Baby Wipe Chart

What is the ‘safest’ Disposable Baby Wipe?

Unfortunately I cannot recommend any as they all have very questionable ingredients in them and they all make me uncomfortable to put on someone, especially a sensitive, soft skinned babe. Here are a few choices from the EWG that are rated around a 1-2 however, looking closely at the actual ingredient list you can see that they all have toxic substances to them.

My suggestion? If you need something that is disposable for a daycare, grandma’s house, etc….I would home make them with paper towels and a mix of Dr. Bronner’s baby mild and water (or any other homemade recipe you use for your cloth diapers, use on these instead!)

**Below is the break down copied directly from of a few of disposable wipes that people will commonly think of when trying to find a ‘natural’ baby wipe.**


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  1. Jade Keeler
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 19:54:51

    Have you ever seen water wipes? That’s the brand name.



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