Celadon Road


About Celadon Road: “Celadon Road markets its products exclusively through its network of Independent Consultants.” So, you have to use their “locate a consultant” tab to find someone near you in order to purchase a product. No membership fees or anything, but you can’t just click on a product and buy it. Do I like the idea of supporting Work-at-Home-Moms? O…f course I do, but it also means additional costs are built into the products.

Their Mission: “Celadon Road is dedicated to promoting greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering our customers the highest quality natural, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs. In following our mission, we inspire individuals to discover and explore their shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. We strongly believe if we all make small changes toward a greener lifestyle, collectively we can have a profound impact on our world.”

I see Celadon Road products recommended often, but I’ve always felt those recommending the products were likely those selling the products, so I always take the recommendations with a grain of salt. When a mama on my page offered to send me some samples I thought it’d be a good opportunity to learn more about this company and their products. I was sent an all-purpose spray, an odor eliminator, stain remover & hand sanitizer. I declined the laundry soap sample offer, as I’m so in love with Soap Nuts I’m not interested in trying anything else. What I don’t like is the fact that many of the products list “proprietary blends”. I also don’t like that the ingredients aren’t listed in the catalog, I guess you have to ask for the information from your consultant. I like to see ingredient lists front & center, as that’s the most important aspect of any product. Any time a company doesn’t offer 100% full disclosure, it raises questions for me. I do like that they offer 128 oz. refills; I’m a huge proponent of shopping in bulk!

Here are the products I was sent:

Lavender Eucalyptus All Purpose Cleaner- Ingredients: Sodium Bromate, White Vinegar, Water, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. I find it interesting that sodium bromate is the 1st ingredient, and not vinegar. I don’t know much about sodium bromate, other than what I read on Wikipedia, EWG doesn’t have it in either of their databases. This is the only product I was sent that did list exactly what was in it (at least not “proprietary blend anyway). I happened to have just run out of my homemade orange-peel infused vinegar cleaner,  so the timing was perfect. I did like this product. It has a very nice smell & does work. I used it for cleaning my toilet bowl, and several other items in my kitchen, as I would with my homemade all-purpose vinegar cleanser. Other than the sodium bromate, I was comfortable with the ingredients used in this product, and do recommend it, if you’re not inclined to make your own all-purpose cleaner.

Odor Eliminator–Ingredients: A proprietary blend of plant-derived compounds and natural fragrances including: water, non-ionic surfactants derived from corn, palm and coconut oils, anionic surfactants derived from palm oil, lemon oil, preservative- less than .02% (which preservative they use really matters to me, why is it not disclosed?). I’m neutral about this product. Yes, it’s definitely less toxic than a Glade, or Febreeze, etc. But, as someone who makes my own air freshener using water & essential oils, I feel much more comfortable making my own, especially with the lack of disclosure on the preservative, and the proprietary stonewall.

Hand Sanitizer– Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1% Inactive ingredients: water, cetrimonium chloride, lautrimonium chloride, dyhydrozyethyl cocamite oxide, glycereth-17 cocoate, citric acid. My motto is “if you can’t pronounce it, and have never heard of it before, be extremely cautious!”. I was not at all comfortable with this ingredient list, and had I viewed it in advance, I wouldn’t have accepted the product. I can’t recommend this product; it was donated to a Hurricane Sandy relief collection in my town.

Stain Remover-Ingredients: A proprietary blend of natural enzymes, bio-catalysts and plant derived cleaning agents, includes: water, non-ionic surfactants derived from corn, palm and coconut oils, anionic surfactant derived from palm oil, amphoteric surfactants derived from coconut oil, non-hazardous, non-toxic enzyme producing cleaning agents, preservative- less than 0.2%. Does anyone else find that EXTREMELY vague? I was told it’s been used to remove a 10 year old wine stain, dried blood, etc. I didn’t find it effective in trying to remove the very set in stains I had, which were some kind of oil-based stain. It did work on removing some apple cider that had stained my diaper bag.

The following is a concern for me!!! According to EWG, the Green Alligator Baby Lotion & adult body lotion contain Retinol Vitamin A, which rates an 8 on EWG due to the following concerns: “Biochemical or cellular level changes, Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Use restrictions”. However, according to the ingredient list I was sent for skin care products, that ingredient is not listed. Maybe it was reformulated & EWG hasn’t caught up? Someone who knows this for sure please let me know what the story is. It concerns me that any company would use something that toxic at any point in any personal care product.  Just make sure you read any ingredient lists very carefully, as always! Many personal care products do rate 0, but many rate 1-4– use with caution. The cleaning products are not listed in EWG cleaning products database.

In conclusion, I’m neutral about many of the products I sampled, and researched through their website. Many of them aren’t necessarily bad, but there also not great, at least as far as ingredient lists, etc. They really didn’t excite me. So, those of you consumers (not those of you selling it please) who use Celadon Road– what’s your experience?? Please share…

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