existing customers. If it’s your 1st ever order with me, you get 10% off. Again, you must register using my link, to get the rebate from me, and the discount from Poofy. For my rebate, order, then shoot me an email with that order# and let me know if you’d like your rebate via PayPal, Venmo, check, or Poofy gift certificate to use on a future order! Other exciting details:

EARTH DAY SALE limited edition products:

  • ASPEN Bath Bomb (to go with the ASPEN soap bar that is currently available)
  • MOTHER EARTH Bath Bomb
  • MOTHER EARTH Soap Bar 

MOTHER’S DAY products: You will definitely want to get your order in ASAP when the sale starts to make sure the products are still available, as well as that your order ships in a timely manner. There is a Mother’s Day Gift box, as well as a smaller set which contains a Pink Peony lotion, body spray, and bar soap (those products sold separately also). I personally have purchased all of these products, and I cannot find the words to convey how much I absolutely love them. I have not heard of 1 person who has tried them that does not feel the same. The Pink Peony scent is absolutely fabulous. It’s a perfect spring scent, and we are all hoping it sticks around and becomes part of the permanent line. It is SO great. The gift box has an awesome assortment of products in it, including a gorgeous facial oil that smells divine also! Check out these brand new products here:

If you’re not already a registered customer, go to Login, then create a new account from there, it takes about 1 minute. This is the link to use for that, as well as to shop:

Any questions, just ask:

1st ever Earth Day Sale for Pure Play Kids

Everyone else is doing it, so I decided I should give it a try as well. You can take 15% off any order $50+, and shipping is free for orders over $70. If you’re order is under $50 you’ll pay just a low $5 flat rate. And so you know, unless it’s going 1st class, generally the cheapest I can ship anything is $7.50. So this is a great opportunity to save some $$, while supporting my tiny little business, and the made in USA vendors that I purchase from as well! Time to grab a few items for an upcoming summer birthday possibly?! Sale is ON NOW, 4/18-4/24.

Review of A Remedy for That products

***Including tallow balm and Magic Elixir (fire cider).

I have offered products from this vendor to the buying club for a couple of years now, and they have become increasingly popular. It has been great watching her line slowly grow, if you haven’t checked out all her offerings recently, you need to! She originally started offering just tallow balm, elderberry syrup, and Magic Elixir (fire cider). She now offers a variety of personal care products, including starter packs and gift sets!

Last month I ended up testing out a new-to-me product as part of an oops, and I’m so glad that oops happened. Melissa shipped a boxful of her product to me, and the lid for 1 of the whipped tallow balm loosened up, so a tiny bit leaked. Mainly it just made a greasy mess of itself, the product was fine. But she told me to keep it, and she direct-shipped a replacement to the customer so it would arrive in perfect condition (something I always appreciate from the vendors I work with). Well, I feel like this oops was meant to be. It arrived in March, when both Hubby and I were experiencing pretty dry, end of winter skin. He had started doing a lot of spring yardwork and had perpetually dry hands from being in the dirt. The balm has a very greasy, wet feeling when you 1st put it on, but it absorbs surprisingly quickly. We much prefer the whipped to the non, which is much denser. We both feel like the whipped tallow balm has by far been the most moisturizing product we’ve ever used for our hands. I’m in my early 40’s, and look at my hands sometimes and feel like they’re starting to look like old lady hands, a bit wrinkly. No matter how much lotion I put on, it didn’t help with that. But I truly feel they have improved in that regard since using the tallow balm! I still like my good-smelling, all over body lotion (from Poofy) for the rest of my body. But specifically for our dry hands, I can guarantee we will be keeping Melissa’s whipped tallow balm on hand (pun intended!). My Hubby even commented that we cannot be without it!

A few other products I have tried: Magic Elixir. Many of you have likely heard of Fire Cider, this is Melissa’s version of it. I LOVE the flavor of it. I usually take a shot glass of it as often as I remember during cold/flu season, as each ingredient is selected for its immune-boosting properties. But I also use it as kind of a vinaigrette sometimes! One of my favorite dishes I used it for was a brussels sprout-based stir-fry with some bacon crumbles in it. Right at the end I doused it with a shot of the Magic Elixir while on high heat. It gave it such an awesome tang! Here’s her description from her Etsy shop page: Magic Elixir is my version of the classic Fire Cider. I use local and organic roots and vegetables to steep for a minimum of 6 weeks. Then I strain and top with true raw honey. The recipe for fire cider has been around for a long time. My version of this recipe is unique and the local honey ready pulls the flavors together. Ingredients: Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger, horseradish, peppercorn, lemon, orange, spicy pepper variety, thyme, rosemary, fermented turmeric powder, raw honey.

I absolutely love this pic of her Magic Elixir steeping:

Other very popular items she offers are her ready-to-go Elderberry syrup as well as kits to make your own! I do make my own, and tried one of her kits last winter and absolutely loved it. It was super easy, and the taste was great. She takes all of the guess work out of it for you.

I plan on continuing to offer these products during each of the 2 buying club orders annually (March/Sep). So that’s a great time to stock up while getting products from many other vendors, and paying just 1 shipping fee. But if you can’t wait until then, here’s the link to shop directly from her Etsy shop:

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