Tom’s of Maine Class Action Lawsuit Info

Yes, they’ve been on my Greenwashers list since I created it…. “Tom’s of Maine Inc. has agreed to settle a false advertisement class action lawsuit, resolving claims that the company mislabeled certain beauty and personal care products as natural when they allegedly contained chemical products. If you purchased one of the Tom’s of Maine products covered in this false advertisement class action settlement, you may be entitled to compensation.

Covered Products in this Tom’s of Maine class action settlement include:

Diaper Cream
Lip Balm or Gloss
Body Lotion
Body Wash
Hand Cream
Other personal or oral care products”

They’re not admitting wrongdoing, nor paying out much (up to $28/claim) BUT WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY: “In addition to paying $4.5 million to establish a settlement fund for Class Members, the Tom’s of Maine class action settlement requires the company to change their labeling and marketing practices for the Covered Products, as well as make certain changes to the company’s website.” More details here:

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