Wild, Sustainably caught, Alaskan seafood delivered to your door!

Facebook advertising got me again. But this time, I’m realllllllly happy I checked the ad out. It’s the Wild Alaskan Seafood Company. Upon Googling it, I see there are numerous companies along the same lines. This is the only 1 I have experience with. And being I’m very happy with it, I don’t feel the need to try others. Living in Wisco, we are surrounded by water. But honestly, I won’t eat anything out of the MS River. And fish out of Lake Superior or Lake Michigan is rarely seen in this part of the state (SW corner). My Hubby catches trout from local streams during the times of year that is happening, but we usually eat those immediately, and there are catch limits, etc. I have to drive an hour+ to get to a store that has any decent fish or seafood. Of course, it’s not cheap, and had to go through quite a journey to get to WI from wherever it came from. We really love seafood, and want to make it a more regular part of our diet. And now we are able to!

I can’t recommend the Wild Alaskan Company highly enough, for awesome fish/seafood delivered to your door! For our 1st order we got a sample pack of 12 filets (you can also get 24). It included Coho (4) & Sockeye(2) Salmon, Halibut (2) & Cod (4). They are 6oz filets, which honestly I feel is the perfect size! From there, they offer add-ons. I chose a 6pk of Sablefish + a pack of Prawns. Honestly, the Sablefish isn’t my favorite. Mainly, it’s a texture thing. I’ve tried it twice now and it’s just a bit soft for my liking. I really like a firmer, flakier fish. But that’s another reason I love this opportunity. I LOVE trying new things, have never seen Sablefish in Wisco in my life, and now I know I don’t love it. However, I learned that Wild Pacific Halibut honestly might be my favorite fish of all-time. White, flaky, absolutely delicious in 3 minutes per side. I enjoyed it with some sauteed broccoli + rice, the whole meal took minutes (rice was leftovers). I seriously, seriously love it and cannot wait for the next order, I will definitely be adding on more of that (there are many options for add-ons to your base box). The Prawns were very good, and I used the shells to make stock, which I turned into a seafood chowder. It was REALLY good!

There are some base boxes (like a 12 or 24 pack of this & that), and a bunch of add-on options. Also, their website is full of recipes & detailed info on each fish, the areas it is caught in, tips for cooking, all sorts of good info!! You can cancel at any time of course.

From their website:

What’s in the Box?

We proudly ship a wide variety of wild-caught species from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest including sockeye salmon, coho salmon, pacific cod, pacific halibut and wild Alaska pollock.

  •  12 to 24 Individually-Sealed Packs
  •  Ready-to-Cook
  •  Sustainably Harvested
  •  Caught & Processed in the USA
  •  Wild Caught
  •  Never Farmed or Genetically Modified
  •  No Antibiotics
  •  Flash Frozen & Shipped With Dry Ice
  •  Free Shipping

Here’s a pic of my 1st order. This all came to $200. Not cheap, no. It averages out to about $10 per serving. I always remind myself that if we were ordering the same serving in a restaurant it would be 2-3x the price. If you go with just the base 12 assortment, it comes to $10.99/portion. If you go with the base 24 assortment, it is $9.99/portion, and then you can add-on from there, if you choose to. I really, really am enjoying being able to reach into my freezer and pull out some seafood:

Comments from others in my group, when I reached out to ask if anyone else had tried them:

Nadine: “They’re a great company. Family owned & operated and the quality is great. I highly recommend. Especially if you eat seafood often.”

Kelly said: “We gifted this to my mom for her birthday. She was thrilled and spoke highly of it!”

From Anne, who ordered at the same time I did: “We’ve had two pieces of white fish, and 2 pieces of salmon. Very tasty! I like the portion sizes, too. Hubby has a hearty appetite and he finds the pieces large enough. For me, it was almost more than I could eat.”

Right now I have delivery set to every 2 months, but you can modify what you’re getting and/or change frequency. I ordered on a Monday, and had it by the end of that week. Once I got a ship notification, I had the order delivered the following day! Also, a fun bonus is it comes packed in dry ice. Which can lead to fun projects and experiments with kiddos 🙂

The random Fb ad I stumbled upon when I learned about them included a $15 off 1st order coupon. Once you order, you get a coupon for $25 off to share with others. So if you’d like to try it, use this & get $25 off your 1st order of any amount. Then you will get a coupon code to share with your friends/family too. And you get $25 of future orders if they use it!

Coupon for $25 off: https://wldaskn.com/w/Z6uRM4