Jess’s tie-dyed onesies/t-shirts are now for sale!


I just posted an album with my tie-dyed onesies.  I am by NO means a professional at this, and my camera takes absolutely lousy photos- I PROMISE these all look much better in real life than in these photos. You can buy these as part of the buying club, or I will ship to anyone interested via flat rate (I could fit several in the $5.60 envelope I’m sure). 1st to claim them, gets them… I’m currently shopping for organic cotton, made in the USA onesies/t-shirts which I’ll die with black walnuts in a month or so, stay tuned for those- of course they won’t be nearly as cheap as these.
Many of the onesies I’ve used thus far I intended to dye at my baby shower, but we ran out of time. So, all the cutesie sayings I had written on them prior to then, even the previously worn ones haven’t been worn since tie-dying, but were given to me by others to tie-dye at the shower.
Link to full album:

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