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I know direct sales are seen in a less than positive light by many. I also used to not be too thrilled about at one time in my life. But, it’s hard to deny that the opportunities presented by Poofy Organics (I can’t speak for any other company) are just too good to pass up. MANY of you on this page are Stay-at-Home-Moms. Some of you work part time. Many of you have experience selling Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or other names, but would love to find a better fit for your “crunchy” lifestyle.  I don’t know anyone who can’t use extra grocery money (we all know feeding our family healthy, organic food is NOT cheap).  I have had my FB page for 6+ years now, and looked at just about every line known- NONE of them compare to Poofy. With a FULL line of personal care, home & make-up & everything in-between line, there’s something for everyone. Just about every ingredient is CERTIFIED organic, and the best quality available. The prices are VERY reasonable for certified organic, handmade to order daily products. Are you paying more because this is a direct sales opportunity company? NO.  You are paying full retail price. The same price you’d pay through or Poofy’s retail outlet in NJ. Poofy gives us Guides the products at wholesale price, a price every single product you buy is available at, so we can earn something too, and I think that’s truly amazing! There are no sponsored trips to Mexico for whoever sells the most built into the prices you pay, just the true, honest cost of making these amazing products & bringing them to market.

There are 2 fees: $39.95 to join + $12.95/month for your webpage, which is where you & others place orders, you get supplies, etc. The website has just been revamped & is simply FABULOUS! You only have to sell $200 worth in a 4 month period to remain “active”. You DO NOT have to buy the $99 enrollment/collection kit, that is optional, and you can buy it later if you don’t want it right away.  You also will never be auto-shipped anything that you didn’t order (CAN’T believe some companies do this), and do not ever have to keep inventory on hand. If you have NO experience with direct sales, and no or very little knowledge of Poofy products, it could definitely take a couple weeks or so to get familiar with the process & products. I’m VERY familiar with Poofy products, but had no direct sales experience, so it took me a full month to feel like I finally understand how the whole system works. If you do have some direct sales experience, and are familiar with Poofy’s line, you could hit the ground running & be getting your 1st paycheck within weeks. The sky is the limit, and you are your own boss! If you do not have a circle of family/friends/co-workers, etc who are interested in organic products & are concerned you won’t be able to sell $200 in 4 months, this honestly probably isn’t for you… This is a business opportunity, and I’m looking for those who will approach it as a serious opportunity to both make a little money, and help educate & spread awareness about the best products on the market– Poofy Organics!

I just really want to get this info out there. There are just over 600 Guides out there, and the time to join has NEVER been better!! Think of where the first few hundred people that joined Mary Kay, Avon, etc are a decade or 2 later if they stuck with the company! I’d be thrilled to have you on team Eco-Poofy USA, if you think this is the right opportunity for YOUR family!  If you have ANY questions, please send me an email:  If you’re ready to sign up, here’s the link to my site:  I’ll be the one you turn to with questions, and if I can’t answer them off the top of my head, I will find the answer.

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  3. Nancy Stanton
    Sep 24, 2015 @ 20:56:57

    Hi! I am originally from a small Wisconsin town as well! I now reside in Southern California. I have been very obsessed with products since my children were born, particularly my youngest, who is now four. He suffered absolutely horrible eczema as a baby and still has issues upon occasion. I have tried all the lines out there, but did not know half of what you posted on so many of these “trusted” lines. I have looked at Poofy, but not ordered anything yet. However, I am a SAHM and looking for a little extra income. I am wondering if you can give me more info on the Poofy Sales team?
    1) My husband works a ridiculous amount of hours, so parties would be my challenge. I just would not have time for them. Is the Party Portion really necessary
    2) Do you find the goals easy to meet?
    3) Was there a lot of up front cost?
    4) Is there a decent training program to learn all products?

    Thanks Jess! And a huge thank you for your lists!!



    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Sep 25, 2015 @ 14:35:49

      HI there! Which small town in Wisco?!
      1:) Technically you’re supposed to have 1 party every 4 months, but that can be online, you never have to do a home party although many have great success with them. I’ve never done a home party myself. Many do a “launch” party: Hey, I just joined this great company, explain why & all that & do a virtual event along with it. 3 orders totaling $200 & host rewards start accruing, which you can give away to your customers as an added incentive, if you want. But I do not know that anyone has ever been un-enrolled for not having a party.
      2:) Yes, the goals are very easy to meet for most. Every now & then someone discovers they just are not in the right area for this type of thing, and they do leave. There are a couple of fees, so if you only sell that minimum in 4 months, you basically break even. But many companies have the $200 in sales per MONTH, not quarterly, it is a very low minimum!
      3:) Only 2 upfront costs: $9.95 enrollment fee, and then you have a 2 week trial of our backoffice (how we order, manage our stuff), then it’s $9.95/month for that. That is IT for fees. The $99 collection kit is optional, but many do like to get it as it’s a bit of this & that & catalogs. It can be purchased later if you don’t want to get it right away. Other than that, yes business cards are nice to have. But you can invest slowly if you don’t have funds to jump right in.
      4:)There is a ton of support, you get added to a couple FB pages (one for my team, one everyone is in), and there are resources in our back office as well. As far of products, you do kind of need to learn those yourself. Many of us use most of the products, so that’s the best way to learn & personal testimonials always have the most weight. I suggest taking the catalog or website one category at a time to get familiar. But yes, there is a LOT of support. I’d be your 1st stop for questions, and I take pride in taking very good care of my team!

      Any more questions, let me know. My email is:
      And if ready to enroll, use this link:



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