Vitacost coconut oil deal alert!

DEAL ALERT! I just went to order coconut oil from Vitacost, and the 54 oz tub that I normally am thrilled about paying only $21 for, is on sale for $16.99!!! It is USDA organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin– all the qualities you want, and I’ve been using it for quite some time happily. Previously I was paying $13 for a 13 oz jar of Nutiva at my food co-op. And, if you order $25 or more of anything Vitacost brand you get free shipping, so I’m ordering 2 jars which will then ship free!!

If you’ve never shopped with Vitacost, I can refer you for a $10 off your 1st order coupon (I get $10 also if you do indeed place an order). Just send me a pm with your email address & I’ll sign you up- even when stuff isn’t on sale, it’s still usually the best deal around!!

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