Poofy Organics $12 and under offerings!!!

πŸ’ΈDon’t have a lot of money to spend right now? Maybe you’re struggling on one income? Maybe you’re on a tight budget? πŸ’šPoofy has you covered! πŸ’Έ

This is a list of everything we have $12 & under with our 15% off Holiday sale.Β πŸŽ„

πŸ‘„Lip Balms $3.82 each (all are clear):
🌰Almond Biscotti
πŸ₯§Apple Pie🍏
🍬Bubble Gum
🌿Eucalyptus Spearmint
🌱Frankincense & Myrrh
🍊Grapefruit Mint πŸƒ
πŸ‹Lemon Sugar πŸ―
🍊Orange Creamsicle
πŸƒPeppermint Vanilla
πŸ–€Plain Jane
πŸŽƒ Pumpkin Spice
β˜€οΈSPF Superhero
πŸ“Strawberry Smoothie
🍹Tropical Punch
🍦Vanilla Sugar

πŸŽ… Kids Bath Bomb Candy Cane Pack $11.05

πŸ’„Tinted Lip Balms $5.95 each:
πŸ“Berry Kiss
πŸ₯‰Bronze Star
🌹Romantic Rose

πŸ’ƒLash & Brow Spoolie Brush $8.50
πŸ’ƒLash & Brow Travel Spoolie Brush $8.50
πŸ’ƒ Ecolash Applicators $11.90
πŸ’ƒ Silicone Lash Holder Pad $2.98

Bath Bombs:
🌬 Breathe Easy $4.25
🀧 Immune Booster $4.25
🌽 Candy Corn $6.38
🧁 Confetti Cake $5.10
🍭 Cotton Candy $5.10
🍬 Bubble Gum $5.10
🌲 Aspen Bath $5.10
πŸ‹ Lavender Lemon $5.10
🌍 Mother Earth $5.10
πŸ‰ Pink Watermelon $5.10
πŸŽƒ Pumpkin Spice $5.10
🌳 Rainforest $5.10
😴 Sleepy Sleep $4.25
🫐 Sugar Plum $5.10
🍦 Vanilla Oatmeal $5.10

Shower Steamers $3.82 each:
🌬 Breathe Easy
🀧 Immune Booster
πŸƒ Peppymint
🌀 Jersey Sunshine
😴 Sleepy Sleep
🌊 Summer Vibes

😁Cheery Cherry Toddler (adults can use too) $9.35
😁Happy Teeth (children may find it too spicy/hot) $11.05

Natural Healing:
πŸ’…Cuticle Salve Stick $5.95
πŸŽ‰ Everything Salve Travel Size $5.95
πŸ™ŠAnti-Lotion Stick $10.20
βœ‹ Clean Clappers Hand Purifier $11.90

πŸ’…πŸ» Assorted Nail Polishes – $10.20 each

πŸ‘ΆChappy Cheeks Lotion Stick $8.50
πŸ‘ΆTush Stick $8.35
🀱Happy Boobies Nipple Cream $11.05
πŸ‘ΆTush Wash Organic $11.90

🌿Herbal Mint Shampoo Bar $7.65
🍊Citrus Coconut Shampoo Bar $7.65

Candle Melts $6.80 each:
πŸ•―Autumn Harvest
πŸ•―Dynamite Day
πŸ•―Fiery Fall
πŸ•―Happy Hippy
πŸ•―Holiday Cheer
πŸ•―Holiday Trees
πŸ•―Pumpkin Spice
πŸ•―Island Getaway
πŸ•―Pest Protector
πŸ•―So Fresh & So Clean
πŸ•―Sugar & Spice

Dryer Ball Oils $10.20 each:
🧺So Fresh & So Clean
🧺Island Getaway
🧺Holiday Cheer
🧺Fiery Fall
🧺Dynamite Day

Aromatherapy Air Fresheners $10.20 each:
🏰 Medieval
🍊 Citrus Punch
πŸŽ„ Holiday Cheer

🧴Empty Soap Foamer Bottle $3.40

A huge variety of bar soaps $6.80 each:
🌳Antique Sandalwood
🫐 Blueberry Pie πŸ₯§
🍭Candy Cane
πŸŽ‚Confetti Cake
🍬Cotton Candy Craze
🍊Creamsicle Dreamsicle
πŸƒEucalyptus Spearmint
🏺Frankincense & Myrrh
😎Happy Hippy
🀢 Holiday Cheer
πŸŽ„ Holiday Trees
🏑 Home for the Holidays
πŸ‹Lavender Lemon
🌱Lemongrass Vanilla
🍊Orange Patchouli
β˜•Peppermint Mocha
🍦Peppermint Vanilla
🍐Pomegranate Pear
πŸ’œPoofy Plumeria
πŸŽƒPumpkin Spice
🍦Vanilla Sugar

Specialty bar soaps $7.65 each:
🍬Bubble Gum
🌲 Aspen
🀩 Comfort & Joy
🌍Mother Earth
πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈTake Down Bar
πŸ”Himalayan Salt Bar (body, face, hair, deodorant, shaving)
πŸŒ‹Activated Charcoal Bar
🍯Honey Exfoliating Bar
πŸ§’πŸ»Flawless Face Skin Balancing
✌️ Peace on Earth
🌊Sea Salt & Oud
🌲Wood & Citrus🍊

Lotion sticks:
πŸ™ŠAnti- Lotion Stick $10.20
πŸ₯₯Coconut $9.35
πŸ‹Lavender Lemon $9.35
πŸ‹Lemon Sugar $9.35
πŸ“Strawberry Smoothie $9.35
☺Chappy Cheeks $8.50

Facial Care:
πŸŒ‹Activated Charcoal Soap Bar $7.65
πŸ—»Himalayan Salt Face & Body Bar $7.65
🍯Honey Exfoliating Soap Bar $7.65
πŸ§’πŸ»Flawless Face Skin Balancing Soap Bar $7.65
πŸ‘§πŸΌFlawless Face Blemish Stick $8.50

β˜€οΈSPF Superhero Lip Balm SPF 15 $3.82
πŸ₯΅After Sun Spray $10.20
🌞 The Sunscreen Stick $11.05

Foundation Samples $3.40 each:
πŸ‘ethereal: neutral to pink undertones
πŸ‘luxe: neutral to pink undertones
πŸ‘deja vu: pink undertones
πŸ‘xanadu: yellow undertones
πŸ‘wanderlust: pink undertones
πŸ‘serendipity: pink undertones
πŸ‘catharsis: yellow undertones
πŸ‘numinous: caramel
πŸ‘felicity: coffee

πŸ–ŒKabuki Brush $11.90
πŸ–ŒLymph Dry Brush $8.50

Essential Oils:
🌲Cedarwood $11.90
πŸ‚Cinnamon $9.35
πŸ‚Clove $9.35
πŸͺ΄Eucalyptus $11.90
πŸ‹Lemon $10.20
🌾Lemongrass $10.20
🍊Orange $6.80
🌱Rosemary $10.20
🌳Tea Tree $10.20

β˜•Mocha Frappe tinted lip balm $1.70
πŸ‘„ True Brown Lip Liner $5.10
πŸ‘„ Perfection Lip Gloss $7.22
πŸ’„ Hush, Couture, & Retro lipsticks $7.22
πŸ–Œ Felicity Foundation $8.50
πŸ–Œ Light Brow Powder $4.25
πŸ’¦ Electrolytes $8.03
🌽 Candy Corn Bar Soap $5.74
🌽 Candy Corn Bath Bomb $6.38
🌽 Candy Corn Bath Bomb and Soap set $11.48
πŸ‘» Halloween Mini-lip Balm set $7.65

My link to shop: https://ecofriendlyusa.poofyorganics.com/

ALL the details on how to save 15% + off all month!! https://ecofriendlymamausa.com/2022/11/01/poofy-organics-monthlong-15-off-holiday-sale-details/

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