I’m am so thrilled to have this site up & running! It would not have been possible without the volunteer help from a passionate mama who dove into it & used her previous experience to help get this site together. I started out as a Facebook page, which is about to celebrate it’s 1st birthday at the end of February, 2013! The website has been requested by many, mainly for the reason that Facebook is not searchable by keyword or past posts. Now we have that ability! To search the website by topic of interest you can start with the search bar on the right hand side. Any posts that mention the topic you’ve typed in will come back, and you can then use the Control F function (on a PC, not sure about a Mac) to search within those documents for a specific word. Please visit my Facebook page, if you’re not already familiar with it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-friendly-babyfamily-products-MADE-in-the-USA/397517646930548?sk=info

I do not own my own business, am not trying to sell anything here, nor do I have any ties with any company I may recommend. I’m a label-reading mama on a mission to find the safest products on the market, for my family & yours!

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