Basic Essential Packages from the Eco-Friendly USA Buying Club



There are hundreds of products available to you outside of the packages I’ve organized below. It’s my hope that getting these basics together will be a start to getting these products into your house & getting you to try some new things too! Deadline to have orders email to me at is Monday morning the 19th at 6am. Link to entire listing of  25 vendors & all available product:

Beginner sample pack- $20 (will ship in $5 flat rate envelope if this is all you get)

EcoNuts (soap nuts) 10 load sample pack: $4.50
Molly’s Suds powdered laundry detergent samples- 3 packs (enough for 3-6 loads): $2.75
MamaSuds liquid laundry sample 8 oz (2-8 loads) $4
Earthpaste samples: 3 total, 1 of each: Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lemon (Spearmint/wintergreen not available in sample size): $.75
Jess deodorant sample (choose scent: orange, lavender, peppermint, rose geranium, patchouli, unscented): $2
Josiah’s Oils shampoo & conditioner sample pack: $5.40 (2.2 oz each)
Josiah’s Oils automatic or hand dish soap (select which) $1.50

Additional samples available, add on to base price above:

Josiah’s Oils makes numerous products available in trial sizes, in addition to what I listed above. Here’s the link, you can add any of these on for the additional amount noted here:
Simply Rustic Body Care Sample Bundle:  $12- choose a scrub, body butter & lip balm:!/~/category/id=2885861&offset=0&sort=nameAsc
Simply Rustic Face Care Sample Bundle: $13- choose a face food, toner, cleansing oil & facial serum

Sunburn Soother–$16/ 4 oz jar
Bug Repellent Stick–$11/ 2.65 oz stick
Bug Repellent Spray–$10/8 oz bottle (my top pick for bug spray)
Bug Bite Salve–$10/ 2 oz. glass jar

Josiah’s Oils:

Buying Club exclusive: 1 oz sample of her sun stick- $3.50
Sun lotion– $16.99/ 4 oz. glass jar
Sun stick- $16.99/ 4.5 oz stick– 10% OFF MAY SPECIAL: $15.30
Insect away concentrated drops (to mix your own)–$19.99/ 15ml
Insect Away 2.2 oz bottle $8.99
Insect Away 4.5 oz bottle $15.99

Poofy Organics:
Bug Spray- $10/ 2.8 oz bottle
Sun stick–$11
Sun lotion tube–$14/3.4 oz

Sun lotion- $10/ 4oz. tube: $1 off MAY SPECIAL: $9 (beeswax version only)
Bug Spray- $8/ 4 oz bottle: $1 off MAY SPECIAL: $7




Redmond Clay 1st aid cream- $10.34  **NO medicine cabinet should be without this! 10% off MAY SPECIAL: $9.31

Natulo- Ouch Ease hot/cold pack, made from organic cotton with organic rice inside- $20:

Fiddlebump’s Medicine Cabinet: base price $34
Healing Salve- $10/2 oz glass jar
Boo Boo Balm- Fiddlebump’s $4/.35 oz plastic roll-up tube
Tiny Hiney Cream- $10/ 2 oz glass jar
Children’s Respiratory Balm- $9/2 oz glass jar

Additional ideas:
Unpetroleum Jelly- $6/2 oz glass jar
Joint Balm- $10/2 oz glass jar
Skin Food- $10/2 oz glass jar (choose: eczema/psoriasis or problem formula)
Muscle Balm- $12/2 oz. glass jar

Poofy Medicine Cabinet- base price $34
Boo Boo Balm: $10/.63 oz stick in plastic roll-up tube
Tiny Tush Cream: $12/2 oz jar
Vapor Rub: $12/2 oz jar

Additional ideas:
Rub-ology hot & cold healing herbal liniment- $20/4 oz jar
Healing Skin Oil- $22/4 oz spray bottle
Flexitol Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Homepathic wash(7oz) and/or cream(2 oz): $14.99 each

Josiah’s Oils Medicine Cabinet- base price $34
3 pack purse size boo boo sticks (in lip balm tubes) $11.75
Vapor rub-  $7.99/2.5 oz
Congestion Relief concentrated essential oil blend w/ carrier oil- $14.99/15ml bottle

Additional Ideas:
Germ Fighting Thieves Blend- 15 ml bottle, $17.10 (10% off normally $18.99)
Boo Boo Spray- $14.99/ 2.2 oz spray bottle
Vapor Rub XL- $14.99/4-5oz jar
Earth Jelly- $8.99/3.5 oz jar.

*MamaSuds offers a vapor rub in a 4 oz. glass jar for $10
*Simply Rustic offers a Boo Boo Balm $8/ 2 oz. tin



All-purpose Cleaner Concentrate: $13/ 6 oz.
Furniture Polish: $7/8 oz

Poofy Organics:
All-purpose Cleaner: $8/ 17 oz. spray bottle
Dish liquid (for hand washing): $12/ 16 oz bottle (what Jess uses & loves for dishes)
Automatic Dishwasher Pods: $12/24 pods

Josiah’s Oils
Concentrated Cleaning Essential Oils (to make your own cleaner): $12.60 (normally $13.99)
Automatic Dishwasher Liquid & All-purpose cleaner w/ Thieves Blend (Jess loves in foaming hand pump): $8/9 oz bottle (also available in samples, and 2 larger family sizes!)
Hand Dishwashing Soap in foaming hand pump: $7/ 8.5 oz bottle (I’m currently testing this, it didn’t make bubbles in my sink out of the bottle, so I’ve been adding it to my rag from the foaming pump- also available as a sample or in large family sizes)

Castile Soap: $6/16 oz. bottle, can add Essential Oils for $.50 extra each
Toilet bombs: $5.75/10 wedges

The WashCloth Shop
Reusable Swiffer Pads, Shark Pads & Washcloth sets, $6-$7.50/item or set. Comment on this album to claim:

Certified Organic: Veggie Wash, Glass Cleaner or Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray- each $6.99/ 10 oz. spray bottle



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