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Review of Simply Gum, handcrafted in New York City. A little over a week ago someone shared a blog post with me revealing the fact that Glee Gum & all other “natural” gums in the US contain polyvinyl acetate in their base. They can get away with calling it natural as the base is not digested, the digestible ingredients are natural. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be chewing on a piece of plastic, even if it does taste good for a few minutes (blog post here:

The AWESOME news is, within 2 hours of sharing that post, I had a message in my inbox from the CEO of the newly released Simply Gum, who is a huge fan of my page! Info she gave me about their brand new product: “we’re the ONLY 100% Natural gum in the US. We use only 6 ingredients and we list each of them on our label. We’re completely transparent and we don’t hide behind the term ‘gum base.’ We decided to create this product after seeing how all other gum companies don’t even tell consumers what’s truly in the product – gum base contains over 80 synthetic ingredients – many of which are potential toxins.” The 6 ingredients are: organic dried cane juice, all natural chicle, organic vegetable glycerin, all natural cinnamon flavor, organic sunflower lechitin, organic rice flour. That’s it!

I asked for a sample, which I received yesterday & I can tell you it’s a very unique gum indeed. The packaging is fabulous: simple, but charming. The gum itself does have a natural look. The closest thing I can compare it too is a chunk of amber resin that I’ve used in the past as a natural perfume, which kind of looks like a brown rock. My toddler is in love with gum, and when he 1st saw this gum he was not impressed, saying “no Mama, I don’t like it”, as it didn’t look like any gum he’s ever seen. Dada & I popped a piece in & started enjoying it immediately so he gave it a try too, and we all really like it. It has a mild, not spicy, cinnamon flavor & I really enjoyed the texture as well. The flavor lasted longer than what I’m used to with Glee, which loses its flavor almost immediately. I chewed mine for probably 20 minutes. Then, I went to the bathroom & came out to find my toddler under the table with the pack of gum. I asked him for it & he handed me an empty pack—he had the entire remainder of the pack (10/12 pieces) in his mouth at once. It was this huge ball (for a toddler). So, I guess you can say he likes it. I was immediately sad that it was gone, as I wanted more. I took several photos before it disappeared, but none turned out with my lousy camera- I really wanted to show you what it looked like! I’m so excited to be among the 1st in the country to try this gum. It is available in select Whole Foods, online through their website, and I’m proud to say it’ll be available through the Buying Club as well, for $2.99/pack of 12 pieces. If you enjoy gum, I think you should give this a try, and support the only TRULY natural gum on the market (to my knowledge). Also, it’d make a great stocking stuffer/gift for the gum lovers in your life! I can’t wait to stock up on it myself (and keep it hidden from my toddler).

Has anyone seen it in their Whole Foods and/or tried it?


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