Review of The Washcloth Shop reusable cotton Swiffer pad



Review of a 100% cotton, reusable Swiffer pad sent to me by TheWashclothShop, handmade in Greenville, NC. Go take a look at Anne’s Etsy shop & I’m sure you’ll agree with me- her products are GORGEOUS!! When I received my Swiffer pad I was hesitant to use it to mop my dirty floors! She makes beautiful washcloths, dishcloths & Swiffer pads. I bought a Swiffer several years ago, and it has been sitti…ng in my utility room ever since, not being used as I didn’t care to keep buying disposable pads for it. I’d thought about tossing it in the garbage several times, but thankfully didn’t get around to it. When Anne asked if she could send me some dishcloths to review I declined because I have a huge stack of them as a local lady knits them & donates them to my food co-op. They hand them out free with a $20 purchase, which I do almost daily, so I’ve quit accepting the free cloths as I have so many. However, browsing through Anne’s dish & washcloths makes me want more, as they’re just gorgeous! I always like to highlight unique items people are making, and when I saw the Swiffer pads I thought it may interest several of you also. Anything we can replace a disposable product with, in favor or a reusable one, is a huge change for the better. I love the Swiffer because it can get underneath some hard to reach places in my house that I’ve neglected for a long time. It can also be used dry to dust and remove cobwebs from high places. Her prices are very reasonable, with the Swiffer pads costing only $4.50, or a set of 2 dishcloths are only $5.00! She uses 100% cotton. You can flip the Swiffer pad inside-out to use that side before tossing it in your washer & dryer to clean & reuse.
Please, take a look at her Etsy shop. If you have a Swiffer-lover in your family, I think these would make a lovely Holiday gift!! Etsy shop: More

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