Redmond Clay Review


Review of Redmond Clay (AKA bentonite clay) from The Redmond Trading Company, based in Herber City, Utah. The following are my experiences with Redmond Clay, of course results will vary. Always seek advice from a trusted medical professional before starting any new internal treatment. I appreciate it if those of you who have experience with these products (or bentonite clay in general) add your input by commenting on the ways you’ve used it as well.

This is a product I knew nothing about until a few months ago, and it has quickly become one of those products I will never do without again. My goal is to have as few products that serve the greatest number of uses in my home as possible- both an eco- & budget-friendly solution. Things like vinegar, castile soap, baking soda, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar are staples in my house, and Redmond Clay is now on that list. It is a product that has been used for thousands of years by those native to the areas it is found. I LOVE discovering new (to me) products such as this, and appreciate the chance to share this info with others!

Here are the ways I’ve used it thus far: it is AMAZING for bug bites. We had a late start to bug season here in Wisconsin with an exceptionally cool spring (a blessing for this pregnant mama), but as I live on the banks of a river it’s just a matter of time before the mosquitos get horrendous, and that time has arrived. The gnats have also been exceptionally bad and while they’re more of an annoyance than anything they can bite & some (my husband) get a nasty welt from them. I try to spray my toddler down as much as possible when I know we’ll be outside for any length of time, but we find ourselves running out for a couple of minutes here & there and I don’t always get a chance to spray him. The bugs LOVE my sweet-blooded toddler, and he’ll inevitably get 2-3 bites in a matter of minutes and I won’t get any. It took me awhile to remember to try the bottle of 1st aid ointment (hydrated clay) I had sitting on the shelf, but I am so glad I finally did and it is now my go-to as soon as I see a bite. If left untreated his bites will swell up to huge, red welts in no time & obviously bother him as he itches them. Now when I see a bite & apply the ointment immediately it never develops past a tiny little bite- no redness, no swelling, and no itching. A small little red mark is left behind, and over the course of the last few weeks he looks like he’s healing from chicken pox, but none of them seem to bother him after the initial bite and application of the clay.

Then it was hubby’s turn to try it. He was outside shirtless working on his car one recent evening & came in itching all over. He had gotten attacked by gnats & had no less than a dozen bites that were starting to swell up immediately. He knew I had been raving about the clay working on our toddler, so went & grabbed it & had me apply it to his many bites. I like trying out products on him as he’s able to voice real feedback, where with my toddler it’s just what I can observe as I don’t get a real opinion out of him. I waited a few minutes & asked hubby what he thought & he said “it works!” The itching, redness & swelling was instantly gone. The clay dries quickly on the bite & seems to absorb the venom responsible for the symptoms. Since then my husband has come to me numerous time with the tube of paste in his hand, as the bugs always seem to bite the spots he can’t reach. For some reason, the bugs haven’t bothered me nearly as much as my son & husband, but I have put it on a few spots that I had been itching for a while and were starting to turn into wounds and it helped heal them up very quickly.

Here’s the other instance I used the clay last fall: I suffer from a seasonal skin affliction where my hands shed like a snake- usually during the transition from fall to winter, or during the depths of winter. The two winters that I’ve been pregnant (this being one of them), the symptoms have been tame compared to some winters, but I’ve been dealing with this for years. No sooner had I said to my hubby that I thought I was going to get through this winter without it happening, then it started to happen on one hand. It starts as itchy/burny red bumps all over the palm of my hand, and then patches start peeling off and I end up with raw spots on my palm and finger tips. I can’t say I’ve tried everything, but I’ve tried numerous, numerous products: bag balm, crack cream, prescription hydrocortisone cream, hand salves by many companies, and in my recent more natural years, coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, the list goes on. Nothing really helps but time. I has just received my lovely sample package from Redmond & there was a 1st aid cream in there with the following suggested uses: burns, cuts, abrasions, insect bites, bruises, rashes, bee stings, blisters, poison oak & ivy, dry & itchy skin. Then I looked down at my hand which was raw & peeling and thought “what the heck, I’ll try it”. I applied it 3-4 times that day, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I woke up the next morning & new skin was growing! I seriously couldn’t believe it, and you have no idea how thrilled I am to have found something that works. Within a couple of days, my hand was completely healed up!! I REALLY wish I had taken a before & after photo, but I had no idea the results were going to be so drastic, or that it would even work. I’d say I’ll take a picture next time, but I really don’t think there’ll be a next time as I’ll start using it preemptively next fall when I feel symptoms coming on. It is so exciting to find all-natural, simple remedies that are incredibly effective!

Redmond sent me a container of their clay in its dry, powdered form, a tube of hydrated 1st aid ointment (purified water, bentonite clay), and a bottle of baby powder (bentonite clay) to have on hand with my soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. It’s convenient to have the hydrated bottle of 1st aid ointment for a super quick application, and I plan to leave a tube of it in my purse and/or diaper bag. The baby powder is solely the dry powdered clay in a baby powder bottle, so you can just as easily have a bulk tub of the clay around, but again it’s convenient to have it in the bottle with the fine holes on the top for nice even distribution. As I’ve said, I’m a product minimalist, so once these products are used up I will likely just keep a bulk container of the clay around for its many uses. I recently opened an account with Redmond Trading Company for my food cooperative and one of the 1st things I ordered other than Earthpaste was the 6# bulk tub of clay that is now available for people to buy as much or little as they want at a time. I truly believe it’s one of those products no medicine cabinet should be without! The prices are very reasonable too, in my opinion- here’s a link to the page with the various clay products & prices:

So, those are the ways I’ve used it thus far. As I’m now aware of its many uses I’ll surely be using it for more & more ailments and will update this review and all of you with my new experiences using it.  Either my husband or I usually manage to contract poison ivy at least once a summer, so I’ll be very happy to have this on hand to try should that be the case. My 1st born has had one diaper rash in his 2+ years, but I know that this would be a fabulous diaper rash remedy also. There are SO many ways to use this product, here are just a few I found in addition to the ones already mentioned: face mask, detox bath, oral health (it’s the main active ingredient in Earthpaste made by this company also), mastitis, morning sickness, internal cleansing, and the list goes on & on. For more uses just Google ‘uses for bentonite clay’ and you’ll find lots of articles with suggestions.

Now, about the clay itself. Whole books have been written about this clay, but I’ll try to just hit what I feel are the most important points, and leave it to you to do further research if interested. From Redmond’s website: “Redmond Clay™ remains as pure today as it was when the Fremont Indians discovered its uses long ago. As our world returns to more natural lifestyles, more and more people keep Redmond Clay in their medicine cabinets, first aid kits, and purses. Discover for yourself the healing benefits of Redmond Clay.

How does Redmond Clay work?

At a molecular level, Redmond has a negative electrical charge, attracting positively charged toxins. The formation of bentonite resembles tiny business card shapes, with negatively charged wide surfaces and positively charged edges, providing a surprisingly high surface area and powerful drawing effect. As most toxins are positively charged, clay naturally rids the body of toxins as it pulls and holds the toxins into its core. With a pH level of 8.7-9.8, Redmond Clay is quite alkaline and has proven effective in neutralizing heartburn, reflux, and upset stomachs. Recent research has renewed interest in the internal pH levels of our bodies. Our bodies carefully regulate the pH level in our blood, and there is preliminary evidence suggesting that drinking alkaline mineral water may help prevent bone loss. Many naturopathic professionals have started recommending high alkaline diets as a means of improving long-term health, and Redmond Clay customers report a variety of benefits with regular consumption. Minerals are essential to the chemical reactions that keep our bodies healthy, and our bodies can absorb but not create minerals on their own. As modern diets have become less mineral-dense, many health-conscious people have turned to trace mineral supplements to keep their bodies functioning properly.

Why clay and salt (they are the makers of Real Salt also) cannot be certified organic

By definition Organic means “once living” or “carbon based” and clay and salt neither is, nor was, technically, either of these.   Because of this definition, in the USA clay and salt cannot receive an organic certification from the USDA.  That said, there is an organization called the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) that certifies items as an “organic ingredient” even though the item itself cannot be defined as organic.  When items are “OMRI Listed” they can be used as an organic ingredient just as if it were USDA organic.  I know that sounds confusing, but that’s just the nature of it.  The good news is that Real Salt and Redmond Clay is OMRI Listed which means that they can be used as an organic ingredient even though it is not organic (because it was never living nor is it carbon based).  There are some foreign companies that list their salt as organic because they don’t follow USA regulations, but these are few and are dropped as soon as they are discovered by the feds.

Redmond Clay Mining Process

 The Redmond Clay comes from a surface deposit that is above the Real Salt deposit.  That said, the section of the deposit that the Redmond Clay comes from is a vertical wall so it is completely protected from runoff. Also, because it is a vertical wall, has very little exposure even to rainfall (which in our area averages less than 15 inches per year).  Additionally, when we go to the deposit to extract material, we scrape off the exposed layer on the vertical face and discard it as well as the top 10+ feet of earth/clay before collecting the newly exposed material and take it to the mill for grinding.  As with Real Salt, the only process the Redmond Clay goes through is crushing and screening before we package it.

As I’ve mentioned, there is tons & tons of info on this clay, how it works, its benefits, etc. I just want to provide an overview and will leave it up to you to do further research. Redmond’s website is full of information, and of course so is Google. Below I’ll share a link to my Earthpaste review, which is also made by Redmond. If you have any questions please ask, I may be able to answer them, or can direct them to the VERY knowledgeable, extremely nice folks at Redmond who have been amazing at answering any & all questions I’ve had! And, as the above testimonials are just mine, I highly suggest you to go to the FB page of Redmond & read the amazing feedback in their ‘posts by others’ section!

One final bit of great news is Redmond has created a coupon code just for this page! Redmond is offering 15% off through September 7 using the code EcoSummer15 (case sensitive)!!

FB page:
Earthpaste review:
Real Salt, Season Salt, Bath Salt Review:

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