My Green Mattress Latex Pillow Review


Review of latex pillows from My Green Mattress, based in LaGrange Highlands, IL.

Healthy pillows & mattresses are one of the last categories many of us “green” up in our lives as it’s an expensive category to replace ($69-$79/pillow). I was previously unaware that latex existed as an option for pillows and mattresses. I was really excited when I was contacted by a representative from My Green Mattress & they offered to send me 2 pillows to try out. I was sent 2 king size pillows in medium support, which are ideal for back sleepers which I mainly am these days. It wasn’t until I received the new pillows that I realized how terrible the pillows I was using were .  Even though I just bought some new pillows no more than 2 years ago, they were already all bunchy & not comfy at all. One of the 1st things I noticed after waking up the following morning after using my new pillows was that I didn’t have ‘bed head’ nearly as bad as I had been having, which made me aware that I had been tossing & turning a lot before, trying to get comfy. I’ve been using my new pillows for 2 weeks & am very, very happy with them. I’ve been sleeping great & feel I’m not tossing & turning at all. The pillow does cradle your head very nicely & will never bunch up like my other pillows all are!

I Googled “concerns with using latex pillows/mattresses”, and the only ‘con’ most articles pointed to was some think they smell like rubber, like a new tire would, but that seemed to be associated mainly with synthetic latex pillows, which these are not. I had to bury my nose in the pillow to smell the slightest odor from it, and I didn’t think it smelled like a new tire. But, if you’re extremely, extremely sensitive to smells you may notice an odor from it, of course it will dissipate over time. But, that’s the only concern I could find about them. While these pillows are made in the US, I noticed that the pillow case covering the latex pillows are made in China.

As latex is not sourced in the US I asked where the latex from these pillows was sourced, and if it was Fair Trade, etc. Here’s the response from the company: “We purchase our latex from Latex International. A representative from Latex International has explained to me that the raw form of latex is harvested from a number of different farms, including, but not limited to farms in Brazil and Sri Lanka. I have found in my research that the governments in both Brazil and Sri Lanka have developed union-type groups called Rubber Clusters to protect the labor force that harvests the raw latex. These groups protect the land from deforestation, and help to develop strategies for being competitive in the world market. These strategies include training personnel from plantation managers and laborers to research and development to marketing. Much of the work on the plantations is still done by hand, with machinery that harvests the latex becoming more common.”

Here’s info about the pillows from their website: Imagine the perfect night’s sleep. Did you imagine lying on a pillow that cradles your head in comfort? We invite you to try our 100% Talalay latex pillows. Derived from the natural milk of the rubber tree, latex foam pillows conform to the delicate neck and head areas for superior comfort and support. Why not make tonight perfect?

Benefits of sleeping on a latex pillow:

•Eco-friendly – Our latex pillows are derived from the sap of the rubber tree, a renewable resource.
•Resilient – Latex pillows bounce back and never bunch, flatten, or sag.
•Conforming – Immediately conforms to contours of head and neck, helping to keep your entire spine relaxed and aligned.
•Comfortable – Reduces high-pressure areas that can cause tossing and turning.
•Durable – Natural latex is resilient and does not break down the way other foams can.

Uniquely Healthy:

•Hypoallergenic—Latex has anti-microbial properties that make it resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. This relieves allergies and helps you breathe easier during sleep.
•Pressure Relieving – Latex pillows are supportive to alleviate pressure points that can cause, stiffness, pain, tossing, and turning.
•Breathable – unique pinhole design heightens air circulation, which keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
•Moisture and heat resistant.
•Chemical-free materials –Natural latex reduces your exposure to the chemicals and manmade synthetics found in polyurethane foam pillows.

Comfort Options:

•Plush – ideal for stomach sleepers
•Medium – perfect for back sleepers
•Firm – great for side sleepers

They offer several mattress options as well, including a twin mattress for $299 or a queen for $399 (+ shipping of course). These are the lowest prices I’ve seen on ‘green’ mattresses offered anywhere! If I were in the market for a new mattress, I’d definitely look into these!

The company has a new FB page which they’re trying to grow, so please hop on over & give them a like to stay in touch for future giveaways & more! Do you own a latex pillow? Would you like to try one?

FB page:

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