It’s all about the ingredients. Results in… AANT has completely misled their customers!

All opinions expressed below are mine, Jessica Brandt/ecofriendlymamausa/Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in the USA.

It is with a very heavy heart, and fingers that are trembling as I type, that I share this news with you… Every single product label I’ve submitted for testing is inaccurate. None of the ingredients on their labels are correctly listed and this has been proven by TWO separate independent testing authorities. My earlier report is here:

I WANTED to be wrong about all of my concerns with Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Believe me; no one wants organic kelp extract to be an functional ingredient in dish soap more than I do. No one wanted to dismiss those who wrote me over the years saying this & that doesn’t add up or this product smells way too strong for essential oils, more than I did.  I SO wanted to be wrong. But here are the results:

EYE CREAM FULL REPORT CLICK HERE: Eye Cream conclusion: This sample contains no constituent that can be pointed as foreign and unlisted without any doubt. However, we failed to detect anything that was indicative of Calendula officinalis and Helichrysum officinalis essential oils.

The eye cream is the new, in-house formula (cross check ingredients listed in the report with the current eye cream available).  The old formula’s first ingredient is: organic bulgarian rose oil. The new in house reformulation first ingredient is: Organic rose water. Look at the current ingredients on the Ava website and compare them to this lab report. No more blaming 3rd party manufacturers, this was AANTs in house product, under AANT’s complete control. So while most aren’t concerned about the fact the new label lists 2 ingredients that this lab could not find in the product, once again, it points to the fact that the labels can’t be trusted, in my opinion.


Diaper Cream CONCLUSION–The lavender oil listed in the ingredients is probably adulterated. The high camphor content might indicate that it instead is lavendin oil, which was further adulterated with synthetic linalyl acetate. The identification percentage is lower for this sample, given that it contains many hard-to-identify triglycerides from the listed vegetable oils. Camphor–Suspiciously high, could indicate that the lavender oil was adulterated or replaced by lavandin. Dihydrolinalyl acetate-Marker of synthetic linalyl acetate addition.

My additional thoughts: they have a 1,8 Cineole listed. Just about all EO experts agree that is not good for children under 6. And it’s in their diaper cream.


Dish Soap CONCLUSION: This sample contains several non-natural compounds, and shows discrepancies with the provided ingredients list. The mint-related monoterpenes likely come from a Mentha sp. oil, which is not listed. The characteristic fatty alcohols from jojoba are not found, either. Menthyl acetate: Not from any listed ingredient. γ-Nonalactone: Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign – Smells coconut. Lauryl acrylate: Not natural – cosmetic ingredient. Laureth-1: Not natural – cosmetic surfactant. Benzyl benzoate: Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign, used as a preservative. Laureth-2: Not natural – cosmetic surfactant.


AvaKids Body Lotion CONCLUSION: This sample contains at the very least synthetic vanilla aroma, and no natural vanilla (absence of vanillin). The three main compounds, benzoic acid, hexadecanol and octadecanol, could come from one of the listed extracts, although they do not seem to be specifically reported in literature for listed plants. Linalool: Not from listed essential oils. para-Anisaldehyde: Not from listed essential oils . γ-Nonalactone: Not from listed essential oils. Coumarin: Not from listed essential oils. Ethylvanillin: Synthetic vanilla-like aroma. Triethyl citrate: Synthetic solvent and cosmetic ingredient. Benzyl benzoate: Hard to tell whether added or from one of the listed extracts. Not from any listed ingredient – Can be natural, but possibly foreign – Sometimes used as a preservative.

The digital signatures aren’t showing through once uploaded, they’re encrypted, but they are on my copies & the lab sent me this to share as well. “your PDFs can now have the same legal value as paper thanks to a digital signature system.”:

Here is one page to show that they were signed. I guarantee you, each report is signed


Let me remind you that after shutting down for 48 hrs, AANT released a statement saying they had tested each of their products & passed “with flying colors”, so they put everything back in the cart for sale (and have since reduced the old formulations to 20% off to move them even quicker). As most of you know, there are 1,000+ chemicals their products could contain, they tested for 74 & deemed the products safe. They have refused to publish those tests, what they tested for, what they didn’t, who did the tests… Weren’t we all taught in high school we need to cite our sources to have credibility? Would I share this above info with you & expect you to believe me that the tests I initiated came back positive for synthetics without sharing the full report? No.

Their email regarding their test results:

their lab results Please, do not tell me about this great new company forming & the fresh start we should all be excited about. This post is not about giving the company’s ‘rebranding’. THIS is about a terrible, awful injustice that was done in the name of organic products. THIS equals the biggest, greatest greenwashing scam in the history of organic personal care products, in my opinion & to my knowledge. Whether the Anderson family knew about it or not is beside the point. They put THEIR name on these products. It happened. Kim Anderson stated she knew “where everything is from, how it was made & from what materials”


If you’re NOT irate about this, I really don’t know what to think or say. If you are irate, you have my deepest condolences & my heartfelt sympathies. YOU were lied to, whether intentionally or not. I’ve spoken at pretty great length with a couple of attorneys. Here’s a summary of their thoughts at this time: This is an incredibly complex & far-reaching case. It covers a great number of products, something like 20 or more products have been mislabeled, nearly ¼ of the products the company offers. And this is only what we KNOW ABOUT. I firmly believe if every, single old formula product was tested, we’d discover more ingredients left off. Again, this is my opinion based on the numerous, well-reasoned & well-informed messages I’ve received from people who KNOW very well what they’re allergic/sensitive to yet had reactions (some severe) yet nothing on the label indicated cause for concern. One attorney gave an example: the cases he’s represented are very clear cut: OpticBright toothpaste (hypothetical example) does not whiten nor brighten teeth. Pretty clear cut…. The amount of time & resources a firm would need to dedicate to bringing the AANT scandal to trial would be enormous, and it will take just the right firm to do so. A couple of things you can do: When I called the FTC I was given a reference number & was told to utilize that if there were any updates in the case, which there certainly are. The very kind woman who fielded my FDA complaint & agreed this was VERY concerning said the same thing: update regarding any new developments. So, if you’ve already made the call, please call again & update with the new info. Thank you.

Also, I was contacted & interviewed by “The Rose Sheet” a subscription online trade journal covering regulatory, legal and market developments across the personal-care and cosmetic industries out of Washington DC. You have to pay to read the full text (he did send it to me for free)but many legal groups keep an eye on stories that are featured in this publication. So I’m hopeful the right firm may pick it up from there. It also has this a recently published related article (2/2/16): Class-Action Clock May Be Ticking For Ava Anderson Non Toxic, this is all you can read without buying the article: “While maintaining that a former supplier is at fault, “natural” pet-food maker Blue Buffalo announced in December a $32m settlement over allegations that ingredients found in its products directly conflict with its “True Blue” labeling and promotional message. The firm’s plight could bode ill for Ava Anderson Non Toxic, which has admitted to controversial ingredient-labeling omissions that it attributes to supplier violations.” So again, I AM hopeful someone will pick this up and those of you who used these products will be compensated in the future. I’m also very happy to know that groups like the Rose Sheet exist. One positive thing that has come out of this scandal, for me, is I’ve made many new connections with organizations/groups/individuals that I didn’t know existed previously.

Here is the 1st response I’ve seen in writing, forwarded to me on 2/10:


I just listened to a few minutes of a conference call sent to me from a Rep, titled: Resiliency during times of change. They (still operating under name AANT) have sold a record number of products lately (not sure the time frame, but 18,000 orders went out recently). Reportedly, 1 team sold $1,000,000 worth of product in one week. This is so, so disheartening, I don’t even have words for it. I truly believe their actions were criminal, in my opinion, stating their products passed tests with flying colors, when in all reality, they might not have ever done any testing at all. If they had, they would’ve found the same results I posted above. About me during this conference call: “this blogger is one woman with no credentials and no degree of expertise”. And that’s what I’ve heard from several reps: you’re just 1 person, 1 opinion. Guess what: MLK was one person, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Ava Anderson the person as well. The same mottos they’ve been preaching for years: Be the Change, YOU can make a difference, etc. now they’re dismissing since I’m just 1 person. Not that I’m trying to compare myself to anyone noble & great, that’s not the point. The point is for them to belittle me & my efforts to get the truth out, while taking no responsibility, NONE, is just so incredibly disappointing.

Yes, I’m one person, no I’m not a chemist. THAT is why I paid not one, but TWO different &  highly accredited labs to test the products. So it WASN’T me stating the FACTS. But still, they take NO RESPONSIBILITY. None. I know many of you who’ve commented here agree the situation is appalling, and many of you have shared with other groups. I’m frustrated that it is so hard to get the truth out there about this company. They of course aren’t mentioning a thing about my testing, totally quiet & just ignoring the situation. The tests I shared show the kids lotion has synthetics in, they consider that safe for kids & aren’t concerned about all the product they just sent out. It makes me SICK. But, I have to move on, I want to move on, I will move on. I appreciate the continued support from this group & continued sharing. Every, single consumer we can help make aware of this huge cover-up is a victory. Thank you.I’m so ready to move on with my life & try hard to forget about all that has happened with this company. While I’m very, very irate about these recent revelations, it’s finally the closure I have yearned for over the years. FINALLY I know what was in that dish soap. I’ve tried very hard to be respectful & not just opinionated during this whole process. Being accused of being a Cyber Bully while in turn being bullied myself was less than pleasant. But the truth really, really matters to me. I’m being the change I wish to see, and letting my kids know that lying is not OK, no matter how big or small the lie.

Finally, here is a link to the GoFundMe campaign I set up to help cover the cost of these tests. I have had $200 in PayPal contributions towards this as well (GoFundMe takes 8% in fees, PayPal 3% or none if you friends/family it). I would’ve liked to raise the money for these tests in advance, something I’m willing to do going forward to test other products from other companies if the need arises. But in this case, with this company, I did feel it was best not to announce what I was up to in advance. I truly appreciate any & all contributions to help cover the costs of bringing all of this info to light. My PayPal address is:

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  1. M
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 19:33:24

    Glad to see that these results are finally in, and thank you for providing the full reports. I’m confused by some of the results. For example, the kids lotion report says that linalool was found, but the report says “not from listed essential oils”. I assume that means that linalool is not a known natural constituent of any of the ingredients listed on the label, but is that correct? I thought linalool was found in Citrus sinensis, for example, which is one of the ingredients for the kids lotion (as well as the old formulation of the diaper cream). I hope someone more knowledgeable about essential oils can comment on some of these findings. I believe that many of the compounds listed can occur in both natural and synthetic form, so its unclear how the lab determined whether a substance was naturally or synthetically derived within the given formulations. Again, maybe someone more knowledgeable could shed some light here.

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 09, 2016 @ 20:50:06

      I’m not an EO expert myself, so I’m also staying tuned as I know many will share their insights.

    • Margalita
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 02:24:18

      Copied this off of Skin Deep.

      About LINALOOL: Linalool is a terpene.

      Function(s): Fragrance Ingredient; DEODORANT; MASKING


      Needless to say I am beyond angry. Anyone who continues on with this fraud of a company has no conscience at all. Jess a heartfelt THANK YOU! (AND A HUG TOO!!!) I ran across your blog when I first started with Ava last May and I just dismissed it as someone unhappy with the competition. Boy was I wrong. You actually had the guts to challenge a multi million dollar company who deceived innocent unsuspecting people. It gives me a new respect for those companies who have all sorts of garbage in them for having the integrity to label themselves correctly.

      • crystaljoymusic
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 03:34:32

        Linalool is naturally found in lavender essential oil.

      • ecofriendlymamausa
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:36:57

        It is the levels that do not add up, according to the lab. This was the lab’s response to this Q: “One thing that I keep getting stuck on is the kids lotion report. It says linalool present but not from oils in the ingredients listed. Isn’t that in Orange EO and chamomile EO?”
        A:”Linalool is a very minor component of orange EO (<0.5%), it is however found in other Citrus but not orange. It is even more minor in Chamomille (<0.1%) so at these level it cannot come from these EO."

      • M
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:07:56

        Linalool is a naturally occurring constituent found in several essential oils, and it’s a known skin irritant, so I don’t understand why those oils are ever used in skin care products, but so be it, because a lot of skin care products include lavender oil, of which linalool is a significant component. Linalool can also be derived synthetically, but its irritant factor has nothing to do with whether its natural or synthetic, to my knowledge.

      • ecofriendlymamausa
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:08:46

        From the lab: “Linalool is a very minor component of orange EO (<0.5%), it is however found in other Citrus but not orange. It is even more minor in Chamomille (<0.1%) so at these levels it cannot come from these EO."

      • M
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:30:23

        Thanks for your clarification from the lab, Jess. Where is that quoted in the reports you have linked? Or is that what they mean when they state “Not from listed essential oils”.

      • ecofriendlymamausa
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:33:22

        I just asked them via email, it was a follow-up to this question, I should’ve included that!
        Q: “I’m trying to understand the reports a little better. One thing that I keep getting stuck on is the kids lotion report. It says linalool present but not from oils in the ingredients listed. Isnt that in Orange EO and chamomile EO?”
        A from lab via email: “Linalool is a very minor component of orange EO (<0.5%), it is however found in other Citrus but not orange. It is even more minor in Chamomille (<0.1%) so at these level it cannot come from these EO."

      • Susan
        Feb 11, 2016 @ 02:21:45

        This is from the linalool Wikipedia page:

        Both enantiomeric forms are found in nature: (S)-linalool is found, for example, as a major constituent of the essential oils of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L. family Apiaceae) seed, palmarosa [Cymbopogon martinii var martinii (Roxb.) Wats., family Poaceae], and sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck, family Rutaceae) flowers. (R)-linalool is present in lavender (Lavandula officinalis Chaix, family Lamiaceae), bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, family Lauraceae), and sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum, family Lamiaceae), among others.

        According to page’s contributors, linalool is a major constituent of sweet orange essential oil. Isn’t sweet orange essential oil different from orange essential oil? Could that explain the high linalool content?

  2. Caron
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 19:57:07

    Wow. Again you were right. The kids lotion (old formula) is available for sale right now: 2:55pm, 2/9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes off the cart shortly, as soon as AANT gets wind of this blog post. Good work. I’ve shared this with Kriss Carr, Robyn O’Brien and a few others on FB. This needs to spread far and wide.

  3. Sarh
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 20:59:20

    Just curious if youcan share the official report or post photos of it. I do not see the report when I click on the link. Everyone wants answers from AANT on the lab and the official reports and I’m sure many consumers and some of the AANT die hard fans swill want to see the facts from you too . Hope you will share more

  4. Hannah
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 21:24:43

    Wow. Just wow. Let me say thank you for your work, time and effort into this! I’m just shocked at how bold AANT is in continuing; “re-branding” in the midst of all this. This is exactly why we need a regulatory body whose integrity is untouched by corporate funds and greed. Unfortunately, it is all too intertwined and things like this can happen. Thank you again for being inquisitive, watchful and consistent. You have my utmost respect.

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 09, 2016 @ 21:59:40

      Thank you Hannah!! The hate mail is already starting to come in with comments such as this: “I can’t believe that you actually believe half of this above crap is at all valid”. REALLY, wow, just wow. At all valid?! People can actually read all the full reports & still BELIEVE what this company is telling them over the actual, scientific reports. UNBELIEVABLE.

      • Sue
        Feb 09, 2016 @ 23:39:52

        “This is exactly why we need a regulatory body whose integrity is untouched by corporate funds and greed.” We have one…it’s called the FDA. But they are not mind readers – consumers have to report adverse reactions, or mislabeling or illegal medical claims. They do not have the authority or financing to wander about the internet looking for companies which may be violating the laws…they have lethal e Coli outbreaks to investigate, drugs which come to market and new side effects are discovered, and products which present a real and present danger to human and animal life. So we – consumers – have to do our part as watchdogs and whistleblowers…like Jess has done! We also as consumers, have to do a WAY better job of vetting marketing claims… this company has been making claims which are red flags since they launched. It’s sad that we can’t simply trust that a company selling products is telling the truth – we have to WAKE up and be a bit more skeptical. This company sounded too good to be true since day one…and they were…since day one.

      • Hannah
        Feb 10, 2016 @ 04:34:05

        Sue, the FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry. This is taken directly from the website…

        “FDA does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetic products and ingredients (other than color additives) before they go on the market. We also do not have a list of tests required for any particular cosmetic product or ingredient.”

        If that’s not surprising enough…

        “FDA encourages cosmetic firms to report product formulations through the VCRP (Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program). The VCRP database provides important information on these cosmetics. However, the companies are not legally required to tell FDA about their products and safety data.” –

        Read more here to see the FDA’s role in cosmetic safety –

        Essentially, the cosmetic industry is unregulated.

  5. Heidi
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 21:38:30

    I think you are seriously the most condescending, self absorbed, obsessed, un-godly, on a mission to create turmoil in a young womans life person. I can’t believe that you actually belief half of this above crap is at all valid. I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that in a world already so unsettled that you have caused a whole lot more chaos. This is what happens when someone can hide behind a keyboard and pretend to have any sort of clue!

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 09, 2016 @ 22:04:31

      Well, I could say a lot of very mean things about you based on your comments, but I won’t, I’m not that sort of person. Your bullying comment speaks for itself, so I’m happy to share it here for every one to read.

    • Caron
      Feb 09, 2016 @ 22:09:05

      Heidi, EcoMama does have a clue. That’s why everything she’s ever uncovered about AANT has turned out to be….TRUE! The missing emulsifiers in the creams/lotions, the wrong ingredients in the dish soap, the zinc in the diaper cream, the essential oils that weren’t certified organic. I, too, wanted to think that this woman was out for evil, and I did at first. Then I realized that everything she said was correct. Accurate. Truthful. Same holds for that Sue Apito that posts a lot as well…she was right about the hand sanitizer and the blemish stick not being in compliance with FDA regs (that’s why AANT changed the name to “hands on the go” and removed “acne” from the blemish stick.)

      What isn’t truthful is the fact that AANT has 18 items out in the marketplace that are MISLABELED. Missing ingredients. 18 of them. And they have NOT told consumers. Do you think that is ok? I don’t.

    • J
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 01:46:28

      Your attitude isn’t helping this situation. Facts are irrefutable especially when the author is and has been willing to stand behind them. She has released her lab results and the lab is willing to stand behind its work; so it’s unfair to say that she is keyboard brave. AANT has yet to release their documents. I can’t even begin to address their new Senior Chemist… any one with any experience at all in the natural industry can smell fake vanilla miles away. If that product had real vanilla in it there is no way it would have been sold for 12.95. Anyone who knows essential oils, CO2’s, absolutes, isolates and hydrosols can look at ingredients and the price and tell how much TRUTH there is to the product.

      If I’m not mistaken, didn’t this use to be the baby line and then was renamed the kid’s line… and then they came out with a new line for babies

      The young woman in question here might have had very little to do with this situation but someone in that company did have something to do with this. Someone signed off on everything that was put in the catalog. It’s call lack of due diligence. However, that doesn’t mean that the Jess is causing this young woman and her family grief. That was brought on by lack of controls in their own facility.

      I would hope that every company that manufactures ANYTHING has a Jess on board; simply to ensure that it all makes sense. That’s all she was asking – a logical thought process requiring a logical QA process equaling a logical response.

      We all want healthy products for ourselves, our families and our home. Let’s hope that there aren’t any more bomb shells to be dropped on this industry.

    • Noelle
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 02:00:01

      wow heidi. not nice.

    • Kristin
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 05:11:07

      Wow. Misdirected anger.

    • Eric
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 23:27:47

      Jess, I understand your intention to be fully transparent on these matters, but IMHO approving nonsensical, inflammatory posts like Heidi’s (if that is indeed the true name of this person) is a waste of your time and emotional energy.

      Anyone with a measurable IQ who reads (or even skims) the overwhelming scientific evidence against AANT should understand that the company is a fraud. I personally find their appeals to the public (that interestingly mention “keyboard brave” as well) nauseating and just as fraudulent as their products. They repeatedly attempt to frame the daughter and family as victims (, when in fact the real victims are the unsuspecting, trusting consumers.

      But this makes sense. If I were in a court of law and irrefutable evidence was stacked against me, I too would probably launch a counterattack with an emotional diversion.

      But the scientific facts are the facts. Let us also keep in mind another set of facts:

      1) Ava Anderson (the girl & the daughter) is NOT the company. The company consists of a number of owners and influencers. Based on the evidence at hand, perhaps some with good intentions and others not so good.

      2) “Ava Anderson Non Toxic” (the company) is a MULTI-MILLION dollar MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company (
      “We have grown from a dream at a kitchen table to a 50 million dollar run rate company, with a nearly 200% annual growth rate.”
      “Ava Anderson Non Toxic reeled in revenue of $20 million in 2014, up more than 300 percent from the previous year, according to the company.”

      An interesting fact about MLMs is that only 3% of members produce any profit beyond their MLM start up fee ( So let’s look at the math on AANT’s MLM program.

      – AANT boasts 12,000 Consultants nationwide
      – 12,000 x $99 (MLM start up fee) = $1,188,000
      – $1,188,000 – 15% = $1,009,800 (less start up kit COGS “costs of goods sold”)

      Of that million dollar MLM member/start up profit to ANNT, approximately 3% of the 12,000 consultants will actually recoup their $99 investment and make money.

      That’s the nature of MLMs. They are certainly not a win/win. In fairness, there are other/logistical costs associated with running an MLM, but in the end they are weighted and centered on company profit.

      So is it bad to be a multi-million dollar MLM company? Certainly not. But if you are, then your owners and leaders are smart and savvy. You don’t become a 50 million dollar privately held company by being innocent and ignorant. And when you build your multi-million dollar brand around “Non Toxic” then you are liable … period. Likely if one-tenth (or less) of the effort and resources that had been put into creating a successful MLM had been put into uncompromising product formulations and rigorous quality assurance, then Ava Anderson “Non Toxic” might still be thriving.

      So please, let’s get off of the, “poor Ava Anderson and family” bandwagon. It reeks of pure ignorance. They are far from poor.

    • Sue
      Feb 12, 2016 @ 01:38:57

      The FDA regulates the cosmetic industry. Those regulations do not include pre-market approval of cosmetics but they most certainly are regulated. There are laws for what ingredients can and cannot be used, laws for how the ingredients need to be labeled, and laws for what claims can be made for cosmetics. The FDA investigates complaints and enforces the regulations within their scope of authority. You can’t for example, make claims a cosmetic will treat, cure or prevent illness because those are drug claims. You can’t legally use food colors unless those colors are also FDA approved for specific cosmetic use. And you need to list the ingredients in a specific type size, font, and language – by law. Do companies break the FDA regulations and get away with it – a lot -sure. But the fact that the regulations are poorly enforced does not mean they do not exist. Just like people text and drive, run stop lights, and speed on the highways does not mean there are not traffic laws.

  6. C.J.
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 22:13:35

    A note about the diaper cream: Camphor should be found when lavandula
    angustifolia is used. Lavandin would contain more camphor, but that is just a different type of lavender essential oil. The presence of 1,8-Cineole would be found regardless of the type of lavender essential oil used. It is in extremely low concentration compared to other oils (like rosemary). Everything I’ve read about lavender says that it is okay to use around children. In order for AANT to know that the wrong lavender oil was used, or that it was synthetic, they’d have to have an aromatherapist at their disposal… and this test.

  7. Crystal
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 22:15:32

    Thank you ecofriendlymamausa for standing up for TRUTH!

    • Sue
      Feb 09, 2016 @ 23:50:59

      Lavandin is a hybrid plant, the result of cross-pollination of true lavender and spike lavender. It is sterile so it has to be reproduced with cuttings instead of seeds. In the field of aromatherapy, because of the differences in chemistry, Lavandin is not a legitimate substitute for true lavender. And labeling a product and saying it contains lavender essential oil when it actually contains lavandin is fraud. You don’t need to be an aromatherapist or have one on staff to know the difference – you need “Google” or an actual cosmetic chemist who knows what they are doing. And of course, be willing to label the ingredients honestly no matter what you actually know. But AANT has been mislabeling their synthetic fragrances as essential oils all along so this is hardly a surprise.

  8. Michelle C. Smith
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 23:27:14

    Well done Jess. I am incredibly grateful for your hard work and diligence at bringing this to light. The saddest aspect (to me) is that AANT tarnishes what some of us are trying to do. I just hope people move on by learning from this: companies with complete transparency are the only companies you should support.
    -Michelle C. Smith
    Founder + Owner of MamaSuds LLC

  9. Noelle
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 01:52:58

    Thank you Jess! Looks very bad for them especially since they are/were still offering the mislabeled products! at a discount! Why would they need to reformulate the old products if they passed “with flying colors” (the rhetoric is disgusting)? I personally believe they are not starting a new company…just trying to sell all of the old stuff, get as much money as they can because they are irresponsible and greedy…and then they will shut down. I’ll be sending you my last bottle of the dish soap in case this ever goes to litigation. Complete and total misrepresentation. And then to say they are closing down because they were being bullied. Sure. Riiiiiight… They knew they were finally caught and the jig is up. I was personally told by an executive close to Kim Anderson that she “feels so bad and and so sorry that she never had the products tested after partnering with the manufacturers’. I guess this executive would have no way of knowing she was being questioned by concerned citizens about so many of the products!

    • Jenny
      Feb 11, 2016 @ 01:59:31

      I keep seeing the reference to their passing “with flying colors” and it just hit me. Since AANT has been so slick and politically correct in their communications, I wonder if there’s a hidden message with the passing “with flying colors’ they may not be technically lying by saying that. Just sayin….hmmm

  10. Nicole
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 02:14:19

    I’m pretty disgusted by this whole scandal. Each and every time you called out one of their products, it was ‘reformulated’, suddenly out of stock, or just mysteriously pulled from the shopping cart. Fool me once, shame on me, but this is ridiculous. Team leaders and consultants are still cheerleading for AANT or whatever the new name will be. I have AANT’s essential oils set. I thought that it was strange that their rosemary eo smelled completely different from the one I tested at an aromatherapy store. Completely different! Now I’m very concerned about what I have been diffusing in my home. I had a bad reaction to the dream/diaper cream, body butter and even the baby lotion. They made me itch so badly that I’d scratch until I bled. I have no known allergies. None. I discontinued the use of these lotions and the issue went away almost immediately. I was still a follower so I thought that I had an allergy to calendula or one of the other natural ingredients. I do not believe that anymore. I am disgusted that I sold these products to friends, family, and strangers that became friends. Turns out that the ingredients list that I was reading off at parties could have listed fairy dust and it would have been just as accurate.

    • Noelle
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 03:24:34

      Nicole a lot of us feel the same as you. You are certainly not alone. I’m calling the government agencies tomorrow.

  11. Nichole
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 02:44:40

    These items are no long for sale and have been removed from the cart:
    as of 2/4/16 Original Formula baby lotion
    as of 2/6/16 Original Formula dream cream
    Original Formula Baby wash & shampoo
    Original Formula Kids wash & shampoo
    as of 2/8/16 Original Formula diaper cream
    Original Formula moisturizer
    As of 2/9/16, the Blemish Stick was put back on the shopping cart for sale

    I had ordered the dish soap (original formula) in January, which was clear, then a guest at my party ordered it a couple of weeks later and it is now yellow. I guess they must have changed the formula. But they did continue to sell the “original formula” until it sold out, as you can see above at a discounted price. Just think how many people bought these “original formula” products, thinking they were safe and that they were getting a bargain at 20% off !! Another point, if all of the “original formula” products are SAFE, why are they being sold off at 20% less ? They should be getting full price. And if the “original formula” is safe, why “reinvent the wheel” creating a new formula ??
    Thank you Jess for all of your hard work and dedication.

  12. M
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 13:19:49

    It is extremely interesting that this dish soap report contains no evidence of any of the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil, despite the fact that coconut oil is the leading ingredient. Which is exactly what the previous report on the dish soap found – no evidence of vegetable oils (coconut, jojoba). That’s two independent labs reaching the same independent conclusion. And yet there are still people out there who stand by the company? How can they ignore these simple facts?

    It’s not just one product affected, as the evidence here (and by the company’s own admission of a few, but certainly not all, products) show. There’s a reason why they started discontinuing products late last year (the scents, the laundry and dishwasher pods, etc.). Interestingly, they discontinued the scents in November, and did not announce to customers that the scents included synthetic fragrance until January. What happened in that two-month period?

  13. Nichole
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 14:25:47

    I don’t have a lot of money, which is one of the reasons I started selling AA last month, talk about bad timing !! I am out the cost of my business kit, and I have bought back several things from my friends because I didn’t feel it was right to leave them stuck with a questionable product, or to ask them to pay for shipping to send it back to AA, and then they implemented a “no refund policy”. Great !! So, needless to say, I do not have the funds to help with the cost of testing these products, but I am willing to donate the unopened items I have and pay to ship them to you, if the go fund me account has enough funds to pay for the testing. Let me know what products you would like to test, and I would be happy to help in that way. I wish I wasn’t struggling so badly financially, because I would love to buy EVERY product and have EVERY product tested for EVERYTHING !! I think there is still more that we don’t know !!

  14. Caron
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 14:32:05

    Can I ask that EVERYONE who finds this concerning SHARE to your FB page? We need to get the word out….the Ava reps continue to say that the company is being transparent and doing the right thing. It’s just so wrong. I personally have logged complaints with the FDA and also have shared EcoMama’s blog with all the media outlets that reported on the AANT closing a couple weeks ago. I also shared the info with a local Crunchy Moms group that I’m part of. Awareness is needed to bring this to light.

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 14:49:09

      Thanks Caron, I agree 150%. They’re saying NOTHING internally at this time, it’s up to US to get the word out as they will not be sharing this info with their customers, that much is clear at this time…

  15. RLBG
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 15:17:15

    So AANT is not offering any refunds? At all?

  16. Caron
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:03:53

    Re: returns, if you purchased BEFORE they announced they were closing on 1/25 you are protected by the 30 day guarantee. If you purchased after the announcement, all sales are final.

  17. M
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:21:51

    Now that the eye cream ingredient list is back up, maybe someone can enlighten me as to why this ingredient list is so bad. Which of the ingredients are synthetic and which are naturally occurring constituents of the essential oils included in the ingredient lists? Some of the ingredients in the report are labeled as coming from this or that oil, but I don’t assume that the unlabeled chemicals are “extra” chemicals not listed on the AANT label; I assume that they are also chemical constituents of the other ingredients, but not necessarily ones that can be ascribed to any one ingredient. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, linalool (as well as limonene) can be derived both naturally and synthetically, so there presence on the list doesn’t mean anything nefarious unless the lab has identified an accompanying synthetic marker (as reported for the diaper cream, as an example).

    So, I fully understand and share the outrage over the dish soap (synthetic ingredients everywhere), diaper cream (markers of synthetic ingredients identified), and kids lotion (synthetic ingredients identified), but I don’t understand the outrage over the eye cream (except for listed ingredients that don’t appear to be there, which may have been under the detection limit for whatever test used) unless some of the uncommented ingredients listed are only found in synthetic form. Someone with a strong chemistry background needs to comment – any chance that the blogger from COTD visits this site?

    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:34:54

      My only concern with the eye cream: they list 2 additional ingredients NOT found by the lab. That is weird. Otherwise, I have no concerns with that product. I sure would LOVE to see how the old eye cream would test…

  18. Sonja
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 17:57:25

    Jessica, thank you so much for all that you do in protecting not only your own family but ours too! Your research, determination and persistence are beyond appreciated. It is hard enough already to find truly safe products for our families without all of the scandal and secrecy. Thank you for continually educating others and being the “Mama Bear” we all strive to be! Keep up the good work!

  19. Meridith Oram
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 02:45:35

    Hey Jess. First of all, I truly applaud your transparency. Not only proving that there are third-party laboratories that are willing to share their name and reports with the public, but that there are truly inconsistencies with these products. I’ve written an updated article as well—though my take is more about how lack of integrity impacts customers and consultants. I’ve received so many comments from consultants about how torn they are by this situation. I can certainly relate even though I’m not a consultant! Just a customer who thought I was making a smart purchase to improve my personal care products, who instead discovered just how unregulated “non-toxic” industry this is.

  20. B
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 03:55:09

    So I am a bit confused…I went to look into the lab and I can’t find their website that is on the test results page or through google. Is there a reason for that?

  21. ecofriendlymamausa
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 16:22:42

    The lab is “ready to answers to any scientific questions that they may have.” The burden of proof is now on AANT.

  22. Alison
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 18:41:30

    Well done Jess! You stood strong, documented your case and have third party validation and full disclosure. Last summer I started following along on this issue on your site after the Miessence product formulator had a look at the AA eye cream and body lotion. She has been creating certified organic products since the 90s and could tell immediately something was up with AA. She said “No way do these ingredients add up to a cream. Not possible.” Without testing (like you did!) there was no proof, but I felt the house of cards would collapse eventually. Big hug to you for the time, effort and bravery this took to bring this issue to light.

    I find it shameful how they are handling this…. not one apology….. no responsibility taken for the misrepresentation and illegal mislabeling of their products (no matter how it happened). Just blame being shifted, NO communication with customers (my friend is an AA customer and hasn’t received anything from AA about the issues) and a quiet “sale” to closeout stock and a rebranding. Its unbelievable!?!?

    Like you I am fiercely protective of the organic standard and certification. Yet again the same lesson prevails…. “natural”, “organic”, “non-toxic” claims mean NOTHING without the extensive testing, and certification process for a product that bears a food grade seal like USDA organic or Australian Certified Organic. No matter how “good” the company appears to be or how pure their intentions.

    I’m sure you will keep us posted. Its my understanding that omitting ingredients from a label is a pretty serious FDA violation. So would assume there is going to be much more to this story.

  23. Nate
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 19:38:35

    re: the record sales… I live in the AANT hometown and I know a LOT of people who absolutely swear by their products, and I know at least 7 reps/consultants. I suspect the record sales aren’t so much a reflection of “We love them and will follow them to the ends of the earth” as “OMG MY FAVORITE PRODUCT MAY BE GOING AWAY MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!”
    That being said, there’s a real cult following around here…

  24. Kim
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 17:09:29

    So with the above mentioned test results AANT should not be able to receive USDA organic certification correct?

  25. Margalita
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 18:13:06

    Hey, the new name is Pure Haven Essentials.

  26. M
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 18:17:17

    Pure Haven Essentials is the new AANT. Here is the new company page for the consultants. The consumer website has not been launched yet.

  27. Jill
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 18:35:37

    Wow, this is very interesting from an essential oil expert and point 3 completely contradicts the report on the diaper cream. Camphor at the level reported does NOT mean lavendar oil was adulterated, apparently. Personally, I feel safe still using it with everything I’ve read now. Glad I took the time to research!

  28. ecofriendlymamausa
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 19:18:55

    I’m now closing comments as I’m ready to move on with my life & cannot believe the people that take the time to comment very nasty, hateful things on this post. Wow. I’ve done my due diligence, it’s time for y’all to do yours.

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