Label Reading

So, you all know that my main mission is to get y’all reading labels for yourselves. I wanted to share this experience I had earlier in the week while staffing at my food co-op. A lady came in asking if we had Brown Cow Maple yogurt. I told her we had stocked it for awhile but it wasn’t organic so we quit carrying it, even though it was popular. She said “oh no, no”. I belong to a co-op a few hour…s away & they only carry organic items, they would NEVER carry a non-organic yogurt. I said OK, it is possible Brown Cow makes an organic & non-organic maple yogurt, but I highly doubt it- just be sure to check out the label.
Well, by the time my shift was done a few hours later she had returned home, checked the label and called to tell me it was NOT organic. She had been eating it for 2 years under the assumption it was, because she trusted her food co-op to provide only organic options!! So, just a friendly reminder, always, always read labels. I’m working hard to make sure my food co-op does provide the healthiest options in every category in the store, but you cannot assume that is the case where you shop- you HAVE to take matters into your own hands!

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