Uppababy contains Flame Retardants, after repeated claims to the contrary!

Yet another incredibly frustrating, disappointing circumstance. Please read: “I was interested in purchasing an Uppababy stroller after reading that it was free of FRs on the Organic Baby University blog. To be sure, I emailed Uppababy and 2 representatives confirmed that Uppababy strollers were indeed free of fire retardants. I received the stroller and noticed a TB117 label attached to the seat bottom. I was confused as to why this label was on the stroller and reached out to the customer service agents again. I wanted to know why this label was on the stroller and how they were meeting TB 117 without the use of fire retardants and really why they were even applying TB 117 to strollers. One of the representatives I had originally contacted never responded and the other told me that while Uppababy does not add fire retardants under manufacturing, the foam is treated with fire retardants by the supplier!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to ask one more Uppababy representative so I asked the question on their facebook page. I posted the question on June 4th and have yet to receive an answer. I posted my question two times.

It’s really disappointing when you think you have found something safe only to learn that you have been deceived. I strongly urge you to ask Uppababy directly by phone, email, and facebook. I am still waiting for my answer on Facebook but if more people post the same question on their Facebook we have a better chance of getting an answer!

My question: I noticed Uppababy strollers have the TB117 label attached to the seat cover. Are flame retardants or water/stain treatments used on the fabric or foam of the seat during manufacturing or by the supplier?”

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  1. Jessica
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 02:54:59

    This is SO frustrating. Thank you for this. I got my Uppababy today, saw the tag, and started googling, which led me to this! I have been searching high and low for a lightweight stroller without flame retardants. 117 isn’t supposed to even apply to strollers!? I noticed on the Uppababy website they list 2 toxic flame retardants and say “we don’t use THESE flame retardants.” It is very misleading. They know what we mean when we are asking “does your product contain flame retardants?” They engineer their response in a way to evade the question yet still seemingly give a satisfactory response. Like “our fabric doesn’t have it,” when they know their foam does. Have you found any other options? Even Orbitbaby has been tested and found to contain flame retardants, and Maclaren too (I have been reading a LOT of info from mom’s who sent samples in to be tested. It seems the consensus is htat fabric is OK and foam not.



  2. charlotte
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 00:49:05

    what car seat do you recommend? I thought Orbit baby and then they changed the foam. I can’t believe how incredibly difficult it is to find information on the best non toxic car seat choice! Thank you!



    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Mar 22, 2015 @ 12:27:42

      I went with Britax myself, based on safety & made in US. Orbit Baby was out of my budet, and I’m glad I didn’t invest the extra only to still have flame retardants. It’s a very tough choice indeed. Organic Baby University is on top of this issue, I’d check in with her!



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