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Review of Cold Bee Gone, made in New Hampshire. It’s official—cold season is upon us. I am thankful that I was sent a bottle of this to have on hand. Of course I was hoping I wouldn’t need it, but I did have a chance to test it out last week after my 2 ½ year old came down with a cold. I didn’t do a controlled study, and I didn’t use this product alone so it’s impossible for me to say how well it really worked. I used it in conjunction with increased levels of Vitamin D3 and elderberry, Echinacea, zinc syrup. I can say that while his cold stuck around for the better part of a week, it didn’t progress past the point of a slight runny nose with congestion and a little cough (only during the night & when he got worked up). My feelings are that it’s a great product to have as part of your natural medicine arsenal to start using as soon as you feel/see symptoms coming on, or when everyone else around you is coming down with something. When I mentioned that we were using this product on my page many of you expressed interest in trying it. So, I’m happy to announce that it will be available to purchase through the November Buying club order (I’ll attach that note below).

Ingredients: proprietary apitherapy blend including raw honeys, essential oils, citrus, lavender, L-Ascorbic acid.

Info about the product from their website:

What is Cold Bee Gone? Cold Bee Gone is a remedy that you swab inside your nose to help support your body’s fight against cold and flu.  It is a unique blend of the world’s most powerful medicinal honeys and essential oils. Targeting the treatment in the nose allows the remedy to work its magic where most cold and flu replicate.  It smells pleasant, is gentle, natural and effective!

How does it work? Did you know 95% of colds and flu start in your nasal passages?  They enter by being breathed in or by touching your nose, eyes or even ears!  The germs travel to your nasal passages where it can remain dormant for up to three days before it passes it’s “code” to your cells.  Then your cells do all the dirty work by replicating the virus millions of times over.  That is when you will start to feel that familiar tickle in your throat signaling imminent illness.  Every time you swab, within 15 minutes your nasal cilia (tiny hairs) deliver the remedy directly to the back of your nasal passages where germs replicate. That’s when Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy goes to work to help support your body’s fight against cold or flu!

**When used as a daily preventative people report that they are often the only person who escapes illness when everyone around them is sick!

**Fans of CBG report that they experience shorter colds, milder symptoms and a lack of a stuffy nose, which is often the most miserable part of a cold!

As always, I enjoy hearing from you. Let me know if you’ve used this, and how it works for you!


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