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 I’m a label-reading mama on a mission to find the safest products on the market, for my family & yours! To read about how I decide what goes where on my rating list, please read this info: Please check out my so-so & Greenwashers lists also!


Based in: New Hampshire
Their mission: To create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to protect, soothe and heal. Products include: lip balms, body care, sun, bug & outdoor, massage & body oils, health & wellness, aromatherapy, sleep balm, baby & kid care, soaps, and more! Their ingredients come from all over the world but only one comes from China, it’s Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora), they do have other ingredients from South Asia. Out of all their ingredients they only have 7 that come from USA. They have a page on their website that lists all their ingredients and where they are sourced (I really like that, it would be nice if all companies did this). Most of the packaging comes from all over the world and they don’t know exactly where from since they are too far from the source, the tins however are made in the USA.

Based in: Utah
“Their goal is  to inform others about the importance of staying away from the dangerous  chemicals in our world of fancy products with entrancing colors and  fragrances. In addition to making and selling products, their goal is to  inform people of the hazards of chemicals in Personal Care Products.” Products include deodorant, lotion, shower gel, lip balm, soap, hair care, bath salts, and of course, baby products! None of their ingredients come from China. Most of their packaging comes from the US but not all. The packaging that definitely comes from US is for body butter, salt scrub, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, lip balms, lotion sticks, and face cream.

Based in: California
I recommend everything except Sal’s Suds which has SLS in it. Renowned for their quality, versatility and eco-friendliness. Liquid & bar soaps, hair conditioning rinses, lip balms, lotions, shaving gels, hand sanitizer, cleaners & more! EWG information on this line is not up-to-date, as it rates several products at a 3, claiming they containing fragrance– all Dr. B products that are fragranced use essential oils! None of the ingredients are from China but they do source it from other countries. Most of their packaging is made in the USA except for the body balm tins that are made in China. Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil is from Sri Lanka, palm oil is from Ghana, Olive Oil is from Israel & Palestine, and Hemp oil is from Canada.

Based in: Oregon
Certified organic by Oregon Tilth or OTCO. Natural and organic products for mama, baby, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, breastfeeding and gifts. They do have packaging made in China but they could not tell me for which product. No ingredients are from China. Most of them are from USA.

Based in: CA
I have this entire separate note about them. I love so many things about them and will never use another laundry detergent for my cloth diapers. I’ve recommended them on this page for several months now, and had many, many happy soap nut converts!

Based in: Cape May, NJ
There are numerous things I love about this line—both the products themselves & the true eco-friendly aspect of the business practices. Just Skin Food offers a fabulous selection of herbal salves, body butters, bar soaps, essential oils, skincare oils, lotion bars, body scrubs & flower essences. You will not find a SINGLE plastic product in her packaging, which makes me so very happy! Everything comes in glass or a stainless steel tin. Details like this show me Just Skin Food definitely deserves a spot on my best-of-the-best list: “Even our inside seals are made from certified unbleached chlorine free paper. We do not like to use any kind of sealer that requires heat transfer of glue or plastic.”Homeopathy is more than my life’s work, it is my passion! I first fell in love with homeopathy while studying abroad in Florence, Italy when I was just a teenager. Since then, I have furthered my education in the field, worked as a Classical Homeopath and Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, and continued studies in Natural Medicine and Holistic Healing and Herbology. Considering my holistic approach to health and skin care, bringing Just Skin Food to life was a natural evolution. It began with a simple line of Herbal Healing Skin Salves for clients, family and friends. But little did we know, there was much more to come. While my clients were on their holistic path to healing, their use of standard beauty products was counter-intuitive. Knowing that, they wanted products that would enhance their outer beauty while keeping in harmony with their inner journey of healing. With this in mind, we developed more holistic products to help them on this journey. Thanks to them, we continually evolve”. My review of some products:

–Lovely Lady- Entire line OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic)
Based in: CO
Products for face, body, bath, hair, women, men, treatment oils, organic scents, soaps. Minimal, safe, organic ingredients. No dedicated baby line, but you certainly could use them on your babe (bar soaps, lotions, etc). “Lovely Lady Products….true, honest, certified organic and natural ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable and fair trade. In a world where individuals and consumer groups have concerns over the purity of the products they consume, our mission is to provide certainty when it comes to your choice of personal care products. By offering unique formulations handcrafted through eco-friendly practices and the use of premium quality ingredients, we feel the loveliness will shine through us to you. No dyes, no synthetic perfumes or fragrances, no colors, no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum, no artificial preservatives, no propylene glycol, no SLS and no wheat or gluten. No compromises. Lovely is as lovely does.”

Based in: Washington
Small line, not in EWG, but I do not see a single ingredient of concern..  From their website: “Moon Valley’s “farmacy” is nestled in the majestic foothills of Washington’s Cascade mountains where our devout herbalists turn nature’s healing agents into truly effective and luxurious personal care products. We sustainably grow and harvest our own organic ingredients and process them while still fresh, to give you the purest, most indulgent and exceptional experiences under the moon.” Offerings include: bar soaps, foaming herbal hand soap, lotion bar, lip balm, medicinal skin sets, essential skin sets, medicinal salves & balms, and several honey & bee-related offerings (honey pots, honey bears, etc). Most of the ingredients are from USA with the exception of coleus forskohlii that is made in India. Most of the packaging is from Canada & Italy. Some glass jars for honey are from China as well as the tins for their lotion bars.

Based in: New Jersey
NOTE: Any products EWG shows rating higher than a 1 are due to EO’s used in the products. Proper dilution is key to those not being concerning, and the owner of Poofy is a certified aromatherapist. With 500+ products, truly everything you could need for personal care and home! LOTS to choose from, including: bath & shower, body butter, lotion & scrubs, cosmetics, deodorant & toothpaste, eczema relief & natural remedies, essential oils, facial & hair care, henna for hair & body, lip balm, nail polish & remover, soap & sanitizer, sunscreen & bug spray, and MORE! Very impressed with the numerous product labels I looked at! From their website: “Our mission is to provide the best & safest products for affordable prices! We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly. Poof’s Closet began with a specific goal in mind. To provide healthy and toxic free bath & beauty products at reasonable prices. After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, my family was determined to stop using products laden with toxic chemicals. We made it our mission to find the safest and most effective ingredients for our products. We are a small family-run business and proud to offer alternative products nationwide. Poof’s Closet is dedicated to providing HEALTHY alternative beauty products free of toxins and unhealthy ingredients!” None of their ingredients are sourced from China but they do source them from all over the world but they are USDA certified organic. Their packaging is USA made. I offer 10% off to 1st time customer who use my link, send me an email to learn how that works! My review of several Poofy Products: Ordering through my page sends a little of your purchase back to me (as of 6/15/14, after a year+ of promoting this line as the safest, best on the market):

Based in: Wisconsin
ANOTHER fabulous WI company (Sturgeon Bay, WI). USDA certified line. 24 products in EWG rating 0-2 (4/24 rate at 2, the majority at 0). “Trillium Organics is your source for Authentic USDA Organic body care and all-natural skin care products. Trusted by the Organic Consumers Association and treasured by glowing fans worldwide, Trillium Organics blends and pours each and every organic skin care product by hand. If you find yourself troubled by Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris, or Dry Skin, we have the solution for you. Every single thing in the OG Baby product line is 100% organic, chemical free, paraben free, petroleum free, with absolutely no hormone or endocrine disruptors, no nano-particles, no carcinogens, and nothing is ever tested on animals”. Categories include: bath & body, skin & face, baby & mama, bundles & baskets, conditions & recovery. No ingredients from China but there are some that they source overseas. All their packaging is USA made. My review:

Based in: Vermont
“Vermont Soap produces USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use. We make handmade cold process bars for sensitive skin, anti-aging products, the first truly organic shower gels, numerous organic nontoxic cleaners, and much more.” Categories include: bath and body, around the house, outdoors & animals, solutions by skin-type, oral care, and MORE! None of their ingredients are sourced from China but they do buy nail brushes from there. They cannot guarantee 100% China free bottles but their prime bottle supplier manufactures in the USA. They changed many suppliers as a lot of them move to China and Vermont Soap wants to keep their packaging made here in USA. The washcloths are from a women’s co-op in Mexico. A review I did of several of their products:



–Toups & Co, formerly known as Crunchy Balm:
Based in: MS
**In the process of becoming USDA Certified organic!**** This tallow balm gets rave reviews from those who’ve tried it. She has expanded her line to include lip balm & activated charcoal bar soap, all products feature the tallow balm as a main ingredient. About tallow balm, from Crunchy Balm’s website: “Crunchy Balm is a healing whole-skin tallow balm. Tallow is FULL of vitamins and minerals that feed your skin and help repair it, making it soft and supple. Forget the chemicals and give your skin whole food nourishment our ancestors used. Our ancestors frequently used tallow to moisturize and protect their skin (they knew what they were doing!), yet somewhere along the way we were led to believe that plant-based products were superior, although their chemistry does not match our skin well. Though plant based oils and butters can be WONDERFUL, animal products (like tallow) offer your skin a unique set of nutrients (vitamins A,D, E, and K in perfect harmony with their activators along with anti-inflammatory CLA) that it’s most likely been your skin has been missing out on! We ONLY use tallow from grass-fed cows pastured on organically grown grass, which results in tallow that is rich in nutrients and free of pesticides and other toxins. Using tallow-based products (along with eating animal organs and other “unusual” parts) means respecting that animal’s life by using EVERYTHING it had to offer, instead of just eating its meat.”

Based in: Utah
FINALLY, a fluoride & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free toothpaste that is not only safe to swallow, but beneficial! I can’t recommend this toothpaste highly enough– for those just learning to brush their teeth, but also for adults. The xylitol they use is derived from a mix of GMO-free birch & corn cobs. Most of their ingredients are made in USA except for some essential oil and Xylitol (both are non GMO). All their packaging comes from China.  To read my review of Earthpaste, follow this link: Also, I’ve written on the bentonite topic here:

–Josiah’s Oils LLC:
Based in: Lancaster, PA
From their website: “Common skin products are loaded with claims of “organic,”  “all-natural,” and “pure,” but if you read the labels, there are usually  toxic ingredients – like Propylene Glycol or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, FD&C Color, Fragrance . . . just to name a few!  We promise never to use harmful ingredients in our products.  To keep that promise, we make every product to-order – just for you nothing is sitting on a shelf aging!  That way we can promise that your lotion is FREE of un-natural preservatives!  Take care of your body – start with your skin!” The website is full of products for all sorts of conditions and ailments, made with many organic ingredients. It’s quite an extensive list with absolutely no ingredients of concern which is something we all know is not easy to find. Products include: Insect Away, Sun Sticks  & Lotion, hand sanitizer, foaming hand wash, bed bug spray, lice OFF spray, dry skin, eczema, itchy skin remedies, too much sun lotion, healing salve, UNpetroleum (Earth) jelly, whipped & infused body butters, organic veggie wash, nail fungus relief, lip balms, congestion fighters, healing deodorants, green clean your home, headache relief, poison ivy relief, zit zappers, soaps, foaming baby bath, happy baby Bum paste, Boo Boo stick, vapor rub, lotions, sleepy time relaxation blend, sore muscle relief, yeast relief, several essential oil custom blends and gift sets (and I’m sure I probably left a few things out!). Packaging is USA made, most of their ingredients are local except for Shea as it comes from Africa. Here is my review of a few products made by this business:

–LuSa Organics-
Based in: Wisconsin
(located 20 min. from my home in WI!!!) Only product I don’t currently recommend is the Hey You Shoo (bug spray) as it contains polysorbate-20, she’s working on reformulating to no longer include it (Summer 2017). From their website: “This is natural body care that’s actually, well, natural. Just pure, honest ingredients. Going natural is pretty sweet. And that’s only the beginning. Organic lip balm? Preservative-free lotion? No problem. You’ll also find everything you need for your organic baby from pregnancy to diaper care to baby’s bath.” Lusa uses certified organic products, but the end product is not yet certified organic itself, a goal they have for the near future! They try to use domestic ingredients any time they can. Shea Butter is produced by a women’s co-op in Togo, Africa and palm oil is from South America. They don’t believe that any ingredients are from China but they think that on occasion some of the essential oils might come from there depending on the season. All packaging made in USA. My review:

Based in: Michigan
From their website: MamaSuds was the vision of a mother of two who was always seeking for an affordable yet safe way to clean her home and family. Michelle (mama) wanted to find an affordable cloth diaper detergent that rinsed, cleaned, and actually got the soil and stink out of the diapers! Michelle started searching detergents and wondered, why is everything that is natural, safe, and chemical-free come with a hefty price tag? After several recipes, she started giving it to friends and family to try. Shortly after Michelle started making all the soap in the house, and her husband Jim thought if their family benefited from the soap, why wouldn’t other families? MamaSuds was born! Where ingredients & packaging come from: Olive Oil: Italy, Bottles: Michigan, Labels: Michigan, Lye: United States, Sodium Tetraborate: California, Sodium Bicarbonate: Green River basin of Wyoming and Colorado.
Here’s my review of the liquid laundry & Castile soaps:

Motherlove –
Based in: Colorado
“As the first herbal personal care and supplement line specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women, Motherlove has led the holistic body care industry since its conception in 1990. Our dedication to consistent quality means crafting only the finest, purest products, and using certified organic ingredients designed to nurture, soothe and heal women on their all-important journey of nurturing life. Each of our formulas are time proven and backed with integrity, wisdom and an intimate knowledge of herbal remedies”. Shea butter is from Ghana. Herbs are certified organic and come from all over the world but none come from China. Herbal supplements are manufactured in New Mexico. Olive Oil comes from Spain. All bottles are from India.

Naturawlbeing –
Based in: Stafford Springs, Connecticut
In process of USDA certification, at this time, made with 82-100% certified ingredients. Plant-based body, baby & home care products using only the purest raw ingredients made available by nature. Free of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances and dyes. 82-100% organic. 100% vegan. Fair-trade, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. 99% plastic-free packaging. Crafted in small batches. Cruelty Free. Approved by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. + every product purchased plants a tree. Categories of products include: body, baby, home, gift, fragrance, refill, lotion, soap , bath, tea soak. I really love that they offer their products in glass or stainless vessels, and you can buy refills! The ingredients for Naturawls do not come from China. She is waiting on an answer for two more bottles. We should have an answer soon.

–Nurture My Body –
Based in: Rainer, WA
51 products in EWG, all rate 0-1.  “Here at Nurture My Body we offer beauty products that are made with certified organic ingredients, not tested on animals, phthalate-free, Vegan safe, gluten free choices, either glass or BPA-free plastic bottles, packaged with eco-friendly materials and all handmade in the USA. Certified Organic Ingredients, Organic, & Wildcrafted Ingredients, Made in Small Batches, Packaged in Cobalt Blue Bottles to Block UV Rays, Disclosure of All Ingredients, Animal-free Testing, 100% Biodegradable, Eco-friendly Packaging, Created with Sustainable Business Practices, Infused with Love”. Categories of products include: skin care, body care, hair care, baby care, and pregnancy skin care. You can shop by skin type, or feature such as vegan-friendly, nut-free, fragrance-free. Retail locations in WA, IL, and MA. All their ingredients are not only from USA but most of them are grown by them at their facility. All their bottles are and all the way down to their packing peanuts are made in USA. Shampoo review:

–Nyme Organics (formerly Sweet Knee)
Based in: North Myrtle Beach, SC
Very small line, but I like what I see. From their website: “We’re so proud of our ingredients that we list them on each product page on our site. All of our ingredients are hand sourced by us and are chosen based on growing methods and harvesting practices. Most all of our ingredients (98-100%) are certified organic and are indicated on our website and product packaging with the * symbol. In some instances a certified organic ingredient is not yet available on the market, and so we indicate that on our packaging and website product pages. We also take note of growing and harvesting practices. Our palm oil is harvested with oversight from state and third party environmental programs such as EcoSocial. We also buy our oats from a farming family who are able to grow certified organic and certified gluten free oats for us. With the exception of beeswax, found in our bun glaze, all of our products are also vegan friendly. We choose to use beeswax because of its superior skin benefits, vitamin A for normal cell development, antiseptic properties and natural itch relief. Plant waxes are harder and more brittle which makes them clump and separate; and these waxes have no skin benefits.” Products include: Castile & bar soap, oatmeal cookie bath, various creams, lotions & oils for dry skin, colic soothing, diaper rash & essential oil blends. I like that they offer refill sizes! All ingredients are sourced from US and Europe but they don’t know where their packaging is made.

–Purémedy: Ancient remedies for modern people.
Based in: CA
All organic or wild-harvested ingredients. Offerings include: Medicinal Salves, Vegan Salves, Facial & Baby Care. Formulas for acne, cold sores, eczema & psoriasis, normal to dry, oily, first aid, fungus, intensive skin repair, healing salve, personal lubricant, rosacea, sore muscles, warts, and veterinary. Most of the ingredients are from the US and Canada and one made in Brazil.  All the packaging is made in USA. All ingredients are safe and straight-forward, nothing of concern whatsoever!

–Radiantly You–
Based in: New York
Small, basic line using mostly (but not all) organic ingredients. The whole catalog is only 8 pages of products, but does have the very basics: sugar scrubs, lip balm, laundry detergent, bar & liquid soap, shampoo bar, sunscreen, bug spray & a bit more. No ingredients of concern except borax in the laundry detergent, but it is in a very small amount which I’ve been told from a few soap makers is needed to alter the Ph of the liquid soap to get it to be effective. This is much different than some powdered detergents which use scoops of borax, but still important to note it is in there, for those that choose to avoid it as I do. Otherwise, unless you’re looking for certified organic products, this line may be of interest to you. My co-admin has reviewed a couple products which you can read about here:

Based in: Washington
I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time.  From Sarah, the creator of this fabulous line: “ Uniquely Plastic free! Safe ingredients for both the environment and us..made in the USA! I’m always looking to make products as pure as possible without compromising results.” My Review says it all, please read it here:

Simply Rustic –
Based in: PA
Products are handmade using 100% natural, high quality, fair trade, organic, raw, unrefined and wildcrafted ingredients. Body butters & scrubs, bath salts, lip balms, and more! Most of her packaging is made in USA except for the Face Food containers that are made in Spain.Click on the link for my review of some of the products:


******Cleaning Products that rate well are very hard to come by- here are a couple of options. Finding safe cleaning products has proven wayyyy more difficult than the personal care product category. Here’s an example of how frustrating label-reading can be. My co-op has a dish soap made by Life Tree- the ingredient label: a blend of purified water, naturally derived surfactants, and botanically derived fragrance. Sounds great, and minimal, right. To find out what specifically that includes I went to their website, here’s what they list there: Ingredients: Purified water, Alkyl ether sulfate, Alkanolamide, Linear alkylate sulfonate , Aloe vera extract, Calendula extract, Fragrance (botanically derived). All the surfactants receive a C in EWG’s cleaning database. Lesson being, labels especially on cleaning products are often very vague. And frustrating. The search for the safest lines of cleaning products continues…

Better Life “Dish It Out” dish soap:
The rest of the line has some ingredients of concern, but dish soap has been a very difficult category to find safe options for, and this is one of the better ones I’ve found. Poofy Organics makes the safest one on the market, but has to be ordered online, but I highly recommend it!

Dr. Bronner
Based in: California CA based
Price Range: $
In addition to making great body wash, shampoo, etc. Dr. Bronner’s can be used for many cleaning products around the house. People use it for everything from laundry, to dishes, to whatever you can think of. Their website has lots of ideas, and their Facebook page is wonderful as well! I just do not recommend Sal’s Suds as it contains SLS.

Green Shield Organics-
Based in: North Carolina
Price Range: $
Mostly A’s & with a couple B’s via EWG…. . My Greenshield review:

Poofy Organics-
Based in: New Jersey
Price Range: $
My top recommendation for dish soap, it’s the most minimal, safest & most effective dish soap I’ve ever used. I’ve also used & highly recommend their all-purpose spray, bleach alternative powder, laundry & auto dish detergent. They truly have it all!

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  1. Tim Huang
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 21:58:12

    Hey I wanted to just say thank you for a lot of helpful information today. I was about to spend over $100 on Carol’s Daughter and am now going to find a product that’s a lot more healthy! Also, you helped moved me from overspending on BeautyCounter.

    Have you checked out SoapBerri? I just got samples and they look great.



  2. D. Paul (@MissingmaineD)
    Jul 02, 2016 @ 21:14:57

    I am so glad I found your blog! You really had to do a lot of work to come up with such thorough lists. Thank you. I have a question about a soap I’ve been using. It’s called Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap, Verbena, by OUT OF AFRICA. I really like this soap and I’m wondering if it would make your eco-friendly list.



  3. MaryAnn Dunham
    Jul 31, 2016 @ 18:55:23

    What do think about certified toxic free? I was an Ava Anderson Consultant, but left in 2015 before all the exposed ingredients. I switched to Essante Organics. Have you ever looked at their products. They are pricey, but I don’t get any skin irritations or allergies from their personal care products. let me know if you have seen their products. Ingredients are on the website. Thank you. I am beta testing their dish foam and I know the Ava dish soap started a lot of the news. Thank you.



  4. Kristi Hale
    Aug 29, 2016 @ 14:19:48

    I got on your site while researching Beauticontrol products and was pleased with the quality of the article. I also try to use EWG before using many of my products but it is very time consuming if that companies products aren’t already loaded in their website. I use Young Living and do use many of their household and personal care products in addition to the oils. Have you ever reviewed their ingredients? Also, what are your top recommendations for antiaging? The rejuvenating skin collection by Beauticontrol is what I was researching but at $315 and for questionable ingredients maybe I will just keep putting frankincense oil on my face.



    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Sep 15, 2016 @ 18:45:37

      I have YL on my So-So for personal care with this post: oung Living– I do NOT evaluate Essential Oils, it’s too complex for me to come down difinitively either way on, but I do know many take issue with their therapeutic grade claim, as such a grade does not exist. The personal care line is not terrible, most items include potassium sorbate. Several ingredients with long names such as this: Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, which have no data in EWG… Always be aware that when you see a 0 in EWG, but NO data, that the 0 is their default. Overall, no huge red flags, mainly the potassium sorbate, also not organic.

      My top recommendation for anti-aging, if you truly want someone from nature & organic is argan oil. I use Poofy Organics Argan Vivid Eye Serum, it has a combo of beneficial oils, 1 drop does each eye, a bottle lasts forever! The fact that anyone can/will pay $315 boggles my mind, unbelievable!



  5. Savannah Raine Schlotzhauer
    Sep 29, 2016 @ 05:10:46

    Which one do you think is the best to use? Looking for kids products and cleaning ones. Thank you so much for this blog



  6. Savannah Raine Schlotzhauer
    Sep 29, 2016 @ 23:59:21

    awesome thank you so much!



  7. Savannah Raine Schlotzhauer
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 00:00:24

    Do you have a fb page



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