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Review of LuSa Organics products, handmade in Viroqua, WI. In the review I did for Action Baby Carriers earlier in the week I mentioned I felt Detroit was local to me as a WI Mama (which it is compared to made in China). Well, Viroqua, WI is REALLY local, only 20 minutes away, it’s the closest ‘big’ town with a Wal-Mart, etc. So, it makes me really, really happy to finally be doing a review for this growing company. I love browsing the other natural living FB pages I belong to & seeing LuSa Organics products recommended. Rachel is really starting to gain attention with her fantastic line of soap, and so much more, and rightfully so! I was sent 3 products: a shampoo/shaving bar, baby bath & massage oil & Sweet Soul Sister bar soap. They are all amazing and I’m especially in love with the shampoo bar!

Forest shampoo/shaving bar- 4 oz. bar for $5.25. Info from the website: “Yes, one bar can do it all. It might looks like any bar of LuSa soap, but Forest is so very much more. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you lather. Rich, thick, creamy, and buttery – this lather is perfect for washing up, shampooing hair, and shaving. The secret is a significant amount of castor oil in the mix which conditions the hair and skin and gives the bubbles a rich, buttery texture. We’ve also added two types of clay for a shaving cream lather – and to absorb excess oil from hair and scalp. Enjoy this soap from head to toe!”. Ingredients: saponified oils of *palm, *coconut, *olive, *local sunflower, and *castor; shea butter (fair trade), essential oil blend (pine, fir, cedar, peru basam, and nutmeg) french green clay and white clay. *certified organic ingredient. This bar only comes “naked”, which is one thing that makes me LOVE this so much more. There is NO packaging. LuSa does offer wonderful boxes, and they even come with a few refrigerator word magnets so you can makes some creative sentences on your fridge in your spare time. But, it is also a waste of natural resources & totally unnecessary if you’re not giving it as a gift or selling it in your shop, etc. So, it came with no wrapper, no bottle, no nothing, just a lovely bar of soap. It is both eco- & budget-friendly. I’ve only used the bar maybe 6 times, but it seems like it’ll last a long time. I have short hai, and just rub the bar right into my hair & it produces a wonderful lather and my hair feels fabulous after it dries! I highly, highly recommend this product to those of you who have been struggling to find a safe, effective and affordable shampoo!

I mentioned to Rachel that my Baby Girl still had a bit of cradle cap, so she sent me her Baby Bath & Massage Oil. I hadn’t been too diligent about getting rid of the cradle, just occasionally rubbing coconut oil on it. Since receiving the oil I have been paying more attention to her head & can say that after a couple weeks of rubbing the oil in every couple of days & using a small, fine-toothed comb the cradle cap is about 99% gone. I LOVE that it has only 3 organic ingredients! Baby Bath & Massage Oil: $9.25 for a 2 fl. Oz. bottle. “Perfect multi-use body oil designed for baby’s sensitive skin. Use for after-bath moisturizing, baby massage, or in the tub. Perfect for cradle cap too. It is unscented for your little one, or you may add essential oil drops when baby gets older.” Ingredients: *Jojoba oil, *evening primrose oil, *avocado oil.*certified organic ingredient.

She sent me one of her AMAZING bar soaps: Sweet Soul Sister Soap- tangerine and peppermint. Ingredients: Saponified oils of *palm, *coconut, *olive, and *sunflower; shea butter (fair trade), essential oil blend (peppermint, tangerine, orange, spikenard, and lime), jojoba meal, turmeric. *certified organic ingredient. Size: 4 oz. $5.75 or $5.25 naked (no box).Every one of her bar soaps has a story behind it, and I LOVE the story behind this one! “I first created this soap with my college best friend, Denise. We schemed of someday living and raising our babies next door to each other. Ten years and thousands of miles later, we gave birth three days (and one back yard) apart. Celebrate your favorite women with this joyous blend”. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of peppermint in general, but this soap makes me like it. I’m a HUGE fan of citrus, and the combination of the two is just wonderful, producing a very clean, fresh scent. And, the soap is just gorgeous, kind of speckled with veins of color running through it. Categories of products availalbe: Handcrafted soap, organic sugar scrubs, lip balm, lotion bars, essential oil blends, natural bug spray, gift collections, limited edition, best sellers, refills, scratch & dent sale. You can browse by body, baby, mama, holiday categories, also by scents. My dad recently opened a wholesale account with LuSa & I got to pick out several soaps for him to carry in his flower shop, and I can tell you they are both GORGEOUS & smell heavenly. You really need to go browse her website & take a look at the soaps to get an idea of the true beauty of these handcrafted items! Also, she offers a Soap of the Month Club, which would make an awesome gift for anyone on your Holiday shopping list.

THANK YOU Rachel (and family), for making such wonderful products! To learn more about Rachel & her beautiful family, here’s a link to the ‘About’ section from their website:

Do you use any LuSa products?


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