The Natural Newborn

Ntural Newborn

Review of products from The Natural Newborn: Christina, the owner of Natural Newborn sent me a few samples to try out from her all-natural line of products. I saw no ingredients of concern in any of her products. She is very upfront about the preservative used in a couple of her products, and the option for synthetic scent if you so desire it (I recommend against using any artificial scents, but that’s up to you to decide). All products are available unscented, naturally scented via essential oils, or synthetically scented if you so desire. If you’d like to support a Work-at-home-Mom making natural skin care solutions, I think this is a great option! Please check out her offerings via her website: From her site: Our natural baby products feature: • All-natural Ingredients • No Chemical Detergents (including sulfates) • Preservative-Free Products • No harmful petroleum products or byproducts • No Artificial Colors or Dyes • DEET Free Mosquito Repellent • No Animal Testing • Vegan Soaps and Washes

Here’s what she sent me: Soft Baby Wash– ingredients: Saponified Oils of *Olive and *Coconut, *Calendula infused in *Sunflower oil (scented varieties also contain Fragrance or Essential Oils) *QAI certified organic. $8/4 oz. You have a choice between unscented, scented w/ essential oils (natural), or synthetic “baby magic scent”. I like that the choice is yours. Personally, I’ll always choose an unscented product. I rarely use soap of any kind on my toddler (used nothing at all until ~ 18 months). I do wash his hair a couple of times a week and used this as shampoo on him, lathering it in my hands & rubbing it into his hair. I love knowing that it’s incredibly mild, and unscented. I used it on myself as a body wash & to shave my legs with, and enjoyed using it!

Soothing Body Butter ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Babassu Oil, Beeswax, Tocopherol T-50 (Vitamin E) (scented varieties contain Fragrance or Essential Oil) $15.00/4 oz. This was a pretty small sample, (I understand WAHM ventures don’t have the resources to be able to send out full-sized samples) but I enjoyed the couple of uses I got out of it, I was just sad it was gone so quickly The butter had a bit of a grainy texture straight out of the container, but rubbed on smooth, and absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling moisturized as it should. Again, I appreciate that it was unscented, and knowing that it is made of great butters & oils for my growing baby belly!

Vapor rub ingredients: Sunflower Oil infused with Calendula, Chamomile and Comfrey; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Beeswax, Tocopherol T-50 (Vitamin E), Natural Essential Oils”. $9.00/2 oz. I’m extremely thankful that my entire family has made it this far through the winter without even the slightest sniffle, so I haven’t had occasion to use this product yet. Should I need it, I’m happy to know I have a safe alternative to Vicks on hand. Will update if/when I use it!

The full line of products made by The Natural Newborn: Skin care for children (baby wash, lotion, infant massage oil, body butter, summer sun lotion ) & adults (moms hand & body lotion, soothing body butter, moms intense foot cream, peppermint foot loofah, moms brown sugar facial) hair care (children’s shampoo & hair detangler), natural mosquito repellent, diaper rash products, natural vapor rub.

On preservative use: “The only synthetic ingredient we use in any of our products is the preservative Germall Plus. This preservative is only used when absolutely necessary and any product containing it will be clearly indicated in its description that it contains a synthetic preservative, as well as this ingredient being listed on the labels. Products containing water require a preservative because the water content can lead to spoilage. Currently, these products are our lotions and our foot cream. We may add more products in the future that require a preservative but they will always be clearly marked.”

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