For the wine lovers out there…..

I just had my 1st order delivered from NakedWines minutes ago. I do love wine, and I do love getting goods delivered to my door, so I think I’m going to really love this new discovery! I had a coupon for $100 off a case on my 1st order, and it’s my understanding anyone can use this referral link below will get the same $100 off coupon code as well. I ordered a case of mixed red & white, 12 bottles came to $80 after the $100 off, just a little over $6/bottle, and they’re from all over the world! No, not organic unfortunately… Then they have a program where you invest $40/month which the wine makers in the program can use, but you can also use it to buy wine anytime you want. I’m still looking into that program more to understand it fully & decide if I want to go for it.  I’m in a waiting line for that (it takes about a month to get in the program), but here’s the concept (from an email from them):

“The wine industry is broken, and you’re helping to fix it. Right now, the two most important people in the wine business are getting screwed; you and the winemaker.

You probably didn’t know it but you’ve been paying too much for wine. Way too much. And at the same time, winemakers have been getting a bum deal.
So who’s been making all the money?

The US has a unique problem – the wine industry is controlled by a massive network of middle men. Most states have actually written laws to protect these middle men, forcing independent winemakers to go through them.”

So the idea is that we’re buying straight from the wine makers. Thought some of you may be interested!

RARE Poofy Organics 15% off sale is ON!

All details, including the code, how to save on shipping, how to enter to win $50 in free Poofy products are all here:


ANY QUESTIONS, email me:

If you dislike the party catalog & want to use my regular link, you can still enter the code before checking out here, and you can still take advantage of my shipping offer, you just wouldn’t be entered to win the host rewards:

Jess is unplugging!


Jess is unplugging from Fb for a month! It has been an amazing year for me, one that is going to be hard to top but I sure will try! I’m a low tech Blogger Mama, I do not have a smart phone, have not had cable TV my adult life (I’m 37), no ipad.. So when I decide to unplug, I truly do unplug. I hope many of you will do the same, even if just for a day or 2! It has been an amazing year, here are a few top highlights:

At the end of Jan I blew the whistle on Ava Anderson, the worst greenwasher in the history of greenwashing, in my opinion. I heard from a college professor who was teaching a lesson on greenwashing, and was using this as an example! It was something that was not just months in the making, but years in the making and was a huge weight to get lifted off my chest, even though there was a bit, Ok a lot, of drama surrounding the event. You can read a summary here:

In May I was blessed to be able to fly to NJ & attend the Poofy Organics Annual Conference- As most of you know, I’ve been a Poofy Organics Guide for 2.5 years now. I 1st fell in love with the line 3.5 years ago, so it was amazing to be able to meet the founder & owner of the company,  her family, and many of my fellow Poofy Guides. I was honored to speak at the conference on the topic of Be the Change, something near & dear to my heart.

May was a huge month as I was also followed around by a producer from WI Public TV. A week after they contacted me to let me know they wanted to feature me on their WI Life show, they were here to film.  They followed me around for 5 hrs, and in Nov. this 5 min episode came out J It is truly one of the greatest honors of my life to be featured on WI Public TV.

Summer was amazing, with late nights catching fireflies with my kiddos, lots of swimming, camping trips…. I hated to see it end & am eagerly awaiting this coming summer!

Annnnnnnd: we’re going to Mexico in 2 weeks! We do not live on credit, we only charge what we can pay off that month (and take advantage of the points earned for charging!), so we’ve been saving for some time to make this happen. I will be away for 2 weeks in January which is very exciting as Jan is a long, cold month here in WI. I flew 3 times with my Son when he was under 2. He’s now 5.5 & has not been on a plane since. My daughter who is 3.5 has never flown. So this is a big deal. Wish me luck J  We’re spending 4 nights in a super fancy all-inclusive outside of Cancun, then a week on more laid back Isla Mujeres. I majored in Spanish education, but haven’t used my Spanish much since finishing up my student teaching then having my Son & deciding to not pursue teaching. I’m in love with the language & the culture (I know, Cancun isn’t a highlight of Latino culture) & am looking forward to exploring the grand ruins & soaking up some sun, sand & lots & lots of family time. My Dad & StepMom will be joining us for our week on Isla, in their own room in the villa we’re staying at. So Hubby & I may even get a date night ♥


Projects I’ll be working on during my non-Facebook time:

Toys by age list—I have my Safe Toys master list, but I’ve been meaning to break it down a bit more with my favorites by age & by vendor. My kiddos are now 3 & almost 6, I have a 1 & 4 year old nephew & niece, so I have lots of great ideas & I know it’ll be helpful to those not sure where to start. Here’s the Master list at this time:

Companies to look into—I have a To Do list of companies to look into, company X comes up & I don’t always have time to look on the spot so I’ve been making a list & will be updating that Master list.

BUYING CLUB:  It is a ton of work but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. While they just take place quarterly, they end up stretching 2 months from the time I start taking orders, to the time I send out the last items from that order. I take orders for 2 weeks, spend days consolidating orders to then submit to the vendors. I have a few days of down time, then shipments start arriving daily. I start packing orders once I have all items needed from 25+ vendors. I spend days packing, invoicing, printing shipping labels, making trips to my post office. Then the paperwork, filing insurance claims for the few products that didn’t make it, having new product sent out… But the THANK YOU’S I start receiving when people get their box.  Being surrounded by all that great product & packing each individual box full of what I consider to be the safest products on the market. THAT is why I do it. And I look forward to 4 more orders in 2017! They happen in Feb, May, Aug, Nov, with delivery the beginning of the following month.

I’ve already secured 3 brand new, exciting vendors & am working on at least 1 more!

–Salonsolids, you can read my recent review here:

–Urban Baby Bonnets:

–Starlight Amber— She will offer a selection of her gorgeous jewelry to us, here’s an example of her work:

Also, I’m going to be looking into FedEx as well as other ways I can save money on shipping for the buying club. USPS rates are going up yet AGAIN in January (by some percentage, probably small but still, it is already quite expensive). I’ll be investigating & other programs out there that can hopefully save y’all some money getting your buying club box. I charge you exactly what it costs me to ship, and am hoping to bring that cost down.

I know this is a tough time of year for many. It’s not all cheer & joy. Families are struggling for a variety of reasons. Those who’ve lost loved ones can find this time of year especially difficult to cope with. My 1st cousins just lost their 1st cousin on the other side of the family who they were very close with due to a car accident. Syria and Standing Rock are both weighing heavy on my heart. While this has been an amazing year for me & my family on a personal, local level, there is a lot going on in the world that brings me great sorrow. I’m looking forward to down time. Yes, total down time. Completely unplugging for days at a time. Sled riding, hot cocoa, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, train tracks, sheet fort building, new Christmas toys to play with… These are things I’m looking forward to very much. As well as many Birthday celebrations: My Hubby’s is on the 23rd, his Mom’s is the 25th, 2 good friends on the 26th, a few in early January. So many blessings!

I thank you all for taking the time to read this. For being involved in this wonderful online community we’ve built. At the end of February, on 2/22/17, my original page (the non-closed group), will be 5 years old! I’m approaching ½ a decade as a blogger, and that wouldn’t be the case if no one cared what I had to say. I truly believe it does take a village to raise a child, and for many of us, we’ve found our tribe online in addition to locally. My breast-feeding, baby-wearing days are over. Current topics I’m immersing myself in are treating Lyme’s naturally (after my Son was diagnosed and we’re on round 2 of antibiotics), homeschooling, safe toys for the 6+ crowd. There’s always something that needs more research, no matter how old our kiddos. I have no co-admins, it’s just me. If anyone out there who has young kids & has time (I know, doesn’t seem possible, but it is) to submit some of the hot, new products on the market, I’d sure appreciate it. There are so many topics of interest out there & just not enough hours in the day for me to cover them myself. I’d love for contributing authors to share what you’ve spent hours researching. Have a topic you’re passionate about? Put what you know into words & share it!   In the spirit of collaboration, community, peace & love, I look forward to all that 2017 has in store for us!

There is a TON of info on my blog:

My original Fb page, which they finally added a search bar to, yay! Or you can scan the timeline, going way back to my 1st ever posts if you want:

I will be checking my email occasionally, except for while in Mexico, so if you NEED to get in touch, do so here:

Greentober is here!

14500181_1238869749466631_1900321207405283669_oMost of you are likely familiar with Pinktober. But just like there are many companies out there that greenwash, many pinkwash too! This month, I’m sharing a new educational tidbit on a personal care product or ingredient of concern every day in my Poofy by Jess group, as well as a safe, effective Poofy Organics alternative. If you’re not already in the group, please come join us there. It’s a closed group so only those in the group see any comments or questions you add. Poofy Organics by Jess:

THIS is what I’m talking about:


In addition, there is a great gift set this month, you save $7 vs full retail, and all proceeds from sales of this set will go to the Breast Cancer Action group!



As always, I offer 10% off your 1st ever Poofy order using my link, and always free shipping on orders $200+ (after you’ve used that 1st offer up). The shipping cap is $19.95, so it’s always nice to be able to place a large order & take advantage of that. I can’t create my own code so offer this via rebate. After you order, send me an email with your order # & let me know if you want your rebate via check or PayPal (towards product total only, tax/shipping excluded). ANY questions, just ask:

My link:


Day 1 product highlight:



My 1st ever Poofy review 3.5 years ago now:


My decision to become an independent Guide 2+ years ago:

The search for the best bubble bath

By page co-admin Jolene Marty


Natural Bubble Bath / Ingredients of concern (main concerns, there could be others that are of concern but to a lesser degree)

1. Poofy Organics/ none, 2 options here:

2. Bubble & Bee/ peppermint essential oil (most sources say to avoid in children under 6)/citric acid (many find it to be drying to skin)

3. Honest Company Bubble Bath/ Sodium Benzoate

4. BabyGanics Bubble Bath Fragrance Free / Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxythenol

5. Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath / Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Polysorbate-80

6. Dolphin Organics Bubble Bath / Potassium Sorbate

7: Rainbow Research Organic Herbal Bubble Bath / Natural Fragrance, GSE

8. Burts Bees, Tear Free / Fragrance

9. California Baby / Sodium Benzoate

10. Nature’s Baby Organics / Sodium Benzoate

11. Baby Mantra 3-in- 1 / Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate

12. ThinkBaby Bubble Bath / Sodium Benzoate

13. Acure Organics Yummy Baby / Potassium Sorbate, Natural Flavors

14. Kiss My Face Kids Bubble Wash / Potassium Sorbate

15. Everyday Shea/ phenoxyethanol (used to a top choice, until they added the preservative)


ANOTHER Honest Company Lawsuit

This is UNBELIEVABLE! If you’re still giving your money to the Honest Company, maybe this will be the final straw that gets you to change your mind. I’m so fed up with Greenwashers, uggghhhh, this is AWFUL. Off the top of my head, this is the 3rd Class Action currently pending against The HONEST Company…. If you were paying the premium price for this & thinking you were feeding your child the healthiest, organic option available, you have my deepest sympathies.

“Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. is being sued amid shocking claims its organic infant formula includes 11 “synthetic ingredients not allowed in organic food by federal law.””

The Organic Consumers Association filed a suit in LA Superior Court alleging that Honest’s Organic Infant Formula “in fact is not organic.”

The suit reads, “Of the 40 ingredients . . . more than a quarter are synthetic substances that are not allowed in organic products . . . some . . . are federally regulated as hazardous compounds. At least one of these ingredients is irradiated . . . some have not been assessed as safe for human foods, much less for infant formulas.”

How to get a refund for unused Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products

Even if you didn’t use any AANT products, please share in case friends of yours did & they can learn how to get a refund. Those wishing to receive refunds for your AANT product, I wanted to share this email from a very irate former customer (I’ve heard from many): “The DSA has received tons of complaints and have told many of us that we need to file a complaint with them and then request refunds for any unused product and the company has to refund us for the products. Apparently, many people are doing this and getting their money back which so many people deserve. Just wanted to pass that on to you if you feel compelled to share it with the many, many families that have been cheated by this company.There is a section on the DSA web site to file a complaint. I didnt personally speak to anyone, but a former high level consultant contacted me. Apparently many people are contacting consultant and customer service and they are refunding unused products. I filed my complaint and hope to hear back from the dsa tomorrow.This is an email I received: He suggested filing a complaint along with requesting from company since they have been telling some people no returns and then once they file the complaint they are like oh ok we will take them back.…/filing-a-code-complaint”

One person just reported this, her recent response from the company: “We will need all unused products returned to 99 Main Street Warren RI 02885 with all order number listed and products returned. After we process them, we will refund you and your customers 90% of the purchase price. Keep in mind, we can only take back unused products. Let me know if you have anymore questions and have a great day.”


At this time, the new company Pure Haven Essentials has NOT been approved by the DSA, so this is something to keep in mind. BUYER BEWARE. If you’re supporting Pure Haven Essentials, you’re supporting the same family that completely misled the public for years, the Anderson’s, as they’re the current owners of the newly named company. I’m not entirely positive what this means, specifically the fictitious names, but this has been shared with me several times & I want to include it here:,20057



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