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Redmond Trading Company also is the maker of Earthpaste, which I felt deserved its own review, so please follow the link to information on that product: As all of us have different skin/hair/water/expectations, of course results will vary. These are my experiences with these products, and I don’t expect any product to satisfy 100% of the people who try it…

I was sent a 1st aid ointment, some Real Salt & organic season salt, and bath salt.

About the Redmond Clay used, from their website: “For thousands of years, people have used clay to prevent and treat physical ailments. Over time, the practice of using clay medicinally was forgotten by most cultures, but as the holistic health and organic food movements gain momentum, people have become more open to traditional remedies like Redmond Clay. Used externally for things like bites and burns and internally for a variety of ailments, Redmond Clay has become a staple in households across the world. Redmond Clay First Aid is a key component of your first-aid kit. In fact, for many people, Redmond Clay is their first-aid kit! Use Redmond Clay First Aid on burns, cuts, abrasions, insect bites, bruises, rashes, bee stings, blisters, poison oak, poison ivy, and dry, itchy skin.  $9.99/4 oz.

I suffer from a seasonal skin affliction where my hands shed like a snake- usually during the transition from fall to winter, or during the depths of winter. The two winters that I’ve been pregnant (this being one of them), the symptoms have been tame compared to some winters, but I’ve been dealing with this for years. No sooner had I said to my hubby that I thought I was going to get through this winter without it happening, then it started to happen on one hand. It starts as itchy/burny red bumps all over the palm of my hand, and then patches start peeling off & I end up with raw spots on my palm and finger tips. I can’t say I’ve tried everything, but I’ve tried numerous, numerous products- bag balm, crack cream, prescription hydrocortisone cream, hand salves by many companies, and in my recent more natural years, coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, the list goes on. Nothing really helps but time. I received my lovely sample package from Redmond & there was a 1st aid cream in there- I glanced at it and thought “cool, I’ll keep this on hand in case of a burn…” Then I looked down at my hand which was raw & peeling and thought “what the heck, I’ll try it”. I applied it 3-4 times that day, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I woke up the next morning & new skin was growing! I seriously couldn’t believe it, and you have no idea how thrilled I am to have found something that works. Within a couple of days, my hand was completely healed up!! Other products that include this fabulous clay include: Clay powder, facial mud, mineral support & daily detox.

Real Salt and Season Salt– Redmond is also the proprietor of Real Salt. I had heard of this before & thought “what the heck is Real Salt”. It is unaltered, straight from the earth as it was deposited centuries ago. Both of these will be a staple in my house from now on! Product info from their website: “Real Salt means – well, real, authentic salt. A quick glance at the ingredients label on most salts might surprise you! Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt brand, on the other hand, is unrefined and full of natural minerals and flavor – the way salt was meant to be savored.” The season salt contains a delicious blend of Real Salt, organic onion, organic coriander, organic mustard, organic black pepper, organic paprika, organic celery seed, organic turmeric, organic parsley, and no MSG. ($4.92/4.75 oz.). This has been a wonderful accompaniment to every meat and veggie dish I’ve tried it on!  Lots of sizes to choose from in each category: coarse salt with grinding mill, refill pouches, kosher salt, powder salt, organic season salt, organic garlic salt, organic onion salt, and many bulk & gift box options available.

Bath Salt– Product info from their website: “In Redmond™ Bath Salt you will find an abundance of trace minerals that can help restore mineral-deficient bodies back to good health. Through osmosis, toxins are released from the body into the bath water, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin. Redmond Bath Salt is a completely natural mineral sea salt that comes from a sea bed dating back thousands of years. Our bath salt is so natural you can eat it! Due to its abundance of natural trace minerals, Redmond Bath Salt provides many healing properties for the skin and body. Toxins are released from the body into the bath water through osmosis, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin.”  $8.99/18 oz. I really can’t attest to any detox powers, but I can say that it makes for a lovely, relaxing bath in my claw foot bath tub (best $75 rummage sale score EVER!).

I love every, single product I was sent by this generous company, and will be a customer for life!

For more information, please visit their website & FB pages:

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