Sew Littles Cloth Diaper Cover Review



Review of diaper cover by Sew Littles, handmade in Sacramento, CA.  She also makes bibs & burp cloths and sets containing all 3 items, and is willing to do custom orders as well. I was sent the cover in the photo, which is called Blue Chevron, in a medium. As Baby Girl was 10# 2 oz. at birth I’m glad she didn’t send a small as it wouldn’t have fit very long. In general I’m a huge fan of one-size diapers as they last through the entire diapering needs of your child. What I don’t like is that they can be incredibly bulky, especially during infancy.  This is the only fitted/sized diaper I own and I do have to say, it’s incredibly trim! Baby Girl is 4 ½ months now, and ~17#, and this diaper fits her perfectly. The nice thing is I have plenty of extra inserts for my other diapers, so as long as the cover doesn’t get soiled I can just switch out the insert & reuse the cover until it gets wet or pooed on.  I just don’t like the idea of having to own several different sized diapers to get through the 1st few years.
About the diapers she makes: “Our diaper covers are made with a cotton “shell” and a breathable waterproof PUL lining. They are made with 12 snaps and elastic around the back to ensure a good fit that will outlast a lot of your baby’s clothes!” I know many of you aren’t fans of PUL, and that’s OK. There are plenty of options out there to meet everyone’s needs! At $15/cover, I think these are a great deal! She has several adorable prints to choose from, and as I mentioned will do custom orders.
Check out her work, and be sure to like her Facebook page for future promotions & coupons!
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