In case you haven’t had enough Greenwashing: Honest Company called out!

“Two independent lab tests commissioned by the Wall Street Journal found that the brand’s laundry detergent contained sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS as it’s commonly called. In fact, one of the labs found that the concentration of SLS was nearly equal to that found in Tide, the popular detergent made by Proctor & Gamble. Honest Company has said that its products are “Honestly free” of potentially dangerous chemicals, including SLS which the company lists first in its compilation of ingredients it avoids.”

Jessica Alba’s Laundry Detergent Contains This Maligned Ingredient

According to someone in my group: “FYI for anyone that has purchased their Laundry Detergent direct from Honest, I just called them since i was upset about the article and their mislabeling. I asked for my $ back for all the laundry detergent I have purchased over the years, they said they do offer a 100% guarantee and refunded me based on my account for the dozen or so bottles that I have purchased.